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9/9/2021 5:25 pm
take me part 284

I shook my head and got dressed and was putting my boots on when when Taiiko walked in smiling and sat next to me on the bed. I had been thinking that there was a lot to do. She looked as good in work clothes as she did last night in a dirty kimono. She truly was exquisite. Yoshi was absolutely right. She kissed me and held my hand. "We need to get you some new boots, mister." I smiled. "I know this is harder on you, and my sisters, than me, and I am sorry, but it needed it to be done and I chose all of you. Dynamics are changing Daniel and none of can us lead our clans alone, especially not here. It won't be easy for you to master the dynamics, and especially hard here because you are gaijin to many people, but you will. We will. We all will." I took her head in my hands and kissed her. I moved to get up and she smiled. I want us to leave tomorrow morning. I called about a plane while I was in my room. Tonight I want you in my bed." I smiled and nodded. Annie was right, as much as I ached it was easier for me then them.

"Do you like eggs?" She looked at me totally confused, but nodded. "Good, I'm going to make us breakfast." Taiiko smiled, and clapped as she took my hand and we walked to the kitchen. Yoshi was there reading a paper and drinking tea. He looked at us over his glasses and smiled as Taiiko kissed him.

"Daniel is making us breakfast." I was already walking to the fridge.

"Is he? Excellent. I am glad to see you take your responsibilities seriously." He got up and made us more tea. "How did you both sleep?" We looked at him and he laughed. I now had another family, although they were all my family. It was odd.

"Sweets." Taiiko walked up and wrapped her arms around me. "Is that buttermilk?" She nodded. "Do you have a food processor?" She nodded as she looked at me confused. "Do you have have flour and baking powder?" She nodded. "I need them and a cookie sheet, parchment paper if you have it, and the largest frying pan you have." She nodded and stopped.

"Will a wok do?" I smiled, if you'll help me." She clapped and went to gather things as Yoshi watched us, smiling. I put the bacon from the pig that was slaughtered onto the cookie sheet and into the oven as I started to make buttermilk biscuits. Taiiko chopped onions, peppers, and mushroom and broke 18 eggs into a large mixing bowl and scrambled them. I put the dough on the butcher block. "What is that for, love?"

"My mom was from the south and we'd have buttermilk biscuits and buttermilk pancakes when I was a . I'm making biscuits because they are great with bacon, ham, or sausage. Do you have jam, or honey?" She nodded and kissed me as she went to get it. I checked the bacon. The woman I had met yesterday, whose name I couldn't say walked in and stared at us. This was her domain. Taiiko walked up and spoke gently to her and motioned for her to sit and poured her a cup of tea. She looked at Yoshi. He smiled and shrugged and handed her some of the paper. I turned the bacon and put it on the second rack and put the biscuits in as Taiiko started making the eggs.

Yoshi heated water and made more tea as some people started to come in. They all stared. I motioned for them to sit. Luckily not everyone ate breakfast but there was close to a dozen folks. They were laughing and talking even though I no idea what they were saying but they were happy, which is what I wanted. I kissed Taiiko as I held the platter and she removed the eggs. She took it and put it on the table and said something as I removed the biscuits, and bacon. She hugged me. "I told them that you made them a southern breakfast from America." I would need to get grits. We transferred the biscuits, and bacon, on to platters and set them on the table as everyone started eating and more people walked in. Taiiko made us small plate, which we shared. She looked up at me and I nodded. We were already in sync. They would work much harder than us but that would be changing once we all got back. I wasn't surprised by the eggs and bacon, but they devoured the biscuits. I would have to make a double batch next time, at least.

Taiiko and I did the pans and she showed me how to care for a wok. People we smiling, saying thank you, and bowing as they went to work. There was nothing left as Taiiko and I started to clear the table. The older lady shook her head and told us to sit. "She said that it was very good and she liked the biscuits." I smiled and bowed. Yoshi folded his paper and poured us tea.

"It was a very good breakfast. Thank you for that, both of you. Enjoy your tea and I'll be back shortly." We nodded.

"How do you know how to make buttermilk biscuits. I told her some about my mom and none my brothers weren't all that interested, but I was, and how I got almost everything, including recipes, even though I didn't make them very often." She held my because she could feel the melancholy I still felt.

"I need to learn Japanese, and Norwegian." She nodded. "I am also going to call my cousin about another ring." She smiled, took my hand and stood up. She said something and bowed as she led me to her room and sat me on the bed. She grabbed box and sat next to me. "You don't need a ring Love," as she opened it and pulled out a fabric bundle and set the box aside. She unwrapped it. "This was my great-grandmother's wedding ring, my mom used this with my dad. Yoshi wanted to buy a ring too but my grandmom wanted this one, and so do I. The pearls are enough because I adore them, in case you can't tell. I also have my mom's wedding dress." She wrapped the ring back up and put it in the box. "We should go." Before I stood I asked if there was a wood working shop. She nodded. "Why, love"

"We need a bigger table, and benches, because we are going to start sharing meals...all of us." She had tears in her eyes as she bit me and then said we needed to go. We walked onto the porch as Jiro and Yoshi were walking up. We said hi as we walked down the steps.

"Are you ready? There is a shop in the village that makes excellent custom boots. We'll stop there but yours stood up well. We'll see if they can resole them." I nodded. Yoshi threw keys to keys Taiiko. "You know where we are going?" She said hai. I went with her and Jiro went with Yoshi.

Taiiko kissed me before we got into the van. "I am so excited for you to see the village. It's wonderful, and lovely, but it's been a tough year." She started the van and followed Yoshi. "We help as much as we can, all of us do because they are our greater family so we are responsible to help as we can. We have a great deal of forest land and we all hunt on it, with in reason. Life is balance, like nature. We process the game and have been taking that in for the community to share, same with our gardens, that is why it was so moving what you did yesterday. They have the hardest job right now because they need more workers. We have day help come from the village but people don't want to work if they aren't getting paid."

"Not even if they are the ones receiving the benefits?"

"People are odd, Daniel. It's a fine line. Most people have their own plots in town but it takes a lot to feed a village. There aren't easy solutions at the moment, in many places. We try not to judge, but instead help. A gift is a gift. There should be no expectations. It's the way I was." I was quiet for a bit.

"You'll be a good mother, Taiiko." She looked at me and smiled. We pulled in the community center and both Yoshi and Taiiko backed up to the loading area and we got out. Yoshi handed me gloves and we started to unload boxes and bags of various things, and numerous people came out, bowed, and started carrying things inside as we kept unloading extra produce and jars of various things. I loved this way of life because it preserved the bounty Gaia provided. We pulled crates of pork, hams and bacon from earlier, and the dried skin along with the head, the only thing not there was the squeal. I looked at Taiiko as we lifted the head onto the dock. She laughed.

"It's a sign of respect, Daniel. Some of the best meat is on the head but it will be cooked down and used in many ways. It's surprising how many meals can come from that one head. There will be a communal meal and we would be invited, but we'll be in Iceland. Come on." She took my hand and walked me up the stairs and inside. "I've been coming here since I was little, probably even before I can remember. They use to have fall and winter dances in here because it can't get cold. There is park not far from here where they would hold them in the spring and summer. They were good times. They still are good times, just harder. I need to speak with a few people and then we can walk around town and see about your boots." I told her I needed to call Chloe. She nodded and kissed me. I started walking.

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