take me part 461  

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12/2/2021 12:35 pm
take me part 461

Jakob walked up. "The last of the hay and grains will be later this morning. There's three feet outside and it's not stopping. I nodded. "I have men scheduled to cut dead trees around us, for us, but also for the town. We'll start to butcher the deer when the sun comes uo, and deal with the hides. It's going to be bad, isn't it.

"It's going to be bad, Jakob. We need heaters in here and we need to be on twenty four schedule. I've ordered as much heat tape as I could. I need your help. Look at this lasting until spring. If you need anything, get it. Run it buy Annie, Ama, or me, but if you can't, and you feel we need it, do it. He have to spread responsibility." He nodded "I'll be in early for breakfast until we leave, if you need anything then tell me. Do you have fire extinguishers?" He nodded. Put them through the barn, and by the hay barn. We need people on around the clock. Have someone figure out how much of the we'll need. the vet if you need to. We need to know how much we can , or give away, because we're all in the same boat. It's not going to be easy. I'm going to talk with the kitchen about meals, and warm drinks for everyone. None of us will be getting a lot of sleep, but attention and make sure people take time." He nodded. "When the snow lets up have people scrap the fields by the wood line, not the ground, just the snow." He looked at me. "The deer need to eat. There are a lot. We may need to take more. Thanks Jakob." I walked to the kitchen and had a similar conversation with the staff and cooks.

"Where's the chef?"


"I'm sorry I don't this but what's your name?"


"Hi Emma, I'm Daniel. How long have you worked here?"

"Fifteen years."

"Congratulations, you're head cook, and in charge. Organize your staff because we'll be working around the clock for the foreseeable future, so there will be multiple meals. There is venison in the barn, and Annie stocked up on supplies. They should be here today." She nodded. "Fancy is not required, except maybe on the weekend so people have something to look forward to, just make good, hearty food. If you need anything ask one of us." She nodded as the girls walked in, all on their phones. I grabbed cups and coffee and poured. Taiiko got off first.

"Japan is fine. It's winter, but OK. I told them to prepare. They are buying hay and grain, and food like here. We have harsh winters so it'll be fine, but being prepared is always good. Thanks." She kissed me. "We're going to parents, and grandparents." I nodded as Sara got off the phone.

"Denver is getting slammed. Henry and Sabrina are going to the airport with Janey and Alison. Tina and Steph are considering going back to Nova Scotia to check on things." I nodded. "This thing hit hard, and fast, and came down from the north all over. Mags and Bet have been on the phone with Sam and Javier. They're fine but they've needed to run the generator you bought twice so far. I'm not sure about the houses, but they're well built. Sam is going to check on them. He used the company card and stocked up on things because he had a dream. They're fine. He bought a bunch of chicken for Bob who has been there for days....smart fox. He's taking care of him. It should be less bad there.

Annie hung up. "We are going through what we have because it's bad in town. The shelters are maxed out. I sent an email to all of our people. I called the hospital in Oslo and they said it wasn't bad yet but they were getting extra fuel and food just in case. The airport is still open but they're all leaving, soon....Ama too. She's going back to Iceland with Jake and Emily. You need to say goodbye." I nodded. "I called the farms around here and they are OK for now. I told them if they anything to call us and we'd help if we could."

"I told Jakob to figure out how much hay and grain we would need at this level of cold. He's going to talk with the vet." She nodded. "We might be like this until spring." Annie stared at me.

"We can't go to Denver." I shook my head

"I fired the chef, by the way."


"Emma is the new chef...head cook. I've already talked with her about things because we are twenty four, seven, for a while. The chef was sleeping while everyone else is awake.... that doesn't work." She nodded. " him to and I'll deal with him." She smiled and kissed .

"I need to contact the shelters and talk with Bethany before she leaves about the you got." I nodded as Taiiko and Chloe walked up.

"You're leaving." They nodded and hugged .

"Melinda and Deat are leaving for Scotland to stay at Tina's for a week before going home. We're all going back to Osaka, except Kana. She won't leave her dragon. Airi is needed at home." I nodded.

"I'm going with Ama, and the . Sara is staying with you. We need to split to help each other." I nodded. They went to pack. It was still snowing. Tina and Stephanie walked up.

"You are nothing, if not entertaining." Tina kissed me. "We're heading back to Halifax." I nodded. Steph said...

"We'll see you Quebec. The fluorite will be here today. I told him to find the richest purple. Good luck with your Siren." I kissed both of them, and said goodbye to half of my family...most everyone was leaving in one direction or another. I hated it, but it was necessary. I walked behind the barn, shifted, and ran into the woods.

The snow was deep. I approached the deer I had killed as Fenrir walked up. "Is this enough?" He nodded and said until after the storm breaks. I nodded as I shifted into the dragon and flew. There were too many deer for this bad of a winter, especially up here. I hunted and killed six more and dropped them away from the wolves and flew home. It was pristine, and glistened, it was so cold....so much for anything working out as planned.

"There you are, everyone left. I nodded. "You didn't want to say goodbye to them." I nodded" Annie hugged me. "It sucks being us right now, love, but we can't leave." I knew that but I still didn't like it. "I spoke with with the chef, and with Emma. The chef was annoying as ever. He's leaving at the end of the week. Emma is amazing!" I smiled and nodded. "You're like a human whisperer. She cooks just as well, but is totally unpretentious."

"She's been here a long time and everyone likes here. We need that now." Annie kissed me before walking off. Life had just gotten thrown on it's ear and my family was splintered, and I didn't like it one darn bit, but my responsibilities had grown, and everyone seemed to 'grok' that point. We were responsible for more than just our kin. I went to take a shower so I could start this again. I made it to the bedroom before I dropped.

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12/2/2021 2:57 pm

He is busy protecting the people and he has his work cut out, he needs to stop dropping and find a way to move through time and space when he is called to.

Perhaps Drako can help him?

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12/2/2021 3:36 pm

Yes, Daniel is very busy, traveling between the Present and the past has him a little hectic. But, I think this is the calm before the next storm, and I do not mean WEATHER. I think some of those involved in the sex ring, who were never ID'ed, will be coming after him.

I also think, Danial, will have problems with the Duke, or the Royal's , which rule this area. They will want to know where he, Hammish, etc., are getting all this Silver, to buy all the land and buildings, etc.

And Ivan, How is he related to Hammish or Daniel, or, is it his wife that may be related to either of them.
Will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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