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9/11/2021 9:31 pm
take me part 290

Jiro and I pulled in the vans and backed . Mine was empty. I grabbed gloves and a shovel and walked Yoshi and Taiiko. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, love, but this needs wait for another time. Can you get some people and get the house ready for them? Yoshi it might be good for you help because you know it, and also contact people for clothes, personal need supplies. I'm sorry, but I grew up in the West and embers travel and the last thing WE want is for these woods catch fire. Jiro can translate. You said it, Love, we have be a team." She hugged .

"Hai!." Her and Yoshi walked her car and left. I told Jiro to gather the men that were and have them grab a shovel or rake. They came back but they just stood there looking at me.

"Tell them to grab a shovel, or a rake, and spread out in the forest for a mile looking for anything smoldering, and put thm out."

'I told them Daniel." GODDAMMIT. "I want you to transl verbatim for . You understand the meaning of verbatim?" He nodded, and I yelled.


"GRAB ONE, GODDAMMIT!" Jiro translated, and they did, but still looked at . Jesus fucking Christ a roll. "Tell them spread out in the trees because if the trees catch fire, we won't be able stop it.." They looked at and ran into the woods. FUCK!

Jiro grabbed the last rake. "It's nothing personal Daniel, but we don't speak like that." I looked at him and said that was because you haven't watched houses destroy while you're breathing in the smoke. You can apologize for later, right now I want make sure there aren't smoldering embers." He nodded.

"I'll go this way along the, and you move that way. We'll move in and away from the road and meet back at the house. Get back before it's dark, Daniel. It's easy get turned around in these woods especially in the dark, and if you hear something, ignore it." I nodded. I had walked until what I figured was eight. I hoped the rest did the because I tamped out few soldering embers. I had walked at least a mile, It's was probably still a little bit light outside of the forest but Jiro wasn't kidding. These forests were thick. It gave an idea since Yoshi said he had a sawmill.

I wasn't concerned about finding my back. I could shift and easily find my way Taiiko, or Yoshi, but I knew where I was. I just walked longer than I thought. I walked out of the woods as people were sifting through the rubble, because my boots were at the cobbler, I couldn't. I was filthy, and tired, and I smelled of God knows what as i walked the the house, and the vans. Jiro smiled, Yoshi pointed. Taiiko ran full out, and pounced. She landed and bit my shoulder she wrapped her legs around , and hugged . I kept telling her I was fine. She jumped down, looked at , slapped in the face, and walked away with my phone. Shit.. I walked the van and Yoshi hand a litre of water, he smiled.

"Get use it times," he counted his fingers because he's an asshole, "four. You might want prepare for the when you do go back Iceland. Taiiko is a sister, now." I nodded and drank water. "Did you find embers?' I nodded. " Everyone found a few but put them out. We are lucky about that." Jiro walked and gave some kind of stew, and a piece of bread. I didn't even know what it was, but I devoured it, and that is when Taiiko walked . She took the bowl and handed it to Jiro, and openly kissed in front everyone. She wasn't shy about it, and everyone was watching, and smiling.

"I'm sorry I walked away from, Daniel. I have long, complicated stories too. May I wait to tell you?" I kissed her and said of course. The guys the I yelled at walked and patted the back before going home. I stared at what was a home and swore if Marnine, or anyone associated with had done that, I would end her. She was cutting close the quick. I looked at Taiiko and Yoshi.

"Are they settled?" They both smiled and nodded. Taiiko squeezed .

"The community came together, it always does, with things they might need, or that would give some comfort. We got them set , and ready. They have food, They have what they need exist until we rebuild their house, which we will. It won't be easy but we'll be back tomorrow morning to look through things, except you and I are going to the Village, getting cookies, and getting your boots. Yoshi and I both agreed. He hadn't started and we'd rather them you than those shoes because they walk through fire without fear." We laughed. Jiro drove his van back. "After you eat something else, we need call the girls. They are worried and said it didn't matter what time, which means it doesn't matter what time." I nodded I hugged her. I suppose the kami didn't want leave quite yet. I looked at Yoshi.

"Your kami are poweful , Yoshi." He smiled, and nodded. I was beginning wonder if free will really did into things. He told us to go home, clean , eat and have some sake in his study. I wasn't going say no that.

"I need talk with these folks about things."

He looked at , and while I wanted know, I nodded and I followed Taiiko home in the other van. We walked in and the older women came out, walked , and hugged , and went back into the kitchen. I stared at Taiiko. I prayed to Gaia that she could help learn languages quicker than I thought I could learn them. She smiled, took my hand, and led back our room. She ran a bath, undressed , and got undressed we touched each other while we waited.

"Yamaita is the eldest of her family. They've been with my family since before I was born. I remember her from when I was young. She was always very nice, unless you did something wrong." I smiled "The couple whose house burned, it was her sisters' and brother-in-laws. She was terribly worried because word spread. Word also spread about you mister." She turned off the water and we soaked, and talked. "Everyone knows who you are, who we are, and what you did without thinking. Jiro talked with those men when they came back. They waited to see when you would, everyone did. They will never do that again and you won't have to say word. You came back over an hour later, in the dark.... you scared the crap out of me, but I'm just, probably pregnant. It had an impact, and you need to have an impact to get through to them, but seem to know, either with a carrot, or a heavy stick. You need to learn Japanese." I nodded as I dunked under the water and push my shin against her pussy as she laughed, and squealed. I came back up.

"Are you getting frisky, mister?' I nodded as she moved toward me. She grabbed me, squeezed, and started rubbing as she landed on my chest, and started kissing me. She pushed me into her, as she kept kissing me, and biting me. I was doing the work this time, but I didn't want to clean up water on the floor so I move slow, but deep...that look was back in her eyes, and probably mine, as we kissed, and stared. Taiiko was getting ready to come because I was rubbing bother her clit, and g-spot against me, inside, and out, but me coming was what matter to her, and I came. I pushed her hips onto me and pushed as deep into her as I could while I came.

These people didn't view pregnancy, or marriage, the I grew with. I still wasn't sure why I took to it so easily, but most people would be shocked, yet they are worried where they are going to find care. We didn't have that problem. Our lives were unusual in how many of us were pregnant, but none of these people cared, as long as you were family, part of the clan, part of the tribe. We were part of the tribe.

Taiiko looked at and smiled she nip my cheek. "You have a lot sperm and semen, sweets. She nipped me again. "I over compensated because I thought we were leaving tomorrow, but the kami weren't having it." She smiled, and nodded.

"You know that I am fucking you at least twice tonight, right? Whether you are awake, or not." I nodded as she reached down and grabbed my balls, and moved of as me she stood , and stepped onto the wooden mat. There was only marginal water on the floor. "We need to get you something to eat and i don't want to hear about it, mister." I nodded as I stood . I got into my sweat and Taiiko got into her nightgown and then a fluffy robe, and slippers. that looked similar to the boots she bought , only ankle height. "We can deal with the bathroom later, it'll be fine. We need call the girls." I nodded.

They all yelled Daniel at the . "Hi Loves, I'm fine. How are you? Are you paying attention? Don't rely on that being neutral land." They were silent because no one knew what say. Annie spoke, which was I called her.

"What do you mean, Daniel?"

"I mean that you, we, can't trust the past, and the norms, as if they matter anymore. People form Finland tried kill you, and we don't exactly who you is,.Jaak is Finnish." Annie was quiet because she knew Jaak was Roan's fiance.

"'s Chloe. I need talk with Ama." That was why I called Annie.

"Hi Chloe." They were all there, even Jake and Emily. I talked them down, and reconnected , especially with Jake, and Emily. I told them what I wanted to tell them in person. They were probably rolling their eyes too when Annie got backed on and walked outside.

"Is that why we brought guns in. Did you know about this?"

"I brought those because I thought someone was trying to kill you, now I think they are trying to kill all of us. The only reason I am here is because I can shift, and they can't." I could feel her nod. "We'll get there as quickly as possible, which should be tomorrow evening, or the day after. I'm going to run tonight."

"How will Taiiko like that since you aren't leaving?" She chuckled.

"You're a pain. She won't but I can cover more ground and pick things. They are coming after both clans but no one knew about Taiiko, and , except Marnine. Does she still have family?"

"I'll ask Ama because I'm not sure. Ama is bringing in her oldest friends help. They are their way. I'll keep us safe , Love. We are better prepared, so attention." I told her I would. "It's only you Daniel and you are the one person none of want to lose so attention. Call if find anything. I don't care what time is." I told her I would, and that I adored her, and to say the everyone else, and hung . She didn't say it because she knew Taiiko was listening, but I felt it LOUD and clear. I looked at Taiiko.

"We need talk with Yoshi."

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