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take me part 573.... edited  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
1/12/2022 3:37 pm
take me part 573.... edited

I looked into the sky and exhaled as the door opened and Aisha walked out. "Forgetting something, Dragon?" I bowed my head as she walked up and hugged me. I was just beginning to understand the bond between a dragon and his rider, but I had no rider and I doubted I ever would, or even if I should. "Too much weighs on you." I nodded and shifted as she climbed onto my back and we flew to find deer for the wolves. I went to the canyon they stayed in during the winter and they were still there, but were anxious to leave. I could see the oldest and the sickest and we took them. I dropped them away from the herd so they would calm down as we took the deer two a time to the wolves. We dropped two for the wolves watching the houses as Aisha got off and walked up to the oldest wolf to ask the where rest of the pack . She nodded as the wolf bumped her leg and went to eat on fresh organ<b> meat.

</font></b>"They are deep in the forest, Danael. They are worried because of those men you fought and won't risk the females and the young. They are east of here." I nodded as we went to get two more bucks. I could smell them as Aisha said they should be close and the howls started. I dropped the deer and flew back to get the last two. We hovered as I dropped them and landed as Aisha got off and spoke with the Alpha female as Wolf walked up and looked at me.

"Thank you brother, this will make it easier for us. Your humans are not going to make things easy for you, or for us." I nodded and sighed. We'll keep younger wolves close by the houses and rotate them, but it's inevitable Dragon. We'll have to go deeper into the forest so our pack stays safe." I shifted and scratched his ears as he smiled.

"I know, brother. I have two favors to ask of you." He nodded. "Can one, or two, of your pack stay at the house and teach Malinka and Sofi your ways. We'll feed them and care for them as much as they want but I'd Malinka and Sofi to learn as much they can before they become too pregnant, and you have to leave. They are more akin to wolves than bears." He nodded. Second, Drakon is at the age to mate and we would like wolf-dogs. Can you see if any of your females would want to live with us at least some of the time?" Wolf stared at me as his mate and Aisha walked up. They looked at each other as Aisha and I did the same.

"We know some to speak with but it's up to them. I nodded, and knelt as they both walked up to me and nuzzled my neck.

"If you need anything ask Malinka, or Sofi and they will make it happen, and thank you for watching Ilsa and Hammish, especially with the boy." They nudged me and howled before walking away. I would walk outside two days later to find three female wolves staring at me. I walked to the barn and two walked inside. They all seemed to know Drakon but one stared at me but wouldn't move as I walked to Hammish's. We walked into the yard as the dogs barked. I wasn't sure how I was seeing this but the female wolf walked up to one of the younger dogs, definitely not the alpha and chose him as Ilsa and Hammish walked out and watched. The Alpha wasn't happy but the she wolf didn't back down. She walked up to him, to his face, and snarled as the backed down. The wolf took her mate and trotted into the forest as Ilsa and Hammish looked at me.

I shook my head as I looked at Aisha. "What did you see?" I told her. "You are an odd Dragon. Second sight doesn't happen in Dragons for hundreds of years. I looked at her, shifted, and we flew just to fly. We landed as Aisha went inside to get Gerel and Aya. Everyone came out and scratched my chin. "He's better at shifting time and space than he is at walking through the mist." They all laughed, but they all had tears in their eyes, as I did. Aisha showed them how to hold my scales, and to squeeze their knees against me, and to lean forward. "It's kind of like riding one your motorcycles, or a really fast , except we'll be hundreds of feet in the air, or more." They both stared at her as Aisha laughed and they climbed on my back. "You'll be fine. Druk leaves his acrobatics for me." I turned and looked at everyone, and huffed, I gently hovered and then flew to Tibet.

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