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take me part 354  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
10/29/2021 8:41 pm
take me part 354

I checked all of Ama's land, the road, and the main road leading into Reykjavík and saw nothing so I headed to the cave. I didn't bother with hitting the stones with fire I just shifted into the bear, went into the cave, and curled against the back wall. It didn't take long to fall into a deep sleep, which I needed. It's also didn't take long for to be pulled and out and then pushed/pulled Gaia knows where. I was moving fast, like the dragon but I was consciousness, or astral projecting, or, hell, I had no idea but I was picking up speed and somehow I knew I was heading toward the Netherlands, which was nice because I had never been. I put my set back and enjoyed the ride until I stopped abruptly and almost got slammed through my teeth, if I actually had any. I had been riding just above the waves of the North Sea but now I was looking at a.... problem. It was a mass of ships, and docks, and buildings, and channels, and holy crap how would they/we/I ever find the ship coming in on Sunday. Fuck. I can see why Vries chose Amsterdam because it's a massive port.

I was starting to get discouraged when I was wrenched forward, and to the right, to what looked like an unused portion of the port. It wasn't abandoned because there were people, containers, and trucks everywhere...and warehouses.... but no ships, which seemed odd. I looked around and spoke to whomever was flailing me about, "Leave me for a bit, please. Let me get my bearings. I started moving around slowly, looking, trying to remember where I was. I rose high and looked over the port. It actually wasn't that hard to find and there was access to a main road through a locked gate. I went back down and started moving along the dock and I saw it. A warehouse with the the word Baccu on it, and I knew it was Vries. I went inside and there were three trucks and about half a dozen men mostly doing nothing except waiting I supposed both ships would arrive here, which was problematic and would make my life challenging.

Assuming I was correct, and the ship with the women and arrived here if Interpol was waiting then the other ship would divert somewhere along the way. Vries was despicable but he wasn't stupid. We'd have to take the ship with the first, or at least find them and be able to take them, before the first ship docked and then there was Interpol, not a bastion of reliability. Shit, if this worked I'd be amazed and I was wrenched straight up , high enough to see Finland, the Baltic Sea and the Baltic states before I was pushed toward them. I sure hoped Gaia was doing this. I stopped abruptly, again, and plunged straight down onto the deck of a small freighter. The "Maru." It was originally something ... - Maru, but the first word had been removed. Maru was a typical ending on ships to protect them, and the occupants, from monsters. Sadly, and ironically, this ship was the monster. I didn't want to but I descended below deck and instantly regretted it. It was full of young women, girls, and boys. I understood why I was facing Finland. The majority of them were Slavic but there were also central Asian, and Asian women and . They were being brought into Amsterdam via the Baltic. I wouldn't have thought of that. I ascended to the deck and moved into the bridge to look around. FUCK!!!!!

They were arriving late Saturday and early Sunday. We just lost six - eight hours and we only had two days to begin with. Crap. "Sara! SARA!" Damn it.



"Yeah, why are you inside my head?"

"I need your help. Get a pad and pen. Hurry. I am....dreaming?.... I know where they are taking the women and , at least I pray that I do. I can show Deat when I wake up but have them check a company called Baccu. I'm not sure what kind it is but they had trucks and were in a warehouse on a part of the dock in Amsterdam that had no ships but was quite active. The name of the ship is the Maru and it's going to dock late Saturday, early Sunday. They are in the Baltic heading through Denmark I guess. The women and are Slavic and Asian so they came through one, or more, of the Baltic states. They should be able find their route fairly easily."

"How do you know of this, Danael?"

"I'm getting whipped around like a rag doll, but if it's accurate then I am fine with it. Sorry to do this to you but you need to wake Deat . Knock his door, he's a light sleeper. He'll understand because we are running out of time."

"OK. You are an odd man, Danael."

"I get that a lot, Aisha. Thanks. Shit..... gotta go. I was pushed to an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. It looked nice. I got pulled down into town, in front of a big sign that said Welcome, and enjoy, Gotland.... in Swedish. I'm glad I was able to read and understand languages, that was a huge from Gaia, but why was I...... SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! I was jerked to the northern end of the island and then down again. There main island was separated from a smaller one by a strait, and I was beginning to understand. I needed to speak with Ama, and Annie when I woke up, and I got pulled at increasingly fast speeds toward Finland except I started veering to the east and ended up at the port in Riga, Latvia. I was so going hurt these fuckers if I got the chance.

I moved around the docks, looking for something but I had no idea what. It was very frustrating trying to figure all this out. It was like a mime trying to communicate with a blind man and then I saw the freighter. It was similar to the other one. I knew instantly it was the one because of the name, Penge Maru. Penge is Danish for ...subtle. I went onboard and then below deck and it was basically one large cage with counting machines , scales, and women in underwear counting cash. Jesus, how many twisted people are there on this planet. There was a closed door going toward the bow so I went through it...HOLY FUCK!!! Who were these people? There were paintings, that looked real but who knows, there were gold coins, bags of them, many bags of them, cases of alcohol, and a closet of drugs. No wonder there was so much . There were only three guys down below, which seemed odd. I looked in the sleeping quarters and there weren't many bunks and only a handful of men on deck. They all had automatic weapons but I thought there would have been more. I supposed they hadn't arrived yet. I went onto the bridge and they were leaving Saturday morning and stopping in Copenhagen. I needed to Javier's guys. I needed to Javier.

I got pulled back toward Amsterdam but ended up in Belgium. I was beginning to think the reason that Ama and Joseph weren't around wasn't because of the shooters but because of this. I saw Vries' home. It was a series of row houses in the Zurenborg neighborhood but while they looked like four distinct houses, the interior was one, and the back yards were walled off to make a private space. I shuddered to think how much that cost on top of the price of the houses. It wasn't a cheap area to live. I floated around and looked. Difficult for a dragon to land because the roofs were steeply pitched and he had to have extensive security. It would have to be in Germany. I focused on the street for Javier's guys so they could see what they could do. Shit!

I was unceremoniously plopped back into my body, which was welcomed by me. The thought I had before I faded into the bear was I sure wish I could have gotten five percent cash back with my Discover card. I wasn't sure what time it was but I felt something pressing on the side my chest. I opened my eyes, as the bear, and there was a woman straddling my ribs, humming. I wasn't quite sure why and then I felt the darkness encroaching into my mind. She giggled. I was surprised she could do this with the bear but we were one so I supposed she was doing it to me and I didn't have time for this shit, but I could feel myself slipping away, just want I needed. I did the only I could think of before I slipped into the black and I shifted back to me, which shocked her and got her off balance which disrupted whatever she was doing. I hit her full force in the head which broke what she had been doing and knocked her to the ground and I immediately shifted back to the bear, roared, which scared her, and bit her, hard. She screeched and vanished. I shifted back and yelled BITCH! before I went outside. I was guessing it was close to four, and it was snowing a lot. I shifted into the dragon and flew around Ama's before going home.

cjg045 70M  
92 posts
10/30/2021 1:35 pm

You have the whole world in an uproar with these a-holes , how vile can these people be?? Great reading , Daniel. Thank You

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