take me part 336  

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10/15/2021 2:25 pm
take me part 336

Stephanie walked up behind me, sat in my lap, and kissed me as she held my head, and looked into my eyes. "Thank you Daniel." She held her hand to show me the ring.

"I know, sweets. Tina showed me the ring right after she wanted to give me the blowjob I refused on the first flight." Tina screamed as Steph laughed and kissed me. "I am happy both of you. Your energies are great together. Please don't let her kill me if I fall asleep." She nodded, and kissed me, again as she took Tina, who was holding knife, back into the galley. Deat was right, but Jesus Christ.. I opened the envelope and re-read what was beyond my belief.

There was one attached memo, on top of all the information the FBI had on Gustav. The top page, listed me as Gustav. We hadn't been cleared to leave so I called Deat.

"Solve your problems?"

'Yeah, but this house has some bad mojo. I know someone from the back country, in the bayou, who can sort you out. I am sending you a photo of FBI letterhead linking me to Gustav. Everything else looks like a legit file."


"You're serious?"


"It's not me,..."

"I know it's not you, moron. I watched you're being born. She still likes me better. Who is your source at Interpol, and your lead at the bureau?"

"We'll talk when when you land."



"About that, these pilots... well, Shit. I'm going to roll, Deat. I should land a Longmont, or close. I don't them having issues in case we need them in the future. It'll be fine, but don't tell ANY of them. Let me know if recognize the signature. I'm still pretty sure this is your doing."

"Don't tell any of them about what, Daniel?" She had an entire pot of coffee as she stared at me.

"T....sweets, It's Daniel."

"I'm fine love, but he hasn't answered my question." I snorted.

"I'm jumping out of the plane when we get outside of Denver. They'll know what to do. It's not the first time.

THEY, BOTH SAID< IN UNISON...... said "Are you out of your fucking mind!?" I handed them the envelope and asked Tina if she could just pour me a large cup. She laughed and came back carrying a tray with coffee, and snacks.. They sat and stared at me as they both ate a danish. I reached of one and they both slapped my hand. They wouldn't let me have any coffee, either.

"WHAT???? Did you read that? If that letter is official then I'm beyond fucked. I fix the problem I have there and get back out. What's the worst that could happen?" They stared at me, before slapping me, hard.

"You ever jumped out of a Lear?"

"Not exactly"

"Jesus Fucking Christ.... I'm going to kill you myself. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tina walked into the cockpit and the Captain came out, and I was not a happy camper. I already had too many women angry at me.

"You want to do what?" I told her. "Why?" I told her. Silence. "Give me a minute." I didn't want them in trouble, and now i had no idea who was looking for me. Shit!

"There's no other way?"

"We could land someplace else, and deal with there. All I have is surprise, Captain. Do I want to jump out of this jet, no, but it's what I got to keep you safe." Silence. She walked away and the second in came back. He spoke Swedish. . I looked at Tina, who was smiling.

"Do you speak Swedish?" She kissed me, and nodded. Holy crap.

They understand but, they said it would be better, but It's crunchy. What does that mean, Daniel?"



"About what you would think it'd be, but I'll fine. I've learned bounce." They both screamed at me, and walked away. I was still thinking about how they knew about me, and Gustav. I wasn't involved in that. Javier was, but he was family. Could Philip have left something... a time bomb of sorts? Seemed a long shot at , but someone knew.

Shit! Marnine, and Ingrid, Jaak,and Huun... and Jaak's Da. "Tina." I told her We flew to Scotland. I called Deat on the sat phone and he set things in motion, on his end. Iwas just glad i didn't have to drop out of a Lear, banking at low speed. What the was I thinking?

Steph, Tina and I ate, and drank. I slept...I think? They wanted me there. They were expecting me there. Deat would make it look like I arrived and then their tactical force would take them down. It'd buy me the time I needed. I still wasn't sure how. I knew where, but I still needed more numbers, and a way in and out of both Norway, and Finland, but I needed Haggis..

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10/15/2021 4:26 pm

Well, I guess my thought of the Battle in Denver just got shot out the window. Deat will have to handle that portion. Flying to Scotland. Then on to Norway and Finland somehow. We shall see what happens next.
Too many twist and turns, but I love it. Great chapter.

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