take me part 302  

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9/20/2021 6:37 pm
take me part 302

Ama and I got in and headed to Reykjavik, luckily it was an automatic because I was still a little groggy and could drink my coffee. I actually wouldn't mind another deep sleep because something told me it might be my last for a while. We passed the Telcom van and Ama smiled.

"Did it feel good?" It was my turn to smile.

"Yes, it did. Given the electronics, and what I took, that van was probably worth $150,000, easily. It felt great but I would prefer they just stopped because I'm starting to get mad.

"They won't stop Daniel, not until all of you get married, then it would be pointless, but maybe that won't even stop them. They won't come back here because I won't allow it again and that will keep them off guard because they won't know what to do. Miriam is treading lightly because it's highly likely that Roan and Jaak are behind it, or at least deeply involved. The lineage moves from mother to eldest but not necessarily the wisdom, or power, of the clan, that is one reason I am still here as you see me. You and Anryd will be a welcome change."

"Miriam has been a good leader since her husband died but she relied heavily upon Josef because he was wise so he wasn't easily swayed by people round him, of which there are many. Sadly, Miriam is and it's further complicated because she doesn't want to admit what Roan truly is, that blindness is a danger not only all for you, especially Anryd, but also the Clans because Miriam is not strong enough to stop her alone. Thankfully, with the exception of those who follow Roan, most of the rest of the Clans are waiting to see what you and Anryd do. I have absolutely no doubt that both of you are up to the task, as you and Taiiko are. Miriam treads lightly because she doesn't possess the strength to confront what she must, her husband provided than, none of you have that problem, especially you Daniel," she chuckled. "You chose your totem wisely because it is unwise to stand in front of a charging bear, especially if it's mad. You have no problem doing what you must, even if you would rather not be bother ,and Anryd and Taiiko are the same. You will need to do just that, especially in Norway."

I've watched how you are with each of them. Anyrd and Taiiko are obviously different, and from different cultures, but they are more similar than different and you blend with them seamlessly, as do they with each other. Chloe is the same but Chloe, Janey, and Sara are uncertain in their roles because they don't see the influence, and wisdom, they possess yet, being here will help them with that. Anyrd was lucky because she grew up with it, and they are one of the oldest clans, same with Taiiko."

"Ella died prematurely, as did Claire. It was necessary and often times Gaia's plans or opaque and long range. Another factor is that America is quite young and the culture is vastly different. You view things very differently from here. None of them were all that interested in building a following, mainly because they were grieving and trying to help Henry. The funny thing is that Chloe has the makings of a Clan, but you call it your family, and that is fine with you, and it is fine, period. Anyrd and Taiiko, along with the other large Clans, have greater responsibility especially since Marnine was sent back to Gaia because change is coming, at the light turn left."

I didn't know what to say but I sure could use another cup of coffee so I figured I would just jump in. "Is this prophesy true, Ama." She was silent as she stared at me.

"Pull over here, Daniel, and park. I am not prepared to discuss that yet, but it's part of why I wanted all you staying with me before the wedding, and why there will be no more interruptions. There are things we need to do and there isn't much time before we must leave for Norway. Bring your file and we'll send that and then have lunch. We'll discuss all this later because there are many things I am curious about." I wrote a brief note saying that it was from Deat, I used his full name because I doubted anyone but me call him Deat anymore. He'd have it tomorrow. I extended my arm as I had done with Marnine and Ama smiled and took it as we strolled to lunch. It was a lovely day but it was obvious that winter was coming quickly. I guessed there wasn't much of a fall in the North Atlantic.

The place Ama took me to was more like a bistro than a restaurant I would think of in the states. Ama was watching me as I read the menu. The waitress came up and Ama told me to go first because she was curious what I would get. I ordered the lamb and vegetables, rye bread and butter, and skyr because I like yogurt and I had heard about it. I think she ordered the Hakarl, fermented shark, and my mind froze so I had no idea what else. She asked me about my mother and my father but she was particularly interested in mom. I figured I knew why but I told her as much as I knew about her side of the family because she didn't discuss it much. My meal was excellent and I could see living in Iceland just because of that, the fermented shark, not so much. It must be an acquired taste because it stank to high heaven. Ama paid and we walked back to the car.

She told me to keep driving and the farther we went the not so 'nice' it became. We turned into the parking lot of an older, but still nice, building that was rather large and obviously housed multiple things. I loved these place, and organizations. It reminded me of the woman in Halifax and what she doing with the resources she had available. It always amazed me how the people that helped the most had the least. Ama and I walked in and she was mobbed. I just got out of the way and started to look around. It was like an all purpose community center. It was obviously that a large part of this place was specifically designed to aid folks during the winter, but there was day care so single mom's could work. There was a large food pantry and a kitchen to serve meals. There was a library, and barber shop for both men and women. There were clothes and a room that had professional clothes so people had something for interviews. It was a one stop shop of love and goodness. I looked up as Ama waved for me to follow her.

"What do you think Daniel?"

"I think it's amazing Ama. I love places like these." She smiled and nodded.

"Sadly they are needed everywhere. Marnine didn't care about helping people and neither does Roan. Miriam tries, and has helped some, but this is a contentious issue." I told her I never understood that. She nodded. "It takes strength and determination to help. It takes leadership because there are many who either don't care, or don't want to be bothered." I nodded as we walked back to the offices. Ama introduced me to the director as we sat and they began speaking in Icelandic. I listened intently because I loved these old languages. She handed the woman the money I took from the van which was at least $75,000. It made me wonder what else they had planned to do. The woman was beside herself and hugged Ama and reached for my hand and pulled me up to hug me too, except she also kissed me on the cheek before sitting back in her chair. I wonder what Ama had said. They talked a bit more before Ama stood and said goodbye. I waved as we walked out the door and headed back the SUV.

"She was very happy."

"What we gave them, what you got from the van, is more than half their yearly donations some years, in one day. She's very happy."

"I'm glad because it's obvious they are doing wonderful work and those idiots should pay for something like this after what they wanted to do. It couldn't have gone to a better place. I'm glad you asked Ama because wasn't even thinking about it. I wasn't really sure how much was there, I just stuffed it in the pack. Thank you for bringing me here. It means a lot to me." She smiled and hugged me.

"You have a good heart Daniel." She held out her hand, "I'll drive and I've decided to give you another pill tonight before the bombardment, and no I won't tell you what it except to say it's herbs." We got in as Ama headed home. We didn't speak, which was fine, because I had a lot to ponder.

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9/20/2021 8:16 pm

Another part of the puzzle , coming together. I wonder what Ama is going to discuss with Daniel and the 4 gal's.

Great read.

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9/20/2021 8:18 pm


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9/21/2021 2:36 pm

It is coming together and I like Claude wonder what Ama is going to tell Daniel and also I am wondering what the girls will learn about their roles.

And what will happen once they are married Great things are coming to them?

Great stuff indeed thank you for sharing.

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