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take me part 592...edited.  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
1/21/2022 7:14 pm
take me part 592...edited.

I took Bob, the mule and wagon back Hammish's and to get Aisha. I wanted to talk with her about Dreka, anyway so it be could timing they all showed up....witches. I could feel the wolves following me through the trees. I stopped Bob and folded the reins around the brake and walked a good ways behind him. He use to wolves because they were our family but he still a mule and didn't like it. I pushed and the four wolves walked out of the trees, two in front of me and two behind me. I smiled as they walked into me so I would scratch them.

"Can you understand me yet?" The oldest walked up and said he learning. "Thank you for watching over them. Do you have enough meat?" He yipped as they walked back into the woods. He pushed most of what he wanted to say which they were happy doing this, bachelors basically, and that is good training. I smiled as they disappeared. I had always known that I odd but the community of family I building proved it. I thought that why the girls were here, that and the fact that we were all getting stronger than Gaia, Dreka, or Ama thought possible. I still hadn't heard from Joseph. I gave Bob some carrot and climbed back onto the cart and headed to Hammish and Ilsa's. They all came out of the house and asked if I'd like bread and cheese. I nodded as I got Bob some hay and a handful of grain. I walked in as everyone finishing soup. Aisha pushed her bowl to me. I smiled and pushed it back as she kissed my cheek and whispered smart dragon. I happy with rye bread and cheese, and pickles if they had any. I couldn't stop my brain from working.

I hugged the boy I found spying on us and hoped I hadn't made a mistake. It didn't feel like I had. "You are having a naming ceremony, which is a huge thing, so I will wait to greet you then." He nodded and hugged me because if I read him correctly, his life had totally shifted and he happy here with Ilsa and Hammish. "The girls from my time are here and we'd like you to come and have the ceremony with us at Irina's. I need your grates, and some extra wood, and benches. I won't presume to suggest anything of you Ilsa, everyone laughed as we finished lunch.

"Help your mom, and Aisha, and then come to the barn and I'll keep showing how to butcher a deer..."

"I don't do women's work" He stared at us as Hammish looked at me, no words needed to be spoken, because it's why you were lucky to have uncles.

"I'll help, love, as he started to take plates to the wash bin as the boy walked out and I followed.

"Can you imagine..." I grabbed him by the hair and dragged him into the yard as he scrambled to keep up and pushed him into the snow. He raged and I pushed him face first into the snow with my boot. He yelled, running at me with anger in his eyes, but I had studied Aikido, not a lot, but enough to take his anger, and energy, and send him flying up and back into the snow. He turned and looked me with hate in his eyes, which I understood given his life, and raged at me like a mad bear. I knew something about that too. I let him hit me multiple times, which hurt, before I grabbed him by the shoulder of his clothes and flung him fifteen feet back into the snow. He got back up, which was a good sign even though he charged at me, again. I let him run at me and wrapped my arms around him as he screamed his anger out. I could feel everyone watching. He screamed and hit me, until he sobbed, and went limp as we sat in the snow. I wiped the snot off of his face with snow and then wiped the remainder of the snow off his face with my cloa This better left to an uncle than a father, one had to do it but it better me. I stood.

"Get up, and follow me as I called the wolves. They all came out of the house and watched as the boy and walked as the wolves came out of the trees followed Wolf and She-wolf, he petrified. "Wolves live in a pack, a close knit pack like a family should be. I'm sorry you didn't have that when you were but you have that chance now." The boy didn't have a clue what to do so he stood close to me, which a good instinct. The four wolves walked up and, smelled him, yipped, and ran off. "That means that they recognize your<b> scent </font></b>as part of the pack and you are safe to wander the woods, and you don't need to fear them. They are part of our family, your family." Wolf and his mate walked up.

"This is Wolf and his mate, they are the Alpha's of their pac The entire pack answers to either of them. Wolf is the leader of the pack in view, but not in private, just like a good couple of humans. What you did inside disrespected the two people that are willing to make you their . Hammish gave you a pass because he doesn't mind helping his wife after a wonderful meal, neither should you. If you ever disrespect Ilsa, or any woman, and I find out then I will treat like the wolves would." Right on cue the she-wolf walked up to him, barring her teeth and snarling. I put my hand out as she looked at me, and then Wolf. They yipped as they walked back into the woods. "Go pee because we have work to do." He nodded. We walked back to the house as Hammish walked to the barn without at us. I followed, we followed. I stopped. "Where do you think you're going?"

"To help you..."

"You aren't worthy to help Hammish, or me. You have unfinished business because this family doesn't disrespect women, we value them. You're and weren't taught well, now is the time you will learn and decide if you to be a part of this family." I pointed to the house. "You disrespected both of them, make it right or don't come out to the barn." He stared at me as I turned and walked away. It one of the hardest things I had ever down because all could think about Jake but I still walked away without bac Things would get harder for him even though he had already had a very hard life, but hard is what it takes sometimes.

I walked into the barn with tears in my eyes as Hammish hugged and we started to section the deer.

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