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take me part 554...edited.  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
1/4/2022 7:30 pm
take me part 554...edited.

The locusts ate most everything except porridge which was fine by me. I'd prefer my family to be fed and happy, and Emma would be sure I had plenty to to eat before I left... of that I was sure. Irina brought me some milk and kissed me as she checked on Elias. I was taking a chance, to be sure, but not much of one. He didn't want anything to do with us because of the wolves and I couldn't imagine what he thought given that they listened to me. There was no law here, like all developing countries, even America. It wasn't settled with sunshine and lollipops. It was settled with blood, death, and misery. We just created nice stories, and songs, to make us feel better until we forgot and they became our history. The same was happening here and these men were attempting to take what we considered ours. What we had claimed. It wasn't going to the only time for us and Hammish and Ilsa, or the coven. If we were going to build what we wanted then we'd have to fight for it. The problem was that I needed to be in multiple places at the same time, but this was most dire in this regard and I was going to deal with it.

I finished my breakfast and walked Elias back to the woods, on purpose. I wanted him to think about the wolves. He was terrified as he stared at me. "They won't hurt you Elias unless I ask them to and I have no reason to do that, please don't give me one. Don't tell these men about the wolves, or that we met. Tell them what you saw, that there are many people here, and dogs. Be vague because you were in the woods. Get paid by them and leave. I just want to know who they are. If you do what I ask then you'll get some silver and maybe a . It depends on these men. Understand?" He nodded but was silent. "What?"

"These are not nice men, sire. They have swords and there are at least three of them." I nodded and thanked him as I turned and walked away. "Sire?" I turned. "Instead of silver, could I stay here? I am a hard worker, and good with livestock." I stared at him thinking to myself that Annie was right, I collected strays.

"Come on, Elias, but stop calling me Sire. My name is Daniel but you'll have to speak with Irina. She's in charge here." He came running out of the woods as Wolf walked back into them. We walked home as Elias told me about his childhood, or lack thereof and we walked back inside as everyone stared at us...again. I went to Irina and told her. She looked at him, and me.

"Malinka, Sofi, take Elias to the barn and find him a nice place to stay....take some blankets and introduce him to Drakon. You'll need to show him about the chores because he'll be staying here." They nodded and went to get blankets. "Jake and Emily, you go too." They smiled and nodded. "You, mister, are adding to our numbers." She stepped into me and kissed me and then shook her head, smiling. I hugged everyone and told them we'd be back soon and Sara and I went outside. Sara called the mist first, kissed me, and walked in as it closed. I did the same as I rolled into the barn in Norway as Drakon barked at me and Kana and Jacob stared down smiling.

"Would you mind helping me?" Neither did, instead Kana opened the puppies stalled, and laughed, as they came running out to attack me, all but Drakon. He just watched until he barked and they all went outside to play with the wolves. "Funny! How long have we been gone?" I was trying to figure out how time changed between places because it seemed to change differently.

"Maybe six hours but we didn't expect you back so soon. Is everything OK?" I told them, more or less, and I thought it would have been longer. I felt Fenrir walk up as I stood, with no help. "I'll be back." I walked outside and Fenrir and I walked.

"You're back soon." I nodded as told him the same as I told Kana and Jacob, and that I wanted to make sure his pack, and the deer, had enough because I had numerous things to do over the coming weeks.

"We are fine. There is plenty of<b> meat </font></b>left and the deer are starting to move so if the winter is normal again things should go back to a balance. If you can spare some more hay, it would be sound to drop some more to help them rebuild their strength, and if you can cull some sick animals to drop farther North, it would be wise, brother." I nodded as we watched Drakon and the pups playing with the two wolves. Kana walked up and hugged me as we all smiled. "Drakon may not look like a wolf, but he has our spirit and is learning our ways." We both nodded as he walked away quietly while the pups played.

"Is everything OK, truly?" I told her so far and to ask Jacob to have someone bring out two round bales and then come back here. She nodded. and walked back looking at me oddly, as I opened the mist. She smiled, kissed me, took my hand, and we walked to Gotland. I needed the practice, a lot of practice, because we almost rolled into the ocean. I could hear Sara and Airi yelling as I stood up, turned, and got body slammed by Elisabeth as she knocked both of us into the strait. We stood up as she hugged me.

"What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing, I'm just super excited to see you, and that was when Karin bobbed her head out of the water, smiling. Kana and Airi were gone but Sara was smiling at me and obviously enjoying the show. I hugged both Elisabeth and Karin. Karin told me a bit about teaching Elisabeth and how good she was doing as Elisabeth beamed with pride, which was wonderful to see. Who knew having a Siren enamored with me would be so important.

"Thank you Karin because she couldn't have a better teacher, or sister, and I haven't forgotten about how our deal, I'm just busy at the moment but I'll call my cousin about the stones you wanted before I leave."

"I trust you Dragon." She hugged and kissed me and swam away as Elisabeth and I climbed out of the ocean and Elisabeth hugged me.

"I love, love, love Karin, Daniel. She is teaching me SO much about the oceans, and what's in them, and about the fish, and their habits and patterns. she teaching me to be a good Dragon for this island." She smiled and kissed me, just because she was happy. I needed to thank Ama for the suggestion. I kissed her back because I was happy too.

"Does that mean you'll stop knocking me into the water when I show up?" She smiled and shook her no as she ran off laughing." Sara hugged me.

"I'll take Kana home when they are done. It was thoughtful of you to bring her here, and to get tackled into the ocean. You have quite the following, mister." I smiled and nodded. "Be careful with these men because we don't if they are working alone, or for someone else, but either way make sure our family, and land, are safe." I kissed her and told her I would as I called the mist and rolled into the side yard of the main house as Emma stared at me from the window, shaking her head. I brushed myself off and walked inside as she was putting a glass of milk and some pie on the table.

"Grace is not your strong suit. Are you staying?" I shook my head because my mouth was full pie. She laughed and hugged me. "I have things to do. Be safe." I nodded as i swallowed.

"Thanks for the pie, Emma." She waved as she walked to the cellar. I finished and cleaned my dishes before walking outside as Jacob walked out of the barn. "How's Heather?" He smiled. "OK, enough said. Is everything under control here?" He nodded and said that things were fine. I nodded and told him we'd be back as soon as possible. I grabbed a knife and put it in my belt, walked behind the barn and shifted into the dragon. I grabbed the two round bales and flew to where the deer and elk were and dropped them. I shifted cut the twine, and spread the hay for both the deer and the elk, and then took the sickest of both herds to the animals up north so they stayed longer. I landed at the barn and headed to Ama's house to shower and see Klara, Annika, and Eba. I walked in to silence. I yelled, nothing. I put my clothes in the washer and walked to the bedroom to shower, and change. I grabbed my knives, and Taiiko's weapon bag, and walked downstairs. I was getting milk when Eba walked in and smiled.

"Where are Klara and Anna?" She started to tear and hugged me.

"They left this morning for Iceland."

"I thought it wasn't for another month."

"Ama called and changed things but none of us are sure why, but it's Ama and she's knows more than us." Shit. I was going to call but I thought I'd just go there tomorrow after I dealt with these intruders in the past. I borrowed Eba's phone and called Stephanie about the stones I wanted for Karin and told her to find something special, pretty, and unusual. She laughed and said I was smitten with a Siren before hanging up. I hated that we were so spread out. I had another glass of milk and told Eba about my clothes. She smiled and nodded as i hugged her and walked to the barn to say goodbye to Jacob.

"Sara is bringing Kana back later. Her and Airi are....occupied." He smiled and nodded. I called the mist, grabbed Taiiko's bag, walked in and rolled out by the fire pit at Irina's. It didn't seem like much time had passed and that was when Malinka, Sofi, Emily and Jake walked passed me.

"Hello to you too. Where's Elias?"

"You need to learn to not roll, Da'" No shit Sherlock. "He's in the barn. He's pretty happy even for a stall. We have things to do. They all walked off with none of helping me up. Crap. I got up, grabbed the bag and headed to the house.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
1/5/2022 2:04 am

Enjoyed the read. May be unedited, but found no difficulty in reading or errors.

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
1/5/2022 1:52 pm

I agree with Claw it was a good enjoyable read. Thank you.

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