take me part 320....oops. Got the numbers mixed up.  

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10/4/2021 5:13 pm
take me part 320....oops. Got the numbers mixed up.

Chloe, Annie, and I watched Sara being Sara. Taiiko waved as she became Lieve and Heather's new mom. These of ours were beyond lucky, even though their lives would be....strange. Jake screamed as Sara and Emily tackled him, and tickled him mercilessly. I couldn't help but laugh, Chloe and Annie looked at me.

"You OK, mister?" I grabbed a breast each, squeezed, and ran toward the back yard. I would never make but I didn't care. I'd take my penance, gladly, be able enjoy this time because I knew wouldn't last. They both took out a leg and I fell face first into the grass. I barely made the lawn before they tackled me, laughing, and biting my legs as I laughed. It was like chum in the water and everyone attacked me, tickling, and biting me, until I turned into the bear, and shook them off, all except Emily. She held tight and whispered in my ear. I turned around and looked at her. She scruffled my ears as I turned to run. Sara was standing in front of us, with her hands on her hips.

"Excuse me!" I knelt as she jumped on behind Emily. "No one has ridden him except Alison, but people were trying to kill her. You aren't getting all the fun. Grab his fur, Love. He's goofy, but he can run." I ran... as fast as I ever had. Sara held Emily until she was no longer scared and enjoyed the ride. Em pulled my ears to tell me where to go. We ran until I ran out of island. Sara hopped off and stepped in front of me.

"What do we do now, mister?" I turned and looked where we came from. "Exactly! Take us home, Love." Sara jumped on and pulled my fur. "Hold on Em." He misses his family. I ran as fast I ever ran. Annie and Melissa ran at us but I plowed through them as we all laughed. Janey was like me. She was mourning her sister. Janes and Sara were closer in age than Chloe. It was obvious that Chloe and Sara were different colors. It wasn't that obvious when Sara and Janey hugged each other. They fought their share of battles. Janey always won, and if it was really bad... Chloe would end it. No one said a bad word to Sara after fifth grade. She was Sara, and she was to be left alone. Things don't really change. I ran with Melissa and Annie nipping at me, and enjoying it.

I stopped as Melissa and Annie shifted, and laughed. Emily and Sara climbed off and scrunched my ears as they laughed. I looked at Janey and Alison. I walked to Alison and butted her onto me. She grabbed my neck as I looked at Janey, and ran inland, away from the sea. She chased me until we faded. We were both fast over short distances. We could run for a long time, which we did until I stopped, and shifted. Janey did the .

Janey walked up me..."What, love?" I stared at the sun as was setting. Alison grabbed my hand.

"You need talk with Sara about your ." was so much I could deal with. Alison walked up me, and smiled.

"You met me first, Daniel. Life is odd. You will give us a ." I ran because I didn't think about this.....mainly because liked run.... but because things were falling in on each other. I ran with Alison holding me, and Janey snorting behind us. We ran.

I shifted at the house. Alison pulled my ears, like they all do. I was going be a mainstay in this family. We stopped, and shifted, as Sara, and Emily, hopped off. They looked around, and smiled. " attention. They nodded." I watched as i looked at me trying be me.

They all looked at me, and I could barely stand . Janey walked up me and smiled. We were an odd bunch, but we were figuring things out.

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10/4/2021 9:01 pm

Outstanding writing, Daniel. If Daniel is to protect these women he will need some warriors as the whole lot is pregnant. Maybe more of the girls will shift as well.

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