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take me part 477....edited  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
12/5/2021 5:24 pm
take me part 477....edited

"You're kinda hot when you fight."

"You're a lesbian."

"I know, right, but...."

"I have enough women in my life."

"I'm just saying that I got wet when you took him down, that's all."

"Stop." She laughed. "What did you hand him."

"His address and the names, and ages, of his family. He has three girls." She stared a me."

"Can you watch the road, please."

"You wouldn't."

"He needs to think I would because they would do the same to us. The reason we aren't dead now, is because we have abilities they don't expect.. Bob is watching them. I'll know where they go." I called everyone and told them to be on alert. Denver was fine because of Javier and his crew, so were Taiiko and Yoshi. I was concerned about Tina and Steph but I didn't think anyone knew about them. I felt they were coming for me. I turned out to be right. I didn't want to get into a game of escalation, but I wanted it to end. We were playing 'whack-a-mole' until I could get solid intel. It was longer than six hours but I went into the kitchen.. "Don't hit me." Emma smiled and put stew, cornbread, and honey...and a salad, down

'EAT! Both of you." We nodded. Not much scared either Kana, or I, but Emma did. We were eating when Annie and Sara came in and stared at us. They shook their heads.

"Both of you are restricted from going into town, together, or alone." Sara nodded as she said the stew was amazing. "They are running out beds in the hospital. I know it was self defense because I was talking to the<b> police </font></b>chief, and there were plenty of witnesses, and they all like you, but still..."

I swallowed. "They aren't going to stop Annie unless we stop them, and I want them here. We can fight them here. I'm not sure we can in five places. I can't be everywhere at once.. Emma, this is amazing. Thank you." She smiled. "They came at us and neither of us want a fight, but we'll end one."

"GODDAMN RIGHT! I'm just sayin'." Sara almost spit the stew out. "They're assholes, Annie, and they won't stop because they are arrogant pricks, and that Francis is the worst because he never gets his hands dirty." I nodded because she was right. "These people won't stop because we are all they have, even if they have no proof. We did it. He's not wrong, but there is no proof. It doesn't mean anything. They won't stop."

"Deat told me that I needed to cut the head off of the snake. Bob, and his, crew are working on them online, and they're going to addresses. What is that?" I almost knocked the back door off it's hinges as Annie ran to the front and Kana grabbed her bow and sword.

"Stay here Sara." She wasn't worried because we where pretty effective. I shifted and flew as Annie shifted and ran to join the wolves. The helicopter was a couple of miles out so flew the perimeter. There were a lot of the. I froze a lot of them and Annie, Kana, and the wolves took the rest. I hit the helicopter with a blast of fire and it exploded two miles from us. I spent the next several hours picking up dead bodies and dropping them in the woods far to the north. Fenrir let them know and they were all hungry. There would be nothing but bones remaining. I landed and walked into the barn. Fuck this. I flew, again Denmark. I landed and walked up to Francis' house, and knocked.

'I'm sorry to disturb, and I slipped and fell in's been one of the days." She smiled as their came out and I squatted.

"She likes you. She doesn't like anyone...that's amazing." I scratched her ears.

"I'm good with , and dogs....cats, mostly." She smiled, and nodded. "Is Francis here?" I knew he wasn't. She smiled and said he wouldn't be back until later. "If you could give him this...we keep missing each other." She was a lovely woman, and kind. She invited me in but I refused. I scratched the dogs ears again as she licked me and said goodbye. I shifted and flew home. I landed and went into to take a shower as the phone rang. Annie opened the shower.

"It's Francis."

"I don't care," and I closed the door. Deat and I both knew it was better to make your adversary keep them wondering. It's why we lost to North Vietnam. I didn't want to do this but I was going to let him wonder in the meantime. Annie smiled and shook her head. I finished, pushed....NOTHING.... and went to sit in front of the fire as the girls walked with Brandy, and the phone phone rang.

"Hello, Francis...."

"HOW DARE YOU COME TO....." I hung up, and didn't answer when he called back.....twice. The phone rang

"Hello, Francis."


"Where are my men?""

"What men?" Silence

"And the helicopter?"

"Francis, you keep asking me about things I have no idea about, which is odd, but every time I go into town your men are trying to hurt me. I don't appreciate that because it's a pretty nice town."

"My wife said our liked you. Our doesn't like anyone, not even me."

"I'm not surprised."

"Was that a threat." Silence

"Francis, I don't pick on women and ." I wanted to say "unlike you," but I didn't. "I don't know what you think you know, but I don't have your . I wish I did right now. I don't want to deal with your thugs because sooner or later someone is going die, again. I dropped off my card because I don't want a fight. Have a nice evening, Francis, and enjoy your family." I hung up. He didn't back. Kana looked at .

'Damn, mister, that was cold as cold it gets." Annie and Sara smiled, and nodded. I'm annoyed. Sara looked at .

"This is you annoyed?" I nodded. She laughed, but they weren't going to stop. Kana was right. Francis didn't care how many men died. He never even mentioned them and I wasn't going to hurt his wife, or ...or the dog. I called Bob.

''Good timing. We going to be emailing you a lot of info. They are pissed at you because they think you did this, but it's built on Alison and Philip. It's insane, but they are convinced. They are worse, and well funded. We're focusing on them, but they are good. I sent you addresses, and we are trying to hack camera's and figure out security systems. It'll probably take a few days." I said OK. "Trouble seems to find you.

"You're preaching the choir, my friend. I want you to focus on Francis because I know he doesn't care about his family, but he cares, deeply, about something...and I want to know what that is. Let me know, and let us know if we owe you anything." I hung up as the girls fell into me. I pushed, and there was nothing.

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