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take me part 589...edited, again  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
1/19/2022 4:22 pm
take me part 589...edited, again

It two am as I went back to sleep and four thirty when I I woke again. The fire had turned to coals, which fine as I went to brush my teeth trying not wake anyone up, which I didn't even though they would be upset that I didn't. I got some milk, grabbed my cloak, and walked into Haagerstadt. "What are doing?" He looked down. "Go back to bed Haag, Jake and Em already know to deal with the animals, and the wood, and everything else. I know you don't like it but you need at least another day. See if Ama will take you to the energy falls at Gaia's. If she won't then I will because I'll probably need it after what I need to do. Go back to sleep and rest, my friend, and try not to eat us out of house and home at breakfast." He smiled, nodded, and thumped my chest which pushed into the door as it opened and I fell on my ass with all the girls at me.

"Where do you think you're going mister?" I told them I left a note and asked why everyone awake. Sara said, Don't change the subject, mister" to which they all nodded, and glared.

"I'm going to the past, because I had what I hope a dream about another dragon. I wanted to check on them and then I'm going to talk with Dreka." Aisha walked away and came back in her armor and weapons.

"We're doing that Dragon." She drank milk and poured me another glass. Drin The girls kept arguing with me as I dran Ama stared at me as I looked at her.

"I told Haag that if you didn't take him to the energy falls that I would, and I will. He's still hurt but going to deal with the animals as I walked into him. The man doesn't budged. The girls screamed as they walked in the kitchen shaking their heads.
Chloe went to wake Jake and Emily. Ama didn't say anything but smiled and nodded. I wasn't sure if that was bad or good.. Aisha and I walked outside and I shifted as she put the harness on me and I told her about my dream. She was silent as she climbed on and said fly. We flew toward Sweden as she opened the mist and we flew over our home in the past. There was two feet of snow on the ground as we flew to the canyon that had housed the deer. They were still there because of the snow.

"What do you think, Aisha?"

"Four-six, tops. It's been a hard year but they have all eaten better than they would, including humans, because of you, dragon. Take the ones on the outside because they are old, sick, or injured and will be sacrificed for the herd if need be." She pointed and I grabbed two old bucks on the edge of the group, huddled, trying to stay warm. It was a quick death and we flew to were the wolves should be, and thankfully they were, as I dropped the deer and landed. Aisha went and spoke with them and came bac "Everyone is fine and there has been no sign of another dragon. They said they still have some<b> meat </font></b>and asked us to take one to the males watching the houses." I nodded, grabbed the second deer and flew to their caves as I dropped it, roared, and flew back to take two more. I would wait to speak with Hammish and Ilsa and then Irina to see if we could leave them be for rest this winter. I flew to the cave I saw in my dream because I knew about where it . I roared, set the deer down, and landed as the old witch walked out her cave. Aisha walked up and spoke with her. They both nodded and walked toward me.

"Weren't you just here, Dragon? Why are you here again so soon....thank you for the deer."

"I wanted to see if it a dream, or magic, or something else. Have there been other dragons here."

"You're the first dragon in at least five hundred years, but you shouldn't rule out magic because Dreka can be as vicious as Marnine , even though he hasn't been since the great wars that killed so many dragons and riders." I nodded. "He wants the , yes?" I stared at her and nodded. You two, and Wolf, are the only ones wo know about this place...the coven doesn't even know about it and it's masked from magic. When you get your juggling in order come stay here with your rider, this one of the other, and I will help you with magic. Dreka is not the only powerful one, and you are beginning to remember your dragon magic. I can help you. I will watch over your family and friends. Be wise dragon, you aren't close to powerful enough to best Dreka yet, but you will be and if you keep being wise, as you have been with alliances, when that time comes you might even succeed. Thank you again for the deer, now leave because I have work to do." I grabbed the other deer and we flew to Hammish.

I landed as Hammish came out of the barn, smiling, because it still early, even if it a different century, several. "You always come bearing gifts, dragon but they are certainly not unwelcome. We are going to have wolf pups, my friend. Aisha smiled and folded the harness.They are all with the pac They need to learn the ways of the pack before they come. Did you take a deer for them as well?" We nodded. "Good, I think we have enough but I'll check with Ilsa to be sure." Aisha said,

"We'll send the girls down to help after breakfast. I'm sure they'd prefer working a deer with Uncle Hammish than mucking out stalls, and Daniel is quite good at it." We all laughed. "This took you by surprise?" He nooded.

"Spring snows always do, it's why you never empty your larder counting on Spring to come early." I told him that hadn't change over the centuries. "Come into the barn." We lifted the deer on a rafter. "I haven't wanted to take the horses over the pass in this, but I also didn't want to wait until it muddy because it's just as bad." We both nodded. That knife you brought..."

"A draw knife." He nodded. "Our metal isn't all that different, especially for this because it's pretty basic and it just needs to hold a sharp edge on one side. Because of the snow, I took a tree down, not too , and your draw knife works well." I smiled and nodded.

It"'s simple enough that it won't make people curious, but effective enough that once people use it, they will which one would give us something to do during the winter and them when we get the wagons made and the mules trained and we start to trade in neighboring areas. I'll think about things we could make out of metal, stone, wool, or pottery, that won't attract attention. In the times before I born, traders did the same thing as you but they not only brought new, and interesting things, and traded them around, they also brought news of what going on because that equally as valuable." Hammish smiled and patted me on the back as Aisha walked up to Ilsa shaking her head as they turned and went inside.

"They are planning to take over the world." Ilsa nodded and said we might be able to if we didn't kill ourselves as they both laughed.

"Do have a pencil?" Hammish handed me one and asked if I could bring more of them. I nodded as I sketched out a basic wooden brace with legs. "We make can something like this to hold the logs out of left over wood and fashion a swallow trough of some kind, we could work around with it but it'd have a stop on one end and shallow enough to straddle the log...." He nodded because he understood the concept immediately. "We could teach the boys and girls, if that's allowed, to do the simple work as they apprentice and we make other things people would buy, or trade for." He nodded as we walked into the house, even though I smelled like the dragon.

"How long as it been since I here." He said three, maybe four days. " Have you ever or, your parents, or grandparents, ever seen a dragon here besides me?" He shook his head.

"I think its been hundreds of years. Why?" I told them my dream as Ilsa gave us breakfast and tea, and stared at us.

"I thought it a dream but we wanted to check on you. I'll talk with Sara and see if there is a way that you can push to us if there is a problem." They nodded. "I'm cautious but not concerned, at least not yet." We ate, caught up, and hugged each other as Aisha opened the mist and we went to Irina's. I stumbled out, which I thought an improvement until the door opened and I rolled inside. They screamed and started hitting me as Aisha watched and laughed. I really needed to talk with Ama or Joseph.

cjg045 70M  
92 posts
1/19/2022 8:31 pm

Daniel, so many things in the air, The women need protecting from those that want to destroy their legacy even before it has come to fruitition. Dreka is not playing nice,

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