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take me part 511....edited  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
12/15/2021 6:10 pm
take me part 511....edited

We pulled into Ama's friends' property as she pointed to where the wood went. I didn't like these, at all, but since I chose to make caskets I had seen far too many. Jake backed the truck up and Em looked as I nodded. She ran to help Ama and Chloe as Jake and I started to unload the wood. "Look around and see if you can find a bin for kindling." He nodded as someone walked up.

"What are doing?"

"We're Ama's family, and she asked us to bring wood before the wake." He looked at me.

"I'm Stefan. it was my da' that passed. Thank you for the kindness." I nodded as I extended my arm. We shook in silence.

"This is my Jake." They shook in silence as he took off his coat, and Jake looked at me. "We can do this, Stefan. It would be our honor." He smiled.

"Thank you, I'd rather be<b> sweaty </font></b>on this day." I smiled, and nodded, because I would too.We unloaded the wood, and kindling as we laughed, sweated, and made friends. We were sitting on the tailgate drinking raw milk when Ama, Chloe, and Margret...Stefan's mom... walked up.

" What are you doing. Look at you, Stefan. We have a funeral to go to and now you need to change." He looked at her and took a swig of milk as we got off the gate. We all grabbed forearms, and nodded.

"Thank you for this, Danael and Jacob. You are welcome here anytime, as is your family. He grabbed his sport coat off the truck, walked up to his mom, and handed it to her. Let's go bury my father. I'm fine like this." Margret looked at us and followed with Ama. Chloe looked at both of us.

"What did you do?" She sat between us. Jake spoke.

"We told him we would do this, mom, but he wanted to. I think he needed to." She asked why, as she looked at me. Jake was quiet. "Respect for his dad. They're Vikings, right?" We nodded. "Seems better that he stands at his Da's grave in a<b> sweaty </font></b>shirt, with no tie, after unloading wood, than in a pressed suit." Chloe stared at him, and me. She kissed both of us and walked back in the house without saying a word. We didn't see her tears as Jake and I walked to the barn. We looked in the stalls, and at each other, and at the hay they had.

"Go home and have Haagerstadt help you load the flatbed truck with hay, and add some sweet feed, and grain for the chickens. Now, .." He nodded. I started to throw poop into the center of the barn as I cleaned the stalls. I gave the horses the rest of the hay they had and took the cart into the paddocks. I was raised like this. It was second nature but these animals needed more to eat. I knew where some of the was going. I called Annie and she said she'd transfer to Ama. I found the manure pile and was picking up the last of the crap inside the barn when Jake, and Haagerstadt, showed up. I looked at them.

"I know them." I nodded and we started to unload hay, grain, and sweet feed. Haagerstadt brought a thermos of some tea he liked and we were sharing the cup from the thermos, and laughing, as everyone walked up.... and I mean everyone, because they saw the truck. Margret looked around, started crying, and ran out, followed by Ama and Chloe. Emily sat next to Jake as Stefan shook Haagerstadt's arm. Everyone else went back in the house for food, because that's what we do in these situations. Stefan looked around.

"We had extra, it's a harsh winter, Stefan. Your family will return the favor." He nodded.

"Come and eat....celebrate my Da'." We nodded and Jake drove us to the house. Stefan walked over and hugged his mom as we walked up. The fire in the pit was huge, and there was very nice whiskey being shared freely. I looked at both Emily and Jake, and they nodded, as Chloe and I got three fingers worth. It wasn't unlike an Irish wake... people were laughing, eating, dancing, drinking, and being friends of a family that had lost a dear one. What else can you do?

People seem to save their best for when they need have deal with the worst, whether in their family, or in their community; it's an odd quirk of human nature. Jake and Emily were enjoying the wake, as it was intended. Chloe walked up. "It's my lucky day, mister."

"Why's that Missy?" I kissed her.

"Because you aren't leaving today, and I get to sleep with you in a bed, and cuddle. We can do the cave tomorrow. I already called Sara and Annie." She smiled at me and I couldn't help but kiss her, and nod. She pounced on me as Margret walked up, smiling>

"Ama said you did this, you and your , Jacob." I looked at her confused. Chloe hugged her. "I'm sorry. I mean the barn." I nodded. "Did you know my husband?" I told her no as Jake and Emily watched in silence. "Is your line from the Vikings?"

"My greater family, and probably my from mom's side. My dad's line is Scottish." She smiled, and nodded as Stefan walked up because his mom had too much to drink, too quickly. It was one of those days that everyone forgets out of respect.

"Highlanders, it's the same. My husband's family, my family, settled this land before they went to what you call Nova Scotia. There was no name when they went." I nodded.

"My mom's family is from there, and here. French Canadian, and Viking." She smiled.

"Why would you show us such kindness, Danael?" Stefan tried to get her to go with him because grief and alcohol are not a good mix, but we all understood that. "STOP! Why?" I stared her, as EVERYONE stared at me.

"If Ama passed, what would you do? What would any of these people do?" She stared me, walked up, and kissed me on the lips as Stefan smiled and took her inside, and the wake continued. Chloe walked up and held my hand.

"You still want to do what your Da' does, mister? Emily looked at Jake. He nodded.

"Yeah, just not in Denver because Em and I like it here." We spent the rest of the day having way too much food, WAY too much whiskey, and way too much fun, which is appropriate for a wake. We were packing to leave when Stefan walked up to us.

"How's you mom?" We all looked at him because we cared. He smiled.

"Asleep, but her heart is broken. It'll take time. Forty years is a long time. We were all solemn, and nodded because it was. "My sister is coming in tomorrow and we'll take care of her. Thank you for what you did to help my family. Everyone showed their respects, which was nice, but expected. Your family got dirty to help mine in a moment of crises." He looked at all of us and it was obvious that this line passed from from father to .

"You said you were from Scotland." I nodded. My family is my family, and we have no clan, but you are family starting today. Jake stood up, which surprised all of us, and shook his arm as I nodded. "Thank you." We finished loading the dishes, and whatnot, and drove home. Haagerstadt drove with us. He was sad

"I use to know Stefan's dad. We use to hunt ptarmigan. It was mostly for sport, but we did eat what we killed. He was an asshole, but also a good man. It's strange we can be so different inside of ourselves." We were quiet, thinking, for a while. "You need to pick up the crap, Jake, or it'll freeze." We all laughed, but he was right.

"I'll stack the wood. We're going the cave tomorrow.

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