take me part 455, a long one. will try and edit tonight, bear with me  

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take me part 455, a long one. will try and edit tonight, bear with me

I had the best sleep I had since Denver. I didn't like that the girls were mad at me but they weren't easy ties for any of us, including me, but we were family and we loved each other. I figured was around 4am. I was glad we finished the posts yesterday, even though I was sore, because I had mingle with everyone at breakfast and then we were taking Rasmus Oslo. I brushed my teeth and grabbed my clothes from the day before so I could help in the barn before I needed shower and change. I was putting my boots on when Sara walked up and kissed me.

"What are doing, mister?"

"I'm going get Rasmus and then help in the barn until I need go breakfast. Go back bed, sweets."

"You didn't forget."

"No, I'll attention the time now go back bed." She yawned, nodded, and shuffled back the bedroom as I smiled. I was pretty lucky. I grabbed my jacket, hat, and gloves, and walked the main house. I walked into the kitchen as everyone waved, and went upstairs. Kana was guard duty.

"Short straw?" She nodded and got up to hug me. "I wouldn't because these clothes stink. I'm going to help in the barn before I go breakfast and see people off." She nodded and sat back down. I knocked and walked in. Rasmus was dressed and sitting on the bed. He smiled. "Morning." He nodded as I grabbed a pad and pen and handed it him. "Write down your address and any codes needed for access. Do you ?" He nodded. Write down the info for the landlord, or company, and well contact them and get you out of the lease and arrange for things shipped here. Ingrid's surgeries and rehab will take the better part of a year. Did Annie tell you she arranged let you stay for a month until the next patient arrives?" He nodded. "We looking at options after that because with think it's important that you interact with your sister keep spirits up, and focused on getting stronger." He nodded.

"Why would do this, Danael? We tried kill all of you. My sister want kill Annie and Sara...and Ama. I don't understand."

" be honest, Rasmus, neither do I but Sara seems and I trust her, and we all siblings. I suppose that plays a pretty large part in . Make no mistake, you will be on a very short leash until you rebuild our trust, which won't be easy. 'll be easier if you because will monitor you 24/7, and they can help with you leg. You'll be doing the work that you are doing here, or something else you can do seated, but you'll be able spend time Ingrid and Roan everyday, which all think is good." He wrote down the info and handed back. "I'm glad you were awake because most of the guests are leaving and breakfast will be busy." He nodded as he stood up and we walked to the door. I handed Kana the pad and asked her to give Annie and told her what was. She nodded as we helped Rasmus down the stairs. He didn't hesitate and went his station and they brought things for him peel, slice and chop as Kana and I went the table eat. Everyone looked at me. "I know, I stink." They nodded and laughed. Uwe came down and sat next me.

"Please tell Annie how thankful we are for letting us stay here. My wife and daughters were beside themselves because the of TV and the internet, especially the internet for the girls." I nodded. "You and Inga worked hard yesterday and we did a lot. Everyone was impressed. Annie is going find you some place here, or closer. She values good workers. We all do." We ate and went the barn and Jakob pointed at the manure fork as I smiled. The thing was, I didn't mind mucking out stalls, especially then because I wanted see the new animals. I reached for the fork when Drako and his white horde attacked me and I fell the ground while everyone laughed. The nibbled, and licked, and barked, and tussled as I scratched, tickled, and petted, until Annie walked in. She looked down at me smiling and shaking her head.

"Sara's right, you're like a . Drako!" He looked up. "Take your friends and go outside." She pointed and he barked and they all ran off as I got up.

"They are really smart pups, especially Drako." She nodded.

"I'd kiss you but you stink." I nodded. "You remember about breakfast, and Ingrid?"

"Yeah, I'll be . I'm sore and this will help my muscles." She nodded.

"I'm sorry that we all got jealous and made you sleep on the couch but...." I stopped her.

" hasn't been easy for anyone. Our worlds been turned inside out, and upside down, but we're pretty well, I think. 's fine, besides, I had a great a sleep." She smiled and that was good know as she leaned in and kissed me.

"You really do stink. I'll get the silver but you need a hundred ounces?"

"Not now, but we will and they are are our family. I trust them, and Hammish and Ilsa. 's better that 's since I am learning about the mist. They can use when needed. Hammish melts into generic coins. We are on the fringe so 's sort of what the West was like in America, people pretty much did what they wanted, within reason."

"We all need a meal, just the family, so you can tell us about them and what you are doing. Go work because the poop won't pick itself up." I nodded as she went the main house on things as I started dealing with the stalls. I was half way thru when Inga walked in.

"I thought it was your day off." She smiled.

"They're my animals, at least I consider them be mine because my job is after all of them, even the puppies. We new ones and I want them become adjusted. Jakob pulled me off that help help you and Uwe." I nodded.

"I didn't go unnoticed Inga, we did good." She nodded and said that we did what we shouldn't been able . "So you don't a day off?"

"I do but I love animals. My goal is become a vet, or at least a tech, and with the new arrivals I want get know them. I'm on salary, and they treat me well here. I'm not on the clock but this place is my life, and I like ." I kept picking up poop and giving hay and water.

"Do know where Denver, Colorado?" She nodded. "That's my home and I a company that makes caskets.... simple but with dovetailed joints.... they're nice and were unlike anything else, anyway, I felt the about doing that as you feel about these animals. 's a passion and not a job." She smiled and nodded. We all seem that part of our nature. Drako ran in sat and barked at me. "I'm busy, mister, ask Inga." He looked at her and barked.

"He's smart as a whip." I nodded. "Come on you fiend, bring your pack and I'll feed you." He barked and pranced after her. I went back picking up poop, and scratching ears. I met all of the animals, cleaned up poop, gave them hay and water, and bit of sweet feed when my alarm went off.

"I'll get someone dump the manure. Thanks, 's a huge help, and thank you for yesterday. I was really worried we wouldn't get the posts in before froze. happens overnight seems. I nodded.

"Inga and Uwe deserve a raise, or a bonus." He nodded and said he wished everyone worked like them.

"I'm working on that, Danael." I nodded and put the fork up as went shower and change. I walked into the mudroom off the kitchen at Ama's house and it seemed that everyone had already gone over for breakfast. Great. I took off my boots, stripped down to my underwear, and put my clothes in the wash to soak and headed upstairs as Jake and Emily walked downstairs and looked at me, smiling. I couldn't get a break.

Emily kissed my cheek as she walked by and Jake, smart ass that he is said,

At least you don't a a banana, or some other stupid underwear." They both laughed and walked outside." I shook my head and went upstairs and took a shower and Chloe and Taiiko were naked on the bed waiting for me and Taiiko had Sara's purple dildo, and lube. She put her end inside her as I moved between Chloe's legs and started to lick and finger her as she started to suck me. I relaxed, and breathed as Taiiko pushed inside of me until I was completely relaxed and then fucked me. Chloe froze as she came and pushed my hand deeper into her. I could hear Taiiko breathing harder because of the vibrating part inside of her as she was getting ready to cum as well. She grabbed my hips, dugs her nails into me and fucked me as we both came. Chloe tensed and squeezed my balls as came and gasped as she took me out of her mouth as Taiiko backed the dildo out of me. I grunted and lied next to Chloe, touching her.

"You know we breakfast, right?" She laughed as Taiiko came in with wash cloth's and wiped us.

"We've missed you, sweets. Catch as catch can. Taiiko kissed us both.

"I want one of these." We all laughed and got dressed. We weren't too late, and I was actually hungry. Annie motioned me over to introduce me to clan from Canada.

"This is Danael."

"I'm sorry that I'm late but are new animals deal with. I do apologize, ladies." They smiled, and nodded, as did Annie.

"This is Maelie. She is the head of the clan in Canada. I tipped my head and shook her hand. "They live in Quebec and invited us visit them." I nodded.

'That would be wonderful. I was actually suppose go a class trip Quebec when I was in high school, but my family couldn't afford at the time but from what I've seen 's a glorious city." Annie excused herself, smiling.

"Danael, we can't wait show you. This is my partner, Bernadette." I said Bonjour. and nodded as she introduced the rest of her group. We talked about Canada and the US, and I told her my family and Nova Scotia as we ate and bonded. I liked them because 's hard dislike Canadian's. Annie walked up.

"I'm sorry ladies but I steal him away other tables but we forward visiting you in Quebec." They all groaned.

"Ladies, it was a pleasure. Maelie," I reached out my hand and kissed hers as she extended it, and did the for Bernadette. " was wonderful meeting all of you." Annie and I walked off.

"I wasn't finished with my french toast. Whoever made it...well, it's amazing. It's like custard, and the syrup...." She kissed me

"Stop talking about the food, love, but you were amazing. This may not be as easy. Maelie is very much in control, and while the blood line runs through the female, we all males...for obvious reasons." She laughed. "I'm teasing you, but 's true. Ivan and Tasha represent a fair portion of the land you go in the past. They would on the very far right in your country. He is.... annoying. Good luck."

"Wait, what?"

"Ivan, Tasha, this is Danael. I'll leave you get acquainted." He reached out his hand but I reached for Tasha's out of respect. She presented and I kissed her hand as I held and looked at her bracelet.

"'s very nice meet you Tasha, I'm Danael and that is stunning." I let go of her hand as she nodded.

'Thank you, Danael, Ivan gave me. 's very old and has been in his family for a very long time. 's remarkable, be sure.

"Sir," I extended my hand as he looked at unsure whether annoyed, or happy." Your family has excellent taste." I made open ended because he was dominating. I'm Danael and is an honor meet both of you." He looked at me for an moment before extending his hand.

"You as well, Danael. I'm Ivan. Please, join us. was a wonderful binding but we all agree that your focus on the party instead of the ceremony was genius." We all laughed, and nodded.

" is definitely something we can all agree, be sure. Did the kitchen Syrniki's for you?" They stared at me. Tasha said they did, and they were wonderful. "And your tea?" They all smiled.

"Yes, they made our countries favorite tea and it was quite comforting even though we are not that far from home." I smiled and nodded. "It was very kind though because are certain things one gets accustomed to. You're familiar with our lands?"

"I like the culture, and the people."

"Not the government?"

"No, but I'm a huge fan of any government. I'd rather chop woop." Ivan laughed loudly.

"You, my friend, are a man after my own heart. Is it true that you were cleaning stalls prior to coming here? Tasha was amazed when we heard, but I suspect you were." Tasha was watching me closely.

"I was because got new animals in, and a litter of puppies, and is a lot do before the ground freezes." He nodded. "I wake early and I worked all of my life, and I wanted meet the animals." He nodded, smiling.

"What kind of puppies?"

"She loves animals, especially dogs. Please come and visit us. I'll take you hunting but I need speak with others before I leave." We stood and shook hands.

"It was very nice meeting you Ivan." He nodded and walked off, so I knew all needed to about him. I could feel Annie watching me.

"Pyrenees. pack leader is a Bernese though. His litter was killed by wolves so he was given a new one. Would you like see them?" She nodded and smiled. "Ladies, if you'll excuse us, and if need anything, please ask. The table nodded.

"I must apologize for my husband, Russian men are.... arrogant. Ivan hates these kinds of things but the fact that he invited you visit our home means he has respect for you." I nodded.

"I'm not partial these things either, but one of my dearest friends was Russian, and he was the humblest man I ever met. I still use him a measure for myself." We walked outside and I extended my arm, which Tasha took. I could feel Annie and Sara watching us from the kitchen.

"Your friend is dead?" I nodded as she touched my arm. "It's hard to lose people that you are close to. This a beautiful property. I've been lucky enough to walk around it over the last few days. It's stunning."

"It is, but I been focused on tasks so you probably seen more of than I, but I am pleased you enjoyed ." We walked into the barn as Inga said hi." "Tasha, this is Inga. She's mom to the animals. Inga, this is Tasha and we are looking for puppies." She smiled and put her finger to her lips as walked to their stall. They were all asleep around Drako. Tasha grabbed my arm, and squeezed, in joy as she whispered.

"Drako is the one in the center?" I nodded. "They are SO cute." Both Inga and I nodded. Tasha looked at Inga, "can you show me the other animals?" Inga nodded and they went off as I walked outside.

" you are mister. Stealing women away from their husbands?" I laughed.

"She likes dogs, animals, and she wanted see the puppies. Inga is showing her the new animals." Sara nodded.

" wouldn't want see those puppies. better not any dumb coyotes around here, not when they bigger." Sara was NOT a fan of coyotes because of Bob. "You need go in and finish, I'll take care of Tasha. was respectful what you did addressing her first. didn't go unnoticed because EVERYONE is watching you. Andres is different because his wife died in an accident, and his daughters are . I'm glad you bonded with him. They are good people, as are Maelie and Bernadette. Ivan is a pain, but Tasha is wonderful, as you know. She has strength that has yet emerge, but she likes you. Go inside and keep being you." I nodded and walked inside. I drank some milk and walked back into the dining room as Annie walked up.

She stared at me. "I know, focus." She nodded. Annie was familiar with all of this but I wasn't..... Shit. She started speaking in Spanish. I understood her but my ability to speak was still limited.

"This is my husband, Danael. This Sebastian Serrano, his wife Antonita, and their daughters Issabelle, and Olivia." I bowed as I reached for Olivia's hand and I kissed it as she giggled. She was the youngest. I did the with Issabelle.

"Do you like puppies?" Their eyes light up as they nodded. "Why don't you go with Annie because they are probably waking up and are other animals, too." They screamed as Annie shook her head and ran to the barn. "I apologize but I'm an adult, and I hate these things. I can't imagine what must be like for ." I reached for Antonita's hand and shook.

"Is you family Basque, Antonita?" She nodded as I reached my hand to her husband. "Don Sebastian, it's an honor. Our families share something in common. I'm Danael." I nodded and shook his hand.

"What is that, Danael?"

"Being lucky enough that amazing women fancy is us," They laughed. "and my family comes from the highlands of Scotland, and I think your sur means 'highlands, or mountains." He stared at me. "I do apologize if I overstepped my place by sending your daughters the barn for the puppies, but they are adorable.

"Not at all, I'm sure all of us would be happy join them, if we could." We nodded. "You're a linguist."

"I like words and Gaia gave me a gift so I could understand languages."

"Can you speak them, or just understand them?"

"I can understand them, and read most, but speaking is harder so I can do that a , but I've been busy and haven't put the time into like I should.

"You are correct about my last . My family came from the region as Antonita's, although they were a finer family. He kissed her cheek. You understand this, Danael." I nodded.

"I do indeed, Sebastian, we are lucky men."

"I am accomplished, as you are, but every morning I give thanks for my girls." I nodded. "Annie says that you will be in Denver soon." I nodded. "ALL of you must come to San Miguel. is so much do, and we a lodge that has excellent hunting. We don't hunt for trophies, we hunt for meat. Everything we kill we give the local people help them. Please honor us."

"Without question Sebastian, it would be an honor. May I take Antonita to see the puppies?" He laughed and nodded. I shook his hand as I extended one to his wife and we went to the barn.

"You are very good at that, Danael, but I'm sure you hate it as much Sebastian." I nodded.

"I'd rather be mucking out stalls," as she laughed, and took my arm. was a provencial aspect these people. They were modern yet a simple charm, especially with the women. I thought about Marnine and how happy she was with her gloves, or when I kissed her hand, they hadn't lost that yet.

"Annie points me at people, pushes, and says good luck. I'd rather do most anything else, but I can hold me own." We walked the barn. "Are you sure you want go into the barn? 's a lovely dress."

"Thank you for noticing, but won't be the first time 's been cleaned in my family. This was my great-grandmother's and she did as she chose too. We are a familia of strong women." I smiled.

"'s good for your daughters." She nodded.

"My husband doesn't invite most people our home, or take them hunting at the lodge. He likes you. I like you. Annie chose well. I went school with her. be honest, you aren't the person I would think that she would choose." I nodded.

"Me either." She laughed.

"I could say the about Taiiko. I don't know her as well, but I do know her. I don't know many of the lesser clans," which I chaffed at, even though was unintentional, "but you've impressed everyone I know and that is no feat. Tasha and Antonita hugged as Tasha was leaving the barn.

'Puppies?" Antonita smiled and nodded. "They are so cure but I don't think Drako will give any up." They kissed each other and we walked into the barn. Inga smiled

"This is.... their mom. Antonita.

"MOM..... they are so cute. We need puppies!!!" We all laughed

"Well, you're talking to the wrong person, and I doubt very seriously if Drako will let any of his pack go, but you can ask your dad. Hi, I'm Antonita."


"You care for the animals?"

"Yes, along with other things. You do what you must on a farm." Antonita nodded.

"Yes. I grew up on a farm. It was a simple life when I was but I always loved the animals. You are lucky." Inga looked at her.

"I am very lucky, Antonita, and Issabelle and Olivia.... Drakon won't let go of any his pack. Sorry, girls. The girls hugged me as they ran outside and Antonita and I walked out.

"This is a wonderful place, Danael." I nodded. "We are looking forward to your visit. She stepped on her toes and kissed my cheek. "It was a wonderful binding. You ancient things from us, like everyone else. Don't let us down, Danael." She smiled and walked back the house with her girls.

Holy Crap these women were something else. I wnet into the kitchen and got more milk, as they laughed, and Annie walked in.

" you are, Jesus Christ on a roll."


"We say goodbye....YOU, say goodbye." Shit. We said goodbye everyone as they were leaving. I wasn't really present because I was thinking about something when Annie jabbed her thumb into my ribs.

"That hurt!"

"Good. Focus." I smiled as we said goodbye to everyone.


"You were drifting, but you did so well. I am SO impressed with you, love." She kissed me, and I melted/ The girls came up and gang hugged me. "You were super impressive, even with Ivan. He's a jerk but you handled him perfectly because the line runs through Tasha, and you showed him but his ego is huge, always as been, but we need Tasha, and not piss of Ivan. The rest are easy-ish."

" were others we didn't speak with. I'm guessing they are the unaffiliated." She nodded. "I want speak with them." Can you stop them from leaving?" She stared at me and made several calls.

"They are coming back, but we need to take Ras to his sister." I nodded. She looked at me. "You want to meet with them alone?" I nodded.

"He did really well, Annie, and he's done amazingly in the past...I'm just saying. He'll be fine. How much damage can he do?" Annie looked at Sara. "He'll be fine." Annie looked at me as I walked up and kissed her.

"Trust me, love. What's the worst I could do?" She punched me.

Annie, we go so can Ras settled and we can get back. We say goodbye everyone else tomorrow, and go to Iceland, and the home to Denver, at least home for a lot of us. He'll be fine" They kissed me and walked off.

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Part 455, great read, took me about 1/10 th, of a second. This is Part 455, posted at 7:17 pm, now 8:14 pm,,,, I hr. TSdates.com is really messing up. Still not showing on the Blog.

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