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take me part 492... edited  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
12/10/2021 3:44 pm
take me part 492... edited

I flew a modified grid pattern on the way back so I could see where the bulk of the deer were. I knew the wolves could find them, but like in the past, deer are smart because they want to stay alive. Sadly, this winter wasn't going to allow it for a lot of them because there were too many. The old would die; the sick would; and a lot of the young would die. Nature is a lot things, but kind isn't one them. Annie was right, this was more important, at least for the next few days but we had other things to do anyway. Life doesn't always work out like you want it to. I knew where the deer were. They were like their counterparts in the past, they were where they could eat. The bad thing for them they didn't have canyons, and ravines, to hide in here, and I would be hunting soon....for the same reason as in the past. I had very little conscience when I was either the dragon, or the bear. I felt somewhat bad after the fact, but not too much because the people I ended were the worst of humanity but they did have families. I felt worse for the deer then I did those men, but I still didn't like it. We circled the property and I flew toward toward the road and east. Taiiko was on the back this time, she fell off, shifted and flew in the opposite direction. We had other things to do so splitting it up was smart. I could see the wolves doing patrols as I flew back to the barn, landed, and shifted as Taiiko followed. Kana and Airi took the harness off.

"There was nothing to the west." I nodded.

"Why don't you smell?"

"Because I'm an eagle, and a woman, silly." She kissed me and grabbed my balls. "Go get sweaty, mister, we have things to do later." Kana and Airi laughed as they followed her into the barn. I got the old truck and headed to the woods. Everyone waved as I pulled up. Jakob walked up smiling,

"You missed lunch, but we could use the muscle. It's suppose to snow tonight." I nodded.

"I'll help you finish loading the trailer and then you guys can unload while I load the old truck, but I forgot straps." He nodded. "Thanks for getting the food together so quickly. It was a huge relief, and they are very happy." He nodded. "I'm going to be working with the wolves over the next few days so we're going to need to do a lot of butchering. There are too many deer, even for the wolves, and people, and other animals are still hungry. Annie's going to contact shelters here in Norway, and in Sweden, and check with Ama. Save the organs and feed the rest of the offal to the pigs and hang them whole. Keep the brains for the hides, and the antlers for the dogs. We could use everything else."

"Even the legs?"

"Especially the legs because they make an excellent broth for soup, along with the bones, because of the collagen, and the antlers are fine for the dogs. Hand those out to anyone who has dogs." We finished loading the trailer as they headed to the barn. "Hi Fenrir." He walked out of the woods.

"I waited until they left because some of them are still uneasy around us."

"Well, you are wolves." I smiled as he head butted me. "Thank all of you for helping my people, and I'm sorry about your wolf. Is he OK?"

"Sore, but fine, the lady helped him. He's young and won't make that mistake again/ He is a better fighter than those men but he was at the wrong place." I nodded. "We all like Drakon, and his white pack. They will be fierce but it's good that you allow them to spend time with us because we mean you no harm. We are not the only predators, but your scent is strong on this land." I nodded.

"I know where the deer and elk are. You're right, there are too many to survive this winter, even with the skill of your pack. I am going to help cull the herds because there are people going hungry too and after the last few days I suspect the animals in the north country have plenty to eat for a while." He looked at me and nodded. "We need to get this hay back to the barns because of the snow coming. Do you have enough meat?" He stared at me.

"A few days for all of us."

"I'll see what's left in the barn because Annie gave some to other family. I'll hunt tonight, are you at the same place?" He nodded. "How many, brother?" He looked up and sniffed.

"Four large, if you can, but any number will help. The storm will bad and last for days." He butted me again and walked into the woods as the truck and trailer pulled up. I was almost finished loading the old truck when they pulled next to me.

"Your fast," Jakob said.

"Fenrir said the storm will bad so I'm going to take this back and unload it and then go hunting. They helped us. I'll bring back some for us." He nodded and said there were four left. "Sorry I couldn't help more. I'll check and see the if kitchen can bake some pies." He smiled and the men nodded. They knew who I was, and I worked with them, hard, when I could. I just had other duties...especially now. I unloaded the hay, parked the truck, and went into the kitchen. "Are those pies?" They smiled.

"Boysenberry, and also brownies and cookies they can take home to their families."

"Thank you. They will be very happy. There is a bad storm coming later tonight." They nodded as Annie and Sara walked up and kissed me.

"You stink, mister."

"I know. I'm going hunting because Fenrir says the storm is going to be bad and last for days and they only have three days of meat. I know where the deer are. They nodded as Kana walked into the conversation and said she was coming with me. "I can kill more than you..."

"No you can't, dragon, and it's good training, but you can carry more once they're dead. With the harness, you could easily carry six, maybe eight, depending on how big. I'll fly first, because you're my dragon, and then Airi when she finishes training." I nodded.

"Please save me some pie." They all laughed. Great. "I'll be at the barn saying hi to Drako and his merry band. They wanted out, and weren't happy, especially Drako. I could hear the truck coming but let them out anyway and motioned them to the hay barn. They stopped. "I let the dogs out so they didn't shit were they slept." They nodded. There's not much room in there anyway. Is there anymore?" They shook their heads. "Gang feed the animals and then go enjoy some pie. They made cookies and brownies to take home." They drove away as Kana and Annie walked up. Kana went to get the harness and her bow.

"We finished scanning the documents and sent them to Bob. We looked at some of the drives and no one is sad that these men died. Bob said to send all drives to him and they would upload them onto something and forward them to Interpol and Deat's team. We can do it tomorrow because we can take meat and things to the food kitchen, and shelter. We need to work on the community centers." I nodded. "It was disgusting, sweets." She hugged me and started crying. I didn't blame her. She kissed me as I wiped away her tears. "We'll save you some pie, although we are eating for two."

"Did someone say pie."

"Bring back deer," as we nodded and I shifted. Kana put the harness on and climbed up.

"Fly dragon." I flew north until we were close to them and I went invisible. It wasn't fair but many would die a miserable death and other things needed to eat. I didn't fly as fast as I would if I was snatching them one at a time, and in the span of two minutes Kana took down six large elk. She had a good sense because all but one were either sick, or old, but still good size. It was still early in the winter. "Land dragon, but stay invisible." From the deer's perspective, she walked out of nowhere and they ran the opposite direction, but not far because this was were the grass was easiest to get to. She retrieved her arrows and thanked them but they were too heavy. She got back on. "You need to lift them." I nodded and grabbed two at a time. I dropped four with the wolves, the two sick ones, two of the old ones because they take those anyway and meat is meat to them. This would give them the chance to open them up before it froze. They weren't dumb. I took the last two elk to the barn and set them down as as Jakob and Airi walked out of the barn. Her and Kana traded places. Taiiko, and her students, came out with their knives to help. I wouldn't want any of them mad at me. I flew to where the reindeer where and Airi did the same as Kana. There were more of them but she only took six. They were both good with a bow. She retrieved her arrows and we spent the next hour, or so shuttling deer. We dropped two more off with the wolves, which were closer, and then the other four were going to the barn. We came to get the last two as a bear was walking toward them. He saw me and stopped, but didn't run because he hungry and didn't know what I was. I picked up the large, deer, male and left the older one for him. I was a bear, too, after all, and we flew home.

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