take me part 347  

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10/24/2021 2:44 pm
take me part 347

I was at the house in Finland watching Jaak speak nervously on the phone. He was scared. "Where's your , ? He's not answering my calls." I know that accent, what is ? ('s Dutch but he's in Antwerp. Belgium is the center and this man is in , attention). is this? ATTENTION!

"I no idea, Mr. De Vries. I've been calling all of his numbers but he isn't answering any of them, nor . I sent people the Sweden house because he was yesterday; I spoke with him. He's never gone this long without communicating."

"None of us are happy Jaak, first 's the Gustav fiasco and now this, what's the status on that?"

"We a contact inside the Bureau that put out a false story about the person we think is involved, even though is no proof and no connection has been established. He's my soon-to-be-brother-in-law, but 's not getting traction. We can't find anything on him, and be blunt sir, so you all the information, 's seems highly implausible. He makes caskets and has led a very low key life. How he met Annie is still something we're trying figure out."

Silence. Jaak gulped.

"Doesn't he the ?

"She's part of that family. Her, Alison, and one of the sisters are in a relationship but from what we can tell 's a very close family in the "you fight one, you fight all of them way" and they are formidable. We still don't know how they dismantled the tactical units we sent Denver, and Iceland. The unit that was just sent Denver is the , but that was the FBI.... three are dead and one is in custody. We got him out but attracted attention the Finland connection, again."

's something that's not right and this Daniel, and that woman, are involved. I can taste . We you a lot of so these problems don't happen, but they keep happening."

"Yes sir."

"We want answers Jaak, soon. We are close opening the property outside Stuttgart and can't be any problems. We've lost too much already and the investors are getting antsy. Understand?"

"Yes sir. I'll let you know immediately if I hear anything."

'You better, , because your head will be on the block alongside your 's." Click. Jaak was ashen, which I didn't mind. served him right for being a despicable prick. Mom said keep an open mind so I tried move this De Vries and.....

Well that was easier than I thought would be, and nothing bad happened. He was pouring Cognac and getting ready make a Iso I looked around. was nice, old world...real ... nice. was a walled estate but I got the sense in was in the city. I hoped not because that would make it harder when the time came

"You on a secure line?"

"Always for our calls Johann. You spoke with the ?

"I suppose you can that. I thought the was an idiot. I guess incompetence is hereditary." They both laughed as they stopped to take a sip. Their contempt, and disgust, was palpable.... and disgusting.

"I want us to send our own sniper because I don't trust these two. They lost close to a dozen seasoned, well trained men, although it is Finland." They both drank and laughed again. " Get one of the long range men and put him out as far as possible because they are too great of an investment to lose, but I want this ended. I want that land."


"I want this ended at that ceremony. him take the old woman first and then the others. How's the Black Forest estate coming?"

"Proceeding ahead of schedule and we are bringing in the usual support staff under the usual arrangements. They'll get triple their usual and their choice of plaything." "We'll be ready." I so hope I meet these two.

"Our new shipment will be here in three days, Sunday morning. The truck will met them at the port in Amsterdam and head the estate so the ladies can prep them ahead of the gathering. The other shipment, the cash from the operations around the world, will be here before dawn, next Wednesday so you'll be busy. Were not sending any Jaak until his shows up, and not even then. Anything else."

"Else says hi. Let us know when you'll be in Zurich and we'll find someone for you. 's been too long."

"Agreed. guten Tag."

"Guten Tag."

Shit..... remember all this. I pushed myself back to me and growled. Everyone was looking at me as I stood up. "I need to to write things down. I ran into the house and wrote it all down as everyone came in. Deat sat opposite me and the girls sat and stood around us. You need to your contact at Interpol. Do you trust him?" He nodded. Just , mister, or I'll your ass myself." He nodded as I laid out everything I heard. I needed 'our' guys.

The girls were stunned, and horrified, luckily Jake and Em were doing great being big brother and sister. Sara was particularly disturbed. "New shipment, does that mean what I think does?" Everyone looked at us but we just looked down. How do you share that?" Sara and Melinda both said at the time.... "Daniel." "Deat." We looked up and nodded.

"Deat, you stop that ship."

"Daniel, I need to see you outside, now." I grabbed my phone as Deat grabbed his. She walked outside and headed down the drive, she was almost shaking. "You end these people Daniel, period. I know are others, and they'll never end, but these people are connected us in some twisted way and we need end that connection. They're all a scourge but these people are our scourge and we will handle in the old ways. Understood?" I nodded. "Now hug me so I don't vomit."

All the girls, and Yoshi, walked up to us, somberly. Annie spoke. "We heard, and we agree. When we find them, they won't be found. Since you're the one that can fly, so far, you're in of finding these snipers but please don't fall out of the sky in front of them." Everyone laughed. I knew I would get shit for taking out those trees. "We do this preemptively, if possible, especially the snipers, unless they Uzi's then we can handle the close-in work at the ceremony." Everyone nodded.

"What about Roan and Ingrid?"

"That has out. What they set in motion has out, but not the shooters.

"I can bring in additional people act as guests. Kana, Airi, and myself are effective but 's a big crowd. Taiiko looked at both me and Annie and read our energies.

"We are family, or we are not family. is no such thing as a blended Clan, Annie. is just the the Clan". Annie nodded and hugged her and Yoshi.

"Thank you for reminding me sister. Please, Yoshi, bring in additional people, let me know how many and I'll get rooms and I'll send a plane Osaka when we're finished. "We also need discuss the that bouncing around the world, according Bet 's significant. We can't simply put in root cellars like Ama did. You're the one took the risks Love, and brought home, you start."

"I told Ama that I wanted the gold, she though I was joking, I wasn't. I want to keep all the precious metals for the clans as an emergency store... like a modern day larder.... some cash and bitcoin too. We can discuss the percentages and speak with Bethany about where to put everything. I say we create nonprofits and put the bulk of the cash in them for the various clans to help their people when they need it, like Ama's community centers. It's a wonderful model. It's obviously not as easy as that and finding good people to oversee them will be key, but if we are going to reunite the clans, and move them forward, then we it''s going to take us getting creative but also setting an example.

I also think we should donate to organizations fighting trafficking.... just some thoughts. point being ..... we use the for good things, or we could a 200 foot mega yacht built for us." Everyone but Yoshi me, but they were smiling."

"Well, that opens a can of worms but 's an excellent idea. are just SO many needs. Let's leave that for later but you, me, and Ama are going see this community center tomorrow, mister, I like the concept. Daniel and I haven't discussed this, nor have any of us, but I think we are all in alignment about undoing what Marnine did..... most of it. It's good that we no longer fight each other, mostly, like the rest of the outside world, but she almost destroyed our heritage, and culture, in the process. We intend to bring the old ways back and blend them with the new, it's part of why being with Taiiko and Yoshi for a time is important. They both bowed."

"I feel my power calling me and I am champing at the bit to get on with things but this is about ALL of us, not just me and Daniel, and Taiiko and Daniel. We are our strength... together. will be no hierarchy. We will function like the Viking "Thing." If the prophecy is true then part of our role, if not our entire role, is unite the clans and move them forward. is a lot do, and think about, but we aren't going a lot time between now and the ceremony, especially after recent developments but this is what we are signing up for, now's the last chance." I was going say that I was 'outta here' but didn't. Sara said...

"I hope you brought a lot of notebooks, mister, because you a lot of work do. He's a super genius when comes creating ideas in his notebooks....you should read them. We should get back inside. We guests attend ." Sara walked in with me. "You need practice flying and using the fire, and ice, and whatever else you can think of because the dragon is going be busy. You also need speak with Marnine and that's an order mister." She stopped, looked up at me and smiled like she did when we first met and then kissed me as Melissa walked up. "Life is weird, huh? Go figure. We go work. EMILY! Get out here, Love. We're late." Em came running out, jumped on me as she kissed me.

"See you da." Don't worry, I'm fine. Make us something good for dinner."

"Are you ever going tell me what you three are up ?" They laughed and walked up the hill toward the cave. I called Javier's guys and filled them in and told them this was top priority.... find the ship with the women and on it, and the estate outside Stuttgart first, then find the ship with the , divert , and figure a way take , or Interpol do , because that will rattle them and infuriating them all at once which is a really bad combination, then find De Vries. I walked inside as Deat walked out of the sun room. I grabbed cider and two glasses. The girls apparently owned the property by the fire so we went back into the sun room.

"They are very curious how you access this kind of information. I told him that you get visions, and that I witnessed it. If this pans out they may want to hire you." I laughed and told him that I sorta had my hands full. He nodded as I poured. They already knew about this De Vries guy. They said he's bad as bad gets. They are going to try and get phone records and cross reference them and they are going to start looking in the Black Forest area around Stuttgart for very large estates and start doing record searches. It's the grunt work that solves the case. I hope you are right about this. How does it work, anyway?" We both took swigs.

"What happened today just kinda happens for some reason. I don't know if I guides, or 's my higher self, or Gaia, but sometimes I get these blinding headaches. I usually pass out, and I go somewhere. Today I went the the Finland house and then I made myself go to De Vries, that's kinda new and was easier, and much clearer.

"So you're like a ghost?"

"I think 's more like my consciousness goes, or part of , but I am just starting use . 's like me and the bear, I am the bear, but I am separate from the bear. 's my consciousness that inhabits his being. I'm still not sure where I go when I shift but I obviously go somewhere because I on whatever I was wearing when I shift back. I'm experimenting with metal, knives work but I haven't tried a gun yet, or a cell phone."


"You're staying out of this Interpol thing, right Deat?" He nodded.

"I'm just coordinating with them and the Bureau. I am done with the field. Talking with Mel broke my heart. I won't put her, or the girls, through that again." was a knock on the door and Annie walked in, sat on my lap, and stole my cider.

"We've got incoming from the airport. They should be here in an hour or so. We guys with them and then guys watching them. I pushed and didn't feel anything and nodded. I'm sorry we haven't been better hosts, Deat, but I/we are thrilled that you are here, especially me. When Marnine was in a lot of the smaller clans splintered, or never had a chance merge together and become united so having you, Annie, and the girls here is an honor because we are going to start to undo the damage that Marnine wrought." Melinda was listening at the door with tears in her eyes. She did what Annie with Deat.

"Thank you Annie, that means so much us, and I don't just speak for our family. We all feel abandoned, Annie, like we were left behind and forgotten." Annie got up and took Melinda's hand and walked back to the fire to talk. Deat and I looked each other and shook our heads.

"I'll be right back, grabbed another bottle, and three glasses because Jake was walking inside and sat back down. "'s going get crazy in about an hour." We got up Denver and the girls and how happy they are back in CO and Sara walked in and looked me. "I'll be back."

"This is your last chance to say that you changed your mind Daniel. We all get that option but I am reiterating it to you because you don't consider such things, but you do a choice, sweets." She was misty eyed.

"No I don't goofball, you're my family. Why are you sad?"

"I can't tell you but I'm glad you'll be here because I couldn't do what I need do without you, any of you but especially you, so I'm glad."

"Good, because are folks coming from the airport," that perked her up and back into her Sara-ness. Sara knew , the rest of felt but was no going back.

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10/24/2021 6:44 pm

Ahh!. The final conflict, coming soon. a whole group of children will be saved, a ship load of money will disappear, and just maybe, these 2 scumbags personal wealth will also disappear, as will them, never to be found.

And this great Saga continues.

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10/24/2021 9:29 pm

Busy, Busy , Busy. You have the whole family in an uproar, its hard to keep up with all of the info Daniel is getting. Great story line so far, thank you Daniel.

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The beginning of a new era just need to tie up the loose ends.

I think the dragon will be busy and wondering he will take care of the rest of them and what about Ingrid, Roan etc

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