take me part 459  

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12/1/2021 4:59 pm
take me part 459

Everyone was looking at me askance, which they probably should been because things were changing faster than I could keep up with, but I was trying my best. I was just remembering the dinner with all of the people that were disaffected by Marinine, and how happy they were feel included, for the first time in their lives. still caught my breath and hurt my heart, but we were moving inclusion for all of our people, and I would deal rebut when came. I could deal with that easier than having these people alone, and away from their people.

Annie and I were responsible for overseeing, and guiding the clans, and groups. They all us so we could watch over the least of us. wasn't much, and no one likes a tax when you already a tax since we had lives, inside of lives, but we didn't benefit from it.... Marnine did. Annie and I had a lot of patch work do, but we were starting with these people, and Ingrid, and finding something take the clans. We could do what we wanted, alone, but would be division, and we had too much of that already. We all sat by the fire and chatted. We were going to be going to Denver soon. I kept pushing to on threats but weren't any, and all of them were beginning unwind. I wasn't, but I couldn't because they were my family and I knew with Deat, when let your guard down, you get bite in the ass.

"I need go, loves. I'll bring it back here and then Kana and Airi, and Anna, can go with me the island. Anna went crazy. Karina is wily so she she may something else..."

Chloe said, "You do know that she wants you, right?" They all nodded as I stared at them

'Jesus Christ Daniel.... She's a Siren. They collect things and you are the prize. Holy crap."

'She's right love, attention and come home us, but don't trust her. 's transactional with Siren's." I nodded and hugged everyone. I grabbed the Jade, which was in a leather bag, and flew the North Sea. I probably didn't need , but that was where I met her. I hovered, and pushed. I suspected that Sirens could shift distance like dragons. I wasn't sure about time but wasn't long until she was floating on the surface and showing me her breasts.

"Hi Karin."


"I'd like make a trade with you."

"REALLY?????" What do you ?

"First I'll tell you what I am looking for." She nodded.

"I want a chest from a Spanish ship, as large I can carry. I need give presents." She smiled, clapped and said OK. She reminded me of Marnine, at least now.

"Show me, show me, show me" I handed her the bag and she held , expectantly, and opened . "OH MY GOSH....... THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! They won't believe . Do you know what this is?" I nodded. "This is jade from China, and 's old...VERY old. You'd give me this for a chest of gold whatnot's?"

"And an alliance between you and I.... a friendship." She was rubbing the jade, which was stunning, and I'm sure meant a lot Ama. "Go on Dragon."

"We may be able trade things because my family safeguards ancient things , and you a lot of ancient things." She smiled and dove. She returned with a ruby necklace.

"Like this?" She smiled. I nodded. "It's a gift. Tell me why you want a whole trunk?" I told her as she rapt attention. "They value these things. I nodded. "And you, Dragon?" I was silent.

"I see the value, but I choose work instead. I am trying bring different people together, and this will help, and we can save lost things." She looked at me intently.

"I will trade with Danael, for the jade. I know a chest you would like and will take you to it. It's yours because NO has jade like this. You treat me like a princess, but I want something purple for the necklace."

"Deal, Karin." She clapped.

"Follow me dragon and keep up, it's a long way." It was a long way, and deep, but was a large chest. "'s a fair trade dragon, but you owe me something purple. Thank you for the jade. I LOVE ." She swam off as I grabbed the chest and swam the surface. I flew home holding the necklace, and the chest, knowing that I was going be involved with Karin for a long time. I landed after midnight, but everyone was awake, and walked outside as I set the chest down and dropped the necklace.

Ama looked me, and smiled, as I shifted. Emily picked up the ruby necklace. "What's this?"

"It's a gift for your ." Utter silence. Everyone stared at me.

"You know?" I nodded.

"I'm not sure how, but could feel the spark. I just find a purple stone for a Siren. Congratulations." I was cast aside, along with the chest, and Deat.

"You curious?' I nodded. A pen could opened the lock. The girls were going crazy, which they should because what Emily was carrying in her womb, was the true treasure of this family, and we knew . We just needed this in the meantime. Deat the lock and we opened as Jake walked up. Guys.

"Da'...we're rich?"

"This isn't ours, , that necklace is yours. This is Ama's. was her jade." The girls all started walk up and touch the gold, and gems, inside.

"Take nine coins, and then take the trunk to island, Danael, and bring back champagne." I smiled, and nodded. We took nine coins, none us were enthralled by wealth. Everyone was more focused on Emily and Jacob. I walked outside followed by Kann, Airia, Anna...and her mom

"You want to be a dragon rider?" She nodded. " means you be smart and know languages, and math, and science...and astronomy... so means you need do really well in school." She looked at me and nodded. " Ok, you'll sit in between Kana and Airi and we'll fly." They climbed on and I flew the island. We landed and I shifted. I opened the door and we took the chest into Gaia. Kana found champagne, and we walked back up.

" is so much down , Danael." I nodded.

"Our family keeps these things when they find them. is SO much they could save, but they did what they could.

"Why is in a cave?"

"Humans covet things. They will stay safe here for a very long time." "I locked the door and Kana tied the champagne on me.... the corks would pop. "Hold onto her." The smiled, and nodded as they climbed on my back. I shot straight up as they all screamed. I was getting stronger. I flew to the point were they could barely breathe, and hovered. We looked down at a planet that so divided, our clans were so divided, that I wasn't sure we could fix .... but was beautiful. I dropped, and they screamed. I could hear Kana.

"You're going too fast. and we Anna." I didn't slow.



I pulled back my energy, and put my wings out. I shifted and each of them me, hard. At least they knew what a dragon rider involved. I was shifting faster than I could keep up with, but I was trying. We walked in side as Chloe ran up me.

"They're having a ." She didn't care that they weren't married, and Jake was technically in high school. We had shifted into a new realm. "You knew?" I nodded and told her yesterday.. "The necklace is stunning." Thank Karin.

"Chloe, that necklace is priceless. Seriously. Let them at , but take away and keep safe." She smiled and nodded. "We're going , and a grandchild." She smiled, and nodded."

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