take me part 301  

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9/19/2021 10:50 am
take me part 301

I opened my eyes and looked around. I don't know what Ama gave me but it worked. I was alone in bed, which was a first. I was always up before everyone else. It felt weird. I had no idea what time it was, or where my suitcase was. I brushed my teeth and walked into the kitchen. Everyone, except Ama was in the sunroom laughing and saying "oh my god." Sara saw me, smiled, walked up and kissed me.

"Morning mister, that's the first time we beat you out bed. Did you sleep well? We've been looking at the gifts, they are super great by the way, and don't be mad but we made Taiiko show us our presents."

"Don't you mean you made Taiiko show you the presents."

She smiled. "Yeah, but they are amazing and we love them and guess what." I asked what. "Taiiko put all of the pearl necklaces on the table, except Miriam's, and we got to choose our most favorite and they all let me go first because I'm the youngest, well of the sisters. Wasn't that nice."

"It was very nice?"

"And guess what, again."


"I got the bestest one. Look." She showed it to me smiling and proud.

"That would be hard to top Love."

"Yep! I love it Daniel. Thank you. We all love them. Oh, and everyone got one, well except Jake but he didn't mind. Melissa is super excited because she wasn't excepting it. There were some left over, who are those for?" I said they were for Maggie, Bet, Lieve, and Heather and I thought we got one for Sabrina but I couldn't recall. She clapped.

"Guess what else?"

"What else?"

"We got these super special Japanese combs made of a special wood that smells great, even Ama, although that was a special gift from Taiiko because it was her grandmothers.."

"I know. Taiiko helped me pick them out."

She was quiet. "You're so great Daniel but I feel bad because we didn't get you anything." I kissed her.

"Sara, I've got everything I want with my family. I just wish all of us could be together." She got serious and nodded.

"Are you hungry?" I told I didn't know but would love some coffee. "I'll find Ama and find out to make it. I'll be right back. I'm glad you're up. I've missed you." I smiled as she walked out back because Sara was her own special being. I was so glad I fell in love with her. I pushed to make sure there was no threat as Ama walked in Sara went back to the sunroom.

"There's no one around Daniel and they won't be back here. I've seen to that." I wanted to ask how, but didn't. I was just glad for the break. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, whatever you gave me worked great."

" I was getting antsy to call Deat."

"You don't have to worry about Deat right now. He called while you were asleep and Annie spoke with him and now he's focused on the information Annie faxed him. She was up early and we went through the pack you brought back. You're quite the pack rat." she said smiling. I nodded. "She made copies of all the ID's and passports and faxed that to him as well so he has a lot to shift through, but he enjoys that." I nodded. "What are you're plans for the money and the passports?"

"I have no plans, Ama. The only thing it means to me is they don't have it." She poured me a cup of coffee. "Thank you. If you can use it then feel free. I just took everything I could, and damaged as much as I could, to annoy them and cost them. I was hoping that they would realize that the costs were too great and stop. I doubt they will but they have to be running low on men. They have to be retired special forces. I couldn't imagine active personnel being involved, but then again I didn't expect them to target you."

"I can use them. We can use the passports for the clans and the money would be helpful in town. This is reasonably affluent island, at least Reykjavik, but, like everywhere, not everyone is doing well, and winter approaches this island fast. You have a overnight box you need to send, Annie got the address. I want you and I to go into town. We'll have lunch and catch up. I want to show you what I'm referring to and show you around and because you and Sara, in particular are going to be spending time here once we get all this resolved." I looked at her as she smiled. "I know it's not easy to slip out of protector mode but assure you they are perfectly safe, but even if they weren't they are more than capable of taking care of themselves. It will be fine. Get dressed and you can take coffee with you." I nodded. I found my suitcase, got dressed, and walked back into the kitchen.

The girls were coming out, smiling, wearing their pearls. Emily saw me and bolted. She jumped in my arms, smiling. "I love it Da'. LOVE IT!!!. Thank you." I nodded as Jake came up. I hugged him and told him he had something but it needed to stay with Yoshi in Japan.

"I know dad. Taiiko told me and she said I'd like it. She walked up and hugged me.

"Did she? Well, I bet she's right because it's pretty special. Her grandfather, Yoshi, made it."

"Did you sleep well?" I nodded. "You were out before I turned the light out. You're pretty cute when you sleep, mister."

"I have to go into town to send a box but Ama want's to talk and show me around. I'm leery of leaving you here but she said you'd be fine. Do you know where the weapons are? She nodded and walked to the closet and reached inside.

"They're in there and ready to be used but Ama gave me this so I could keep practicing. Yoshi gave it to her a long time ago, so we'll be fine, Love." She held up a sword. I smiled and nodded and said OK. "Spend time with Ama and relax. You've been on high alert for days, probably longer. We're all going to see if you can take another pill tonight as well so you sleep again.

Ama walked up, "Ladies, I know all of you want to thank Daniel for your gifts and spend time with him, you too Jake, but I need him for several hours to accompany me into town. He needs to relax but he's all yours when we get back. They clapped as I got more coffee and Ama and I walked to her SUV. She handed me the keys. "I'll tell you where to go. It'll be nice not to drive."

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