take me part 348..... Hope this edit works. It's getting worse.  

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take me part 348..... Hope this edit works. It's getting worse.

was a full day and things were moving more quickly but I wasn't powerful enough slow them down. was like we got close a black hole and the gravitational force was winning out. We were going meet our destinies, ready or not. was nice that we had a bit of a respite, well everyone but me and Sara I suppose, and we still had a few days for the rest of the family arrive. Tina and Steph were busy, Gaia bless them. I could feel them on the road. wouldn't be long and all of us were excited because we missed all of them, but we also missed our home. Sara looked up at me as she hugged me. Let's walk while we can, love.

"You know I miss you, right? So does Chloe."

"I know but I've given up trying figure out why you do what you do, or think what you think because you a Sara reason." She smiled and kissed me. "As far as Chloe is concerned, I know that too. 's just that is so much contend with, on so many levels, I've been focused on that and keeping us safe so I've neglected all of you."

"No you haven't silly, and Chloe understands better than any of us because of Jake. 's just harder for her because she wanted you herself, she still does, but she understands. We all do. You need practice Daniel. The burdens are going rest on you for quite sometime until we can break the hold Marnine still has. We will, but it will take time and diligence but we'll do it. We are already doing it. how excited Melinda and the girls are about the ceremony. I hadn't realized how big a deal it was until I started working with Ama and Gaia.
It's a pretty big deal. If everyone could be here they would, it's that big. We bring them hope. You and Annie especially, but all of us because of the prophecy. You and Taiiko will the effect in Japan. Hope is a powerful force Daniel, remember that."

"I know you are conflicted, and pulled back CO help, but they understand and are more than capable of handling things, even if you don't agree," she said as she pinched me. "You can't do everything Daniel, but we all feel that pull. We miss home and we miss them...and Bob. I miss Bob so much I can barely stand but those are chosen never an easy path. 's part of the deal so we make the most of ." She was quiet for a while as she looked at the road, seeing them as I was seeing them.

"You need take out the sniper's Daniel, that is imperative. We can't lose Ama because 's going take a long time until I will be ready take over her role, so we can't lose her. We can't lose because she's our Ama." I nodded. She looked up at me wistfully, again, as if was something she wanted say but she hugged me instead. We should walk back because they'll be here soon. Race you back.'." She was already gone before I started because she pushed me and laughed. She won, of course.

The SUV's started pull up the house. Ama's was first. Her, and a woman I had never seen before got out. was was obvious they knew each other, and had been talking. 'Daniel....Jake... I need your help." We walked up. This is Aisha. She's one of my oldest friends and she'll be staying here and then will accompany us Norway. Be nice her. Jake and I laughed but Aisha was boring a hole through me, not in a bad way just trying read me. " Help us take this food in. You're going love Jake. They had fermented shark and pickled cabbage. Yum! I can't wait." Jake just stared at her as the rest of burst into laughter.

"She's kidding Jake, although she does like it. I watched her eat it and I can still smell it." He said good. We put six large aluminum containers on the counter.

"Jake help Aisha and get all the plates and bowls and put them on the table. are more in the pantry. You don't need set the table and don't flirt with her. You, come with me. Even though Jake is black you could still see him blush. Ama and I walked outside. I want you tell me everything your saw, heard, or felt earlier, and focus. These.... creatures.... are on our lands. They are an abomination. Sara was right when she called them a scourge. We are going eliminate them. I don't normally involve myself but I'm making an exception for these beasts." I told her everything.

" is Aisha? She's intense and was boring a hole through me when we met."

"She is a warrioress and tracker. She's also flown on dragons and you need learn quickly so she doesn't fall off because she will going with you when you fight these 'things.' The girls won't like it... at all... but that's mostly hormones, mostly. She is the warrior you will become, Daniel. Sleep at the cave tonight. Aisha will wake you when it's time to fly. Sleep as much as you can, you'll need it. Let's go in. Everyone's excited to see all of you and I stole you away." We walked in as people were grabbing food. The girls surrounded Bethany, Christine, and Emily and Maggie and Bet. Jake was by the fire with Uncle Billy and Ellen, laughing. I hugged them both as I walked up and we said hi. Unc was never a 'hugger' but are just too many of us and he finally surrendered.

We caught up and they told us about the shop, and the studio, and most importantly Bob. Sara walked up and hugged them, and Jake, as they were telling us about him and made them start over. Uncle Billy got his phone out opened the photo's and handed her.

"We figured you missed him because he sure he misses you." She looked at them through teary eyes. He looks around every time he come in and goes out, and when someone walks outside. He's fine but he's certainly looking for you. We visit with him and give him chicken and Maggie, Bet and the girls adopted him and are almost every afternoon. He's well taken care of. I'll send those you. Here, these are a couple of video's of him and the girls playing fetch. I still don't think he has the concept down." I laughed.

"Oh, he knows exactly what's he's doing. He's a fox and smarter than all of us. He's making them do the work. They laughed and nodded as Sara smiled and cried.

"We are going back after the ceremony, all of us. Period. Understand, mister." I nodded. "Good. She hugged Billy and Ellen. Jake went be with Emily and her mom's. Sara and Ellen sat on the couch as Unc and I walked outside.

"It's nice here, and it's dark. I can't wait until the sun comes up. How are you...all of you?" I told fine but stressed, which he understood. He filled me in on the shop, the business, the studio in more detail. I told him thanks but that I wasn't worried. "Ellen's and grand decided stay. They are still at Janey's, and loving in Denver. We all need discuss that when we get the chance. They don't want take advantage. We told them was fine." I said was fine, no worries. "The boys came and got your dad's machinery and tools. They were like at Christmas. I set aside the blacksmithing and welding stuff and a few other things along the way that I thought you would like to. James asked the amount we had agreed on. He looked at his brother's and then at me and said that it wasn't enough, which, after looking at everything, I agreed so the total is fifty thousand more which is still a steal. I gave the Bethany."

"Sam and Javier are doing fine, but they sure do miss you, all of you, but you especially. You realize that the shop belongs Sam and Maggie now, right, and you're a majority 'silent' partner?" I smiled and said I knew. My heart hurt because I loved working with Sam and watching Mags give him shit about eating at Henry's. Sara and Ellen walked up and hugged us. "Maggie is better at your job, sorry but it's a fact." Sara clapped as I laughed. "She took to it like a duck to water after going through the notebook you left about the expansion you planned and ran with it. She tweaked things a bit but they are moving right along. The bench you made for the couple lost their are going crazy. Thank god Sabrina has been focusing on the warehouse. Thankfully 's almost done because you need the space...now. I more photo's on my full camera, more of Bob too. Things are going really well."

"Good, because I'm going do the thing here and in Japan... other places. What about Henry's." Sara squeezed me in anticipation.

"Wait until you see the photo's, it's an amazing transformation. You did well choosing Sabrina. I help at the shop about half the day because that gets me out of Ellen's hair, gives me something do, and we still time explore. Well, we've been doing our exploring at Henry's and the center. He's like a man again, wait until you see him. He's so happy. Sabrina has a lot do with that but it's also the work. He and I talked a lot over beers at the fire pit. He gave up and was just holding on for the and then you showed up but now it's like he has a purpose. It's really nice see." Sara looked at me.

"We've missed a lot, Daniel." I hugged her and nodded.

"The facade is finished, for the entire center because it was the easiest, and the smartest choice apparently, because people are stopping by in droves asking about it, and when Henry's was going to open. One of Javier's, or Maggie's cousins is good with computers and she's been taking some of my photo's and started a website documenting construction and talking about the project. It's becoming a big deal in the area. We know all of you miss us and home, and the feeling is mutual, but things are fine so you don't need worry about that part." Sara said.

"Let's get you some food while 's still some get." We walked back in. I stayed at the door and looked at most of my family. I was a lucky man. I just needed keep them unharmed and intact. I said hi Bethany and Christine and Bet and Maggie and said I'd be right back. "Jake, let's go." He followed me outside with a huge smile on his face. "You happy." He nodded and said yeah. "Me too, kiddo. Put out your arms. I loaded them with wood and then filled my left arm and opened the door. Emily, love, follow Jake and unload for him. It's easier." I did the and went back for one more arm full as Maggie and Bet followed me outside. They gang hugged me and kissed me. Maggie spoke first.

"We hope don't mind us bringing the girls, we've talked with your girls about it but wanted in with you." I stared at her shaking my head. "Good, because we both wanted them be since they are old enough remember . How are you?" I rolled my eyes.

"'s a lot going and that doesn't include the ceremony. 's crazy how badly they want us dead. I'll tell you the thing I told Melinda, I'm totally fine with the girls being but 's likely that someone is going try and disrupt the ceremony. We're doing our best prevent but might get dicey. We don't know, but 's damn nice see you both. I hugged them again and looked at Bet. You're awfully quiet?" She looked at me.

"Javier has been keeping me in the loop and we're worried about you, at least I am, he's too busy being a real estate developer. 's pretty darn cute though and you suggesting us stopping most of what we did was the best idea ever. Javier, Billy, and Henry are like the three amigos. 's a good thing me, Mags and Ellen like each other. You do realize that you are going fight Bill and Ellen get your studio back, right?" I laughed. They both looked at me. "Seriously, they love and we both think they are planning move CO. Anyway, Javier and I are taking the end of the center, opposite of Henry's and we're going put in our own businesses once 's done. We're already working on . The area is becoming even more diverse with the Hispanic and Asian communities exploding in a fifteen mile radius. aren't a lot of authentic options...yet." Mags was smiling. "Javier and Henry already signed a lease for an Asian restaurant and catering company. Combine that with the space we set aside, which was more than we first planned, luckily, and the entire first floor of the part that was vacant will be full. I wouldn't be surprised if we were fully leased before it's finished." Mags chimed in.

"Daniel, it really is amazing. Sabrina has surprised all of us, and Henry is over the moon happy. He's happier than Sam and I can remember, thankfully." I nodded.

"Billy filled me in on you and Sam. Sounds like I am no longer need." She got a huge smile on her face.

"I can't convey how happy I am Daniel, both of us. Sam's like a different man. It's funny because not much has changed except he's had fill in the gap of you not being , and the fact that we are part owners now. 's wonderful for him even more so for me because I get watch him. Did Bill tell you about the benches?" I nodded. "Thank God for Bill being because I got him take photo's of the one you and Sam made, and the grave, because 's always pristine, and we got a website up, and a sister site for gardens, and I spent a week calling cemeteries around the country directing them the site. We back orders Daniel. Back orders. 's going crazy." Bet stepped back in.

"Javier and I been pulling people from the family and getting them into the shop so they can get trained, especially the . We're ramping up fast and things are going well.... we just miss having you guys around. When are coming back, at least for a visit?" I grabbed more wood and we headed back inside.

"According Sara, we are all coming back sometime after the ceremony. She misses 'her' Bob." They both laughed. "We all miss you too, like you can't imagine and I can't wait to see all the changes. We a lot talk about but not tonight just enjoy. I'll be back as I headed to the fireplace, which was oddly vacant, and unloaded the wood when Bethany punched me.

"So I take that you spoke with Sara?" She smiled, nodded, and kissed me.

'Yeah and the reason I punched you was because she said that you told her I probably would." I hugged her and hugged and kissed Christine. "I don't mind and you know me, I love that stuff." I nodded.

'We sure miss you both. We miss all of you. What do you think about Em and Jake? Are they different? It's hard for us to tell anymore." They were both quiet and started tearing up.

"They're adults Daniel, adults. She's not my any longer. She's a woman." 's amazing and right on cue Emily and Jake came and snatched them away as I smiled. Everyone was in the kitchen. I took Chloe and grabbed her jacket as we walked outside and held it for her while she put it on.

"Why thank you kind sir. What's the special occasion?" I kissed and hugged her.

"I miss you. I've neglected all of you with everything going on, but especially you it feels like..."

"Stop Daniel. It is what it is. We'll work all this out but it's never going to be like Denver, Love. Let's walk and enjoy the silence while we can." We both laughed and headed down the drive. "Being here has been great, and important for many reasons, but part of me wishes we could just flown in a few days prior the ceremony, especially after seeing everyone, and Henry and Sabrina aren't even here yet." I told her I knew and hugged her while we walked. "Sounds like we aren't needed in Denver?"

"Sounds like ." I laughed, "but we a talented and competent family. They need us for other things." She nodded. "Did Sara tell you about going back?"

'What do you think? Of course, took her less than 2 minutes when she saw me to spill the beans. I think 's a great idea although I'm not so sure about the dragon." Jake ran up and hugged us saying was dessert and hurry up.

"Any food left?" He shook his head.

"You didn't eat? Daniel. Come on mister, I'm fixing you something as she took my hand and led me into the house and kitchen. Sara smiled. Chloe was pulling stuff out of the fridge, laughing, chatting with me about nothing, happy as a clam. She looked up at me smiled and kissed me. "I'm sure glad you found Sara." So was I. Looking around it dawned on me that this was like it was in Denver, except it was in Iceland. I smiled.

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A great family reunion... And, the Calm before the Storm. Daniel will have a Warrioress with him, to help take out the snipers. He will be " Puff, the Magic Dragon " and they are gone.

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Awesome story Daniel, things are coming together just in time to go after the bad guys. The Dragon shall prevail !!!!!!!!!!

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Everyone is coming together and Aisha is a dragon rider that should be interesting he will have yet another woman on his back and this one will go hunting with him too.

Daniel its coming together nicely and heading for the show down the dragon is going to be busy but how will he handle the European connections that will be interesting especially if he can transport himself and weapons there and back!

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