take me part 312  

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9/30/2021 3:37 pm
take me part 312

I was really getting tired of falling but if I could at least get more of a warning than a headache and drop. I could feel Sara getting upset and running outside find me. I was guessing was because of where I was. seemed that the enhanced senses weren't just connected the bear because I had them here. I pushed myself up and stood as Ingrid stared at me smiling. I wasn't sure why she was smiling, or why I was in this exact place, or why was dark.

"Hello Daniel, my told me that I would meet you sooner or later but I wasn't expecting to meet you here. How did you get here?" I was going to dumb for as long as I could but I was pretty curious about that as well.

"Ingrid. I have no idea, but why is pitch black?" I could sense beings of some sort around us, beings I wouldn't choose associate with which made me wonder why Ingrid would. I figured it was why Sara was concerned and trying find me.

"Does darkness scare you, Daniel?" Interesting. She said darkness instead of the dark. Could be nothing, but my senses were on high alert and I was remembering what Deat said about trusting that.

"Darkness, or the dark. I'm not scared of either but it's easier see with at least some light." I had no idea if this would work but I figured I might as well see what I could do if I needed . I opened my left hand and asked Gaia for some starlight. I could feel a humming sensation and a ball of blue-white light appeared a above my palm and shone around Ingrid and me. I heard scuffling and soft hissing. "My apologies your friends, seems they mind the light far more than I mind the dark, but this will make easier for us chat, don't you agree?" She was not happy but wasn't much she could do about . I was actually quite impressed it had worked. "Why are you here in the dark, Ingrid, and what else did your tell you about me?" was worth a try. Silence.

"I like the dark, Daniel. soothes me and helps me think." I told her helped me sleep. She sneered. "I'm still waiting for you tell me how you found me here. No one else knows about this place." I laughed, which made her angry and was exactly what I wanted see. "Why are you laughing at me?"

"I'm not laughing and you Ingrid, I'm laughing at what you said. Surely you are aware that Gaia would know, and I suspect others as well. As for how I got here, I seriously don't have a clue. I'm wondering how I get back. wouldn't be a door around here, would ?"

"I don't believe in Gaia and is no door."

"Really, even Marnine believes in Gaia. She is going be spending a very long time with her but you needn't worry, Ingrid, your mom is quite comfortable, albeit lonely. She's asked me keep visiting her so that we can continue our chats." I was very curious how she would respond that.

"You've been with my ? How is she?"

"She's fine Ingrid. She's heading toward contrition but it's a lengthy process apparently. She regrets how she raised you, and the things she taught you, but isn't much she can do about that now. I found her in much the way I found you; I stumbled upon her. I was quite surprised because I hadn't been thinking about her."

"Does that mean you were thinking about me?" I nodded. "I'm flattered." I told her she shouldn't be because it wasn't a social . "Why, then?"

"I'm trying figure out why you want us dead. Roan and Jaak, even his dad...especially his ... are easy understand, but not you. Your motives are more opaque. I can understand some of from my conversations with Marnine but I didn't even know you existed until recently, so imagine my surprise when she told me you're her ." I wanted her head spin and make her wonder what I knew, and what Marnine was telling me. She hissed, so I must have a nerve.

"What did my tell you?" She was seething. "Tell me!" I turned and started looking around. "How dare you turn your back on me?" I could feel energy rising into me from Gaia as I turned toward her, my right hand outstretched. Ingrid's face was distorted and looked like was an overlay of something, but I couldn't make out. She pushed both her palms outward at me as she mumbled something I couldn't make out. The impact of the energy was intense but my palm and the energy Gaia sent and faded. She stared at me in disbelief as I walked up her. She was uncertain what do. I stopped a foot away from her.

"Why are you trying to kill us, Ingrid?" She was about to say something when I was yanked back into my body. I felt like a fricking fish on a line. I opened my eyes and everyone was staring at me. Everyone but Ama, and Sara, was worried; they were pissed. I sat up and shook my head while I looked at my left palm, wondering if could do that whenever I wanted.

"WHAT THE DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING? Have you entirely lost your mind? Do you have any clue where you were, Daniel?"

"I was trying get information out of Ingrid but answer your question, no, I haven't a clue except was dark. I figured I'd go back where I went last time." Sara huffed, snorted, and screamed as she stomped down the hill and into the house. We could hear the door slam clear as day. I looked at Ama and said, "I guess she's upset." Ama smiled as everyone shook their heads and went to on Sara.

"She is upset, Daniel, and with good reason. You stumbled into someplace that you weren't prepared for, a place of great negativity and darkness. She was scared for you."

"Well, I guess that explains why they didn't like the light I asked Gaia for. Ingrid pushed some sort of energy at me after I pissed her off by turning my back on her." Ama laughed. "I could sense something and could feel Gaia sending me energy. I wasn't thinking, I just acted and turned with my right palm outstretched. It looked like was some other being either in her, or around her, and then she pushed the energy toward me.

"What happened?"

"It my palm and dissipated. Ingrid was shocked and uneasy as I walked up her and that is when I got yanked back here. I was actually glad because I wasn't exactly sure how get back because I hadn't planned on going in the first place." Ama was quiet for a bit as I stood up and stretched.

"Don't push toward Ingrid with your intent until you and I work on it. Let Gaia lead you where she wants. I know that you are very much like your totem, and prefer to go your own way, but you are starting to deal with things that are unfamiliar to you, and that can be dangerous. I'm giving you one final pill for tonight to see where Gaia leads you. Let's go in. It's getting chilly and I have a lot to ponder." I nodded because I needed to hug Sara and tell her that I was fine, and I was sorry.

Claw51478 74M  
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10/1/2021 6:18 am

I wonder if Daniel, when he Pushed out, actually landed inside of Ingrid's head (brain ) , instead of near her. Ama will advise him of what actually happened, and possible pro's and con's of brain intrusion. Weird things happen in this story.

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10/1/2021 4:06 pm

It is indeed weird this story keeps giving, but I think Daniel has upset Ingrid and Ama will help him learn to control his powers and let the light in to really upset Ingrid she will make a mistake I am not sure what will happen but she needs taking out of the equation.

And Daniel needs to spend time with his girls.

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