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take me part 555...unedited.  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
1/4/2022 10:07 pm
take me part 555...unedited.

I dropped the bag on the porch and walked to the barn. I hoped I wasn't making a mistake and I wanted to make sure. I could feel Hammish and Ilsa heading here, which would save me a trip. I stood in the doorway of the barn as Elias was petting Drakon...that was a good sign. Drakon ran over and sat in front of me as he stared up. I scratched his ears.

"He's part of the pack, Drakon." He yipped and looked at Elias. "Go find your friends." He howled and ran to the woods. "Drakon is half wolf and he won't hesitate to kill you if you're lying to us, neither will anyone in the house and I can assure you that they all can." I extended my hand. "I'd rather not deal with that if it's your intention." I put silver into his hand. "You can take that and leave now, with no issue from me. I'd rather do that then to have to kill you in the future because you betrayed us, and that is what would happen." Hammish was watching, and listening. "This is my family, Elias, and they would welcome you but if you are thinking other things I will find it out, and I will take you to the wolves. It would be better for you to take the silver and walk away. We'll deal with the men in the tavern." He stared at me as he walked up and handed me back the silver.

"I don't care about that Si... Daniel. I've never had a proper family like you have here. You can keep that and I won't need a because I will stay here as long I am welcome but I'll meet these men with you, maybe if they know there are more people here now they will abandon whatever plans they have." I took the silver and put it in my pocket as I nodded.

"We'll figure out another place besides a stall but there are a lot more people here now than usual," and that is when Hammish and Ilsa walked in. I introduced everyone.

'We're sorry to intrude but we could use the help, and we aren't that far away....and our loft is more comfortable than a stall." Ilsa nodded, smiling. I left them to talk as I went to the house, grabbed the bag, and walked into sheer pandemonium and delight they were dancing to unheard tunes and that was when I heard Creedence singing Green River. FUCK. I didn't stop it because it was already done. I dropped the bag, walked back outside and around back to chop wood. I was about to start when Chloe and Aya walked around the corner and hugged me as they bit my chest.

"Don't be mad at Jake and Emily, Daniel, they are young and don't understand. They think all of this is cool, and it is. Sure it's hard, and unpleasant, but it's simple, and pure, and this is our family. They know that, but they are also young." I put the ax in the stump and hugged them both again.

"I know, but modern technology in the 15th century. Jesus, I'm trying to figure out to make a water wheel and they're dancing to an Iphone, or Ipod, or whatever, until the battery runs out. Aya, we need to deal with these men later but once we do I'll take you home to see Gerel and meet your family. I'm sorry you are having to deal with thi...." Aya launched herself at me, wrapping her legs around me as Chloe laughed because they had all done the exact same thing, numerous times.

"Thank You, Danael. I love you all, but I miss her and I want her to meet you since the girls will be all of ours." I nodded. Chloe walked up and kissed me.

"Do you think Sara knew what she was doing that night with us?" I stared at her as they both kissed me and grabbed my balls, laughed, as they walked away. "Chop wood, mister, winter isn't over yet." I was almost finished when Hammish walked around the corner and start stacking.

"You want me to come with you later?" I kept chopping while I spoke.

"No, but thank you. I don't want you involved, at least for now. I'm not sure who these men are so I'd rather a backup plan in case we need it." He nodded as we kept working. "We have too much to do Hammish but this time is no different than ours because you have to protect what is yours from people who would take it from you. It's just more obvious now. I won't let them take what is ours.

"People here won't let that happen, Danael. They all know who saved them this winter. They know we have a dragon that watches over us and they know what that means because the stories haven't been lost. It's not just this township, but many because gave<b> meat </font></b>to many. Strength lies in the bonds we forge as a community and that happens by helping one another." They will stand by you dragon." I nodded as I wiped sweat on my shirt. "Are you OK if we take Elias to help us? We'll make sure he helps here as well." I stopped as Irina brought us water and listened. I kissed her and said thank you and couldn't believe how lucky I was.

"I think that is wonderful Hammish. It would be better for him to stay with you two and come here to help. He's never had a real family. It would be the best of both worlds for him and you/we could use the help." He nodded. Irina hugged me and smiled.

"Ilsa wanted me to ask, but so did I. She can't have for some reason, nothing has worked. I accepted that but Ilsa has had a hole in her heart." Irina squeezed me, hard, because she didn't know. "I think this young man might a gift from Gaia to fill that hole." Irina spoke.

"Hammish, this is wise because Danael is here until he's not. We understand, but Elias needs what you and Ilsa can provide. He needs to feel total love and not have siblings all of the time. He can have that when he comes to help us because that is important too. It's better for everyone that he stays with you and visits us." I can't say that I wasn't sad, or that my heart didn't hurt because of what Irina said innocently, because she spoke the truth. I wasn't there as much I wanted to be, nor would I. They all understood, and accepted it, but it didn't lessen my burden. Irina went back inside as Hammish and I stacked the last of the wood. We took arm fulls to the front and walked inside to more dancing. I was not about to let some strangers take this away...period.

cjg045 70M  
92 posts
1/5/2022 3:41 am

Once again Daniel, you've been a busy boy. Writing must come to you as a passion because you do so well. I love the stories & read then reread them late into the night / morning. Excellent Sir, thank you, JOE

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
1/5/2022 1:51 pm

Happy 60th Birthday Daniel, 5 days late, but, better late than never.

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
1/5/2022 1:56 pm

Happy 60th Daniel I missed that completely like Claude better late than never I hope you had a good day.

Great writing again by the way.

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