take me part 449... editing tomorrow  

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11/27/2021 8:05 pm
take me part 449... editing tomorrow

We walked Rasmus inside to you his room as on of Yoshi's students walked. "She can kill you over a dozen ways and would never see it coming... I'm serious. We are extending you a courtesy, don't fuck it up. Are you hungry?" He shook his head no. "There is someone in the kitchen until nine pm., if want something knock on the door and they'll bring what they can. There is no more Yak's milk. There are sweats and a shirt, and toiletries. Knock and give the guard your clothes and someone will clean them. We'll deal with clothes for you tomorrow. Just because you are staying in here, don't think it means anything other than it's going to be cold tonight. If you're hungry, ask. If you're thirsty for anything other than water, ask. You won't be given alcohol. Make no mistake, Rasmus, you are in prison even though there's a nice bed and bath, but we can make you disappear in an instant. I can make disappear in an instant. Understood?" He nodded. "Good, get some sleep because you'll up at dawn. You'll be working like everyone else. I suggest you eat something. Breakfast is at seven." We closed the door as Annie and I walked down the hall.

"You are way better at being the bad cop." She pushed me against the wall and kissed me. "You aren't a push over after all." I stared at her and walked away down the hall. "Wait, I just meant...."

"Annie, I'm tired, and sore. I love you dearly, but I want to eat something and go to sleep because I'll be up at dawn to deal with him. I don't like, and frankly, I wished he was dead like all of the others. I feel the same way about Ingrid, and Roan, and frankly....your mother, but they are family, or family of family, so I am trying to find middle ground. We are suppose to be changing things. I am trying to change things. I know you are upset, or were, like all of you, but it's not like it set out to shot. If we can find a way to not kill, then great; if not, I'm fine with that because I'll drop them in the ocean, but now, I am tired, need a hot bath, a cold glass of milk, and ten hours of sleep." I kissed her and walked to Ama's.

I walked into the back door and no one was around because the guests were eating at the main hall. I felt bad because I was harsher with Annie then I need to be but I was tired, and I hurt. I I took a large glass of milk upstairs with me, and looked for the paste the herbalist gave us. "FUCK!!!" I ran a bath as hot as could stand, which was pretty hot, and grabbed cloths for the sweat. I was about to get in when Kana and Airi walked...great.

"What's wrong?" We stared at each other. I shook my head. I told them and Airi walked out and came back with a jar and said it stinks. I nodded.

"It helps and is suppose to keep attractive women away from so I can rest." They smiled, and me my milk, and walked out closing the door. I slowly sank into the exhaling like I was sinking into the lakes around here, and closed my eyes as I drank thinking that we need more Yak's, even though I had only a taste before. It was better milk. I set my glass and closed my eyes.

I was back with Irina, Malinka, and Sofi..... "Can you bring us more wood, love...for the fire and the stove?" I nodded as I grabbed my coat, hat, and gloves, because I could hear the wind. Drako followed as I went outside. I was losing my mind, again. They acted like I just dozed off, which was good I guessed, but very confusing. How in fuck do I get myself into these things. It hadn't been long because porch was full. I made two trips each and filled both as Drako followed.

"Now you like me." I walked into the kitchen and kissed everyone, they where in an exceedingly good mood. "Why so happy?" They stared at me at me as I gave Drako a treat and Irina slapped my hand.

"You'll spoil her and you must have napped to hard. Hammish brought us gifts. Go look in the in the barn, but the stays," as she grabbed her. Drako wasn't happy. I walked into the snow as I felt the wolves approach.

"Your back." I nodded and asked how long I had been gone. "You don't know?"

"I still getting use to time. It isn't an easy thing." He didn't understand.

"Three days, but much has happened. You will see tomorrow when the sun rises. You have a lot of new fence. Human's can work hard when they want. You also have many new animals, You have sheep, and cattle, but they are strange looking. I have my pack to leave them. We still food from the deer you left but only small animals are around because the deer have not return yet. It's a hard winter. I looked and nodded. I speak with the young witch, and she understands. We have meet for two days, but limited, and it's cold, dragon." I nodded as we got to the barn. "I need to go. Welcome home." He howled and ran off with the others I could only feel. I walked into the barn.

Holy Christ, we really did need a new barn. There were more mules, and sheep... lots of sheep. I needed to find more hay, and talk with Hammish. I gave them hay, and the mules a bit of grain, along with the , and smiled. It was coming along. I took my jacket off, closed the barn door, shifted, and flew to the ravine where I knew the deer were. I blended as best I could but they knew I was there. I took the oldest I could. I took three...one of the wolves, one for Hammish, and one for us. I yelled for Hammish and he came out smiling.

"More gifts, dragon." He told me about the animals. He needed the room, and he had the hay, and we were partners. I nodded as as we skinned, gutted , and butchered the deer. I felt strange as Joseph appeared.

"Hello Hammish, I am sorry for coming unannounced but I need this one. He'll be back." I shook my head to try and clear it....

"Hammish, tell them, and have Malinka help you. It's good training for her." He nodded, and I woke with women watching me.

"OK, so there is absolutely no privacy?" They all laughed. "How long have been asleep?" Kana said maybe fifteen minutes. Well, it was getting closer to parity. You were in our past?" i nodded.

"It's a terrible winter and the deer are smart. I am the only that can get them. I think that is why I am being pulled there, at least now. I helped Hammish deal with two, and left one for the wolves." I looked at Annie. "I'm sorry for being abrupt with you..." She stopped me, kissed me, and then stop.

"What you are trying to do is right. We don't treat people like animals, at least not for long. We call on strength because you have it, it's not fair, but it's a fact. I nodded. You can have have your edge of the bed, as usual." I looked at her and we all started laughing. Everyone left but Annie. "I'm sorry, I have...." I kissed her I as I climbed out of the bath and grabbed a towel.

"We're all finding our way Annie, and I know all of you have it the hardest. You don't need to apologize, but my quarter of the bed is very appealing> Annie put the paste on my wounds, which assured I wouldn't be bothered and could sleep. she got me an old shirt and kissed me.

"I'm so glad you found all of us, or we found you. I nodded and got into bed. I think it took maybe a minute before I was asleep and at the cave in Iceland looking at a fox.

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And so it starts he has two time zones and how many women and families to look after.

He is going top be busy very busy and will have a lot of diplomacy to work out as well as being the protector of the families..

Danial this is epic and compulsive reading.

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