take me part 316  

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10/3/2021 4:17 pm
take me part 316

"Odd place sleep, mister, when you have a bed filled with women love you." I smiled as I kissed her because she was right, but I felt at home here. I wished I could live as the bear. Annie sensed what I felt and touched my cheek before kissing me back. "Do you need to keep running, or do we go home? 's not that far, and 's early. No one but Ama will be awake and I'm not sure she sleeps anyway." I laughed.

"Let's go home, love. Thank you for following me and staying here. I know what that means." Annie looked at me with tears welling in her eyes. It took a lot for her to stay with me. I suppose that was the moment we were truly bonded in the eyes of Gaia, the ceremony was secondary. Annie and I were one.

"Come on, I'll race you." She shifted and ran as I walked and laughed. I wanted to take my time because was still so much for me unravel. The shooters were going be a problem. A variable that I couldn't plan for except before happened, which meant I would have deal with them before the ceremony. How? taking one of Ama's pills would help. Annie ran up, put her paws on my shoulders, and licked me before she ran toward home. I was feeling the need to run, unhindered by worries. We would have enough of those soon enough. I shifted and followed her. was good run. I didn't do as much as I wanted but I found the cave and I would have enough deal with regarding that.

Annie was standing against the SUV smiling as I walked up. She was hugging Sara. I shifted as Sara ran toward me. She stopped in front of me and looked up before hitting me, hard, in the chest, and then biting me in the arm. She kissed me and said, "You are a pain in the ass Daniel," and she stomped back inside. Annie walked up smiling.

"You got off easy, mister. She was going to twist your balls...and not in a fun way." She hugged me before we walked inside. Everyone was still sleeping except the three of us, and Ama.

"So the Runes found you once again Daniel? Were they helpful?" I told her about my dreams and that the Runes kept shifting in front of me. She was quiet but nodding. Dreams are unique in their capacity to be specific, or obtuse. The Runes shifting is interesting. I'll have to think about that because are several reasons. You have one more day, free, with your family..... Take it." Sara pinched me, and smiled. Let go of the things weighing on you and enjoy them." I did just that. I started making french toast as Annie and Sara rousted all the others by tickling them.

Jake and Emily came staggering first, followed by Taiiko. They all looked like something the cat dragged in. Em hugged me and said I smelled like the bear. I nodded but she sat down anyway. Taiiko kissed me while staring at me. I nodded so she sat down next to Emily and hugged her awake. Jake grabbed bacon out of the fridge and said I needed to chop more wood because it was going to be a cold winter and Ama should have more than she needs in case she needs to share. I nodded. I had been his dad for a few months but he had already grown up too quickly. saddened me how much I lost out on not knowing Em and Jake sooner than I did.

Jake teased me about my lack of prowess when came chopping wood and I made fun of him trying make bacon in a skillet that was too as Taiiko and Emily laughed. Ama smiled at her adopted family as she made coffee and the rest of the straggler'd in, yawning. They all smiled when they saw me, which melted my heart. I was a very lucky man and I'd be damned if I'd let anyone take any of them from me.

The two constants with all of them were french toast, and oatmeal....bacon was always a given, as it should be. I couldn't remember the last time all of us were together like this, all except Chloe. She walked into the kitchen, her hair askew, wearing Scrappy jammies, and hugged me before she punched me in the chest.

"You scared me, mister. " She pointed her finger at me, shaking it. "Don't do it again." Sara was nodding as Chloe sat next to her and faded into her shoulder. I put the first plate of french toast in front of them. Jake was laughing at me as I told him just wait. Emily nodded as she pinched him. It was a good morning even though my dreams were still weighing on me, especially about Ama. If she knew, she didn't seem too concerned... and that was when Deat called.

"Hey Deat, it's french toast day. Kinda early, isn't it?"

"Kinda late, actually, and you're lucky you aren't in CO. Melinda is gunning for you. She thought things would ease up when I took the post in Denver."

"You haven't started yet, right?"

"No, but that doesn't register in her mind." I told him as long she didn't talk with any of the girls I was OK with it because I had enough to deal with. We both laughed. " So, we are fairly sure we found the house in Germany. It is connected to Jaak's in a convoluted series of companies. I can't say his . Hell, I can't even type , but he's a piece of shit. You sure know how pick them, Daniel. is activity at the house, and on the grounds. You have an idea when it's going be active?"

" seemed like a couple of weeks when I heard them talking. I might know more tonight. Ama has herbs that help me sleep but they also allow me to move places and see things. 's cool, but weird."

" Well, I'm not going judge because you've always been strange, but we tolerated . Now, 's starting off so keep taking them." I told him wasn't up me. I wished they could have come out here, but were a lot of things I wished for. "They have the place surrounded and we were able access a better drone than we normally use. I hope you are right about these guys, my friend. This is the kind of thing that can make, or break, careers."

"He's dirty as sin, Deat, that's a fact. He just hasn't been caught because of his , and contacts. I'll let you know if I find out anything else. Hold on a sec."

"Hey Deat, how are your girls? Tell them we miss them bunches, even though we barely know them. The fourth seems lifetimes ago."

"Hi Sara, I will and they feel the about all of you. They can't wait see Bob again. Hell, I can't wait see Bob again. How are you?"

"Good. Learning lots but 's an odd place and are a lot of unpleasant people that mean do us harm. I am glad you are helping our Daniel stop them. He needs you Deat." Sara wasn't one for beating around the bush. "You make sure that you and the girls stay in that house, Deat. needs a family like the neighbors lab needs . The holidays are coming and would be nice if the front room was decorated for once. Promise me, Deat!"

"I promise, Sara, and hopefully you'll be back in time help us. I know the girls will love that." Sara got quiet as she nodded and told him that was a date before handing me the phone and walking outside.

"Hey Deat, keep us updated but how is Lieve doing. Will you please tell her to us." He laughed.

"Sorry my friend, no can do. They are on a plane France, and then Iceland. 's supposed be a surprise, but from you. I'm amazed Sara hasn't spilled the beans already. She took the test early because of your situation. She is deciding if she wants to go to Quantico. I suspect all of you will get an earful when they get . She did great and you had all those drones just lying around so I pulled some strings. 's what favorite uncle's are supposed do." I laughed, and told him thanks.

"My pleasure, brother. You keep yourself safe. me if you need me, and give everyone my love." I told him likewise as I looked at the door.

"You're making french toast, sport. 's not hard. You'll figure out."

"Dad....." Chloe walked up smiling.

"He's right, Jake. 's not hard. Come on, I'll show you the right way make . First, we need turn the heat down and then we need soak the bread more, usually, but this is pretty thin so we won't soak as long as we should, and then needs stay on the skillet longer than your dad does ." Jake looked at her and smiled.

"Kinda like the way he makes burgers?"


I walked outside and headed up the hill. was becoming a part of the family. Sara saw me, walked into me, and started crying. "'s hard, Daniel, and you are the one can come close understanding." She bit my chest as she sobbed. I did the thing I could do which was hold her until passed.

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10/3/2021 7:06 pm

Good sequencing from last 3 Parts, back to a kind of family time for all. The calm before the storm. Jav will only be able to raid the house in Finland,
But, Ingrid, what will happen with her. Will Daniel get the info he needs, as to their plan to kill Daniel and the girls. I think he will be back into her head tonight. We shall see.

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10/3/2021 11:47 pm

Thanks for the reply. TSdates.com told me you sent it, but they won't let me read it.
And they wonder why I didn't renew my Gold membership. The site is over 50% disfunctional.

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10/4/2021 12:05 am

It appears that we can message blog-to-blog. Until they shut that off too.

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Dad. You will always have dicks heads that don't like to read a good writers storys. They all don't have to be gutter slut story's all the time. I alway look forward to reading your story. Damn it would make an awesome movie.

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