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9/14/2021 12:43 pm
take me part 293

We had breakfast and headed the burn site. Yoshi was already . We got out of the van and grabbed our gloves as Yoshi walked up. "The guys at the saw mill said a gaijin was putting out a fire on the building but was gone by the time they walked back around. I assume that was you." We all laughed. "What happened?" I told him about the scent and the car and wanting to chase after . He was quiet, but looking at me. "The saw mill is not an easy place especially in the dark."

"No isn't, Yoshi." I hadn't told Taiiko because I'd be telling her grandfather. She was stunned, and now worried because he had moved deeper onto the property. "We were lucky that my timing was good. Saw mills burn quickly. seems personal, and angry." He nodded.

"I'll put more people around the buildings in shifts and people patrolling the woods when you and Taiiko leave tomorrow." We both stared at him. "You have to go. I can take care of things here and I'd feel better if were in Iceland for a while, until the ceremony. We can discuss later. I need you and Jiro head the barn help Ren, Taiiko can help here. We are short staffed and they are putting up fence. I assume you have put up fence before?" I smiled, and nodded. "Excellent. Jiro can translate. Take the van." Jiro and I nodded. I kissed and hugged Taiiko and told her would be OK, and that I loved her, and we headed the barn. I had been building fences with my dad and grandpa since I could remember. It's not all that complicated but it needs be sturdy if animals are involved, which I figured they were. I'd miss Taiiko but I always enjoyed fencing. I didn't care for doing in humidity but that's what we had. Jiro drove the barn.

We walked up and Ren, the lead worker, foreman, waved and walked up as he and Jiro started talking. He walked away and we followed. "Ren said that we are just putting in posts today. We aren't going to fence the field until late winter, but we are going to add to the paddocks sooner. I nodded.

"Metal or wood posts?" Jiro yelled to Ren.

"Cedar. He said we have a lot and they resist rot." I nodded as we walked into the tool shed. Ren grabbed line and post hole diggers, Jiro grabbed two others and I grabbed two metal fence posts in case we weren't using an existing corner post. I also grabbed a hammer and some nail and the pounder. Ren smiled. "We're going to do the field first because 's larger and are three of us, two people can do the paddocks easily." I nodded. 'I liked Ren. He knew what he was doing . We were using an existing post so I hammered a nail into the top of the post, towards the outer edge put the hammer in the loop on my pants, grabbed a large cedar post and the post hole diggers. I motioned to Ren which way and he showed me. I told Jiro to yell when he wanted me stop and then motion were he wanted the corner post. I didn't know how Ren did things considering I was in Japan so I was going off of his lead. I wasn't about to act like I knew better because I didn't.

When my family did fencing we'd mostly eyeball once we got the corner and middle posts set, then was a matter making sure the posts were on the inside of the line since the corner posts are larger. Jiro walked out with a level and two poles tamp the dirt around the post. Jiro and I got the post set. I finished tamping and filling the dirt in around the post as Jiro went get the line. I wrapped around the nail and asked Jiro walk back halfway and let me know when the line was taut, this was were you could really screw things up. Ren was watching and I knew that knew . Anyone has done fencing has broken the cord. 's a fine line been taut, and snapped. I was getting close. I could sense . Jiro raised his arm and I tied off. I grabbed the digger and Ren grabbed a post and we walked the middle. He was smiling. I put the post against the inside of the line since was fairly the edge of the corner posts and looked at him. He nodded and I pound the post into the ground to make a mark and Jiro and Ren took turns digging as I laid posts about every ten feet. I grabbed the other posts and to the outer corner and dropped them. Now that we had the end posts, and middle one in line, would go fairly quickly but was , and humid, as we went in get some water and take a quick break. Taiiko was walking up with the box of cookies, smiling.

"She kissed me. You're all sweaty mister. I like it, too bad are other people here." I smiled because was too bad. "I thought you'd like some cookies." She opened the box and Ren and Jiro pounced. "That's a large field." I nodded. "You know what they are going to use for?" I told her I assumed would be for more animals in the spring, and they would do rotational grazing." She looked at me and started talking with Ren as Jiro and I grabbed another cookie. She hugged me and looked up. "You were right." She stood on her toes and kissed me. "I need to get back so we can get the site cleaned up." 's an architect in the family in Osaka. She's coming up tomorrow or the next day to at the site and talk with the family. She's going deal with the permits because they are pain." I told her they were a pain everywhere. She waved and headed back to Yoshi. I walked to the other corner post to see if the middle one lined up and it looked good so we started setting posts. It took us a couple of hours to get the first line in the ground and then we set the second corner post and the middle one and took a lunch break.

It was a decent morning of work, or as my grandfather would say, "It's good enough for government work." I smiled because I could still hear him say it at every break and when he called it a day. Jiro and Ren offered me part of their lunch. I told Jiro thanks but I wasn't hungry. Yoshi walked up and spoke to Ren first since was the lead worker. Ren nodded and smiled, so did Jiro. "It looks good Daniel." I nodded and told him that Jiro and Ren were excellent workers and Ren knew his stuff." He nodded. Do you think it'll be done by the end of the day?" I nodded because I figured Ren was thinking the thing I was, "'s our fence so we finish ." 's smarter anyway because we knew how we were aligning .

"I'm guessing Ren and Jiro are thinking the thing I am. We'll get the posts in the ground." He looked around.

"You have no lunch." I told him about Jiro and Ren and how I wasn't hungry.

"Taiiko and I had a big breakfast." He smiled, said goodbye and headed back the house site. We rested in the shade for about fifteen minutes until Ren got up and we grabbed posts to lay out. Jiro grabbed the level and we stared digging. It was probably close to four when we started on the last section, none of us were stopping. We had almost fours hours of daylight left and the wasn't that hard because the ground was reasonably soft. None of talked because he had developed a routine and we made a good team. Ren and Jiro were tamping in the last post as I walked back out and undid the line and went and got the metal fence posts we didn't use and the tamper, and checked to make sure we didn't leave anything. We didn't. Jiro and Ren were walking to the barn, laughing, so I headed too. I figured was almost six. We put the tools away and got some water. Ren held out his hand, smiling, and we shook, which was interesting. We both nodded because we both had respect for each other. I already respected Jiro. Taiiko walked up and spoke to Ren and Jiro. I assumed she was inviting them to dinner by the smile on their faces, and the nods.

"Would you like to walk back to the house mister?" I was tired but I would never say no to Taiiko if I didn't have too. I nodded and went to wash up. I took my shirt off and washed the sweat and grime off, as best I could and ran my head under the faucet. It felt great. I put my shirt back on and impropriety was out the window. Jiro and Ren raced to do the . Taiiko and I both laughed and said goodbye. Having a gaijin around had 's benefits. We were walking toward the house when I said,

"Too bad we didn't have a woman working with us." I knew I was going to get . Taiiko looked at me in utter disbelief and me, hard, in the chest, and then we both laughed. She shook her head as she took my hand. was a good day.

"You made quite the impression on Ren, all of my family, at least those you've met." I told her I liked to work. She bit my arm and hugged me. I asked how her day was. She smiled. "Not as hard as yours, but good. We got it done. Yamaita's family is still upset but they are working through it. They saved the things of meaning to them. The rest can be replaced. The site looks good. Yoshi and I were looking at it and wondering if was a better place for the new house. We'll see what the architect says but the original site as all the system already ." I nodded. "I know you're hesitant leave Yoshi alone but he can take care of himself and I'm equally concerned about my sisters." I nodded because I was too. "Take a shower before dinner and we can relax on the porch." I shook my head.

"That's why I washed at the barn. 's no sense because I am going smell after I get done tonight." She nodded. "They'll have to deal, or I'll eat out here." She smiled.

"You mean we'll eat here, don't you mister?" I kissed her and told her yes as we walked in for dinner.

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