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take me part 596...edited  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
1/25/2022 12:19 am
take me part 596...edited

"Hammish, we all love you but you squeeze to hard."

"That is because I am happy brother. Ilsa and I have a , that want's us. Alfher. It is a good name." He had too much to drink, but why wouldn't he, it was the best of their lives. They had a , a family, that none of them thought possible. People were eating, and drinking, luckily mead and ale was brought from town. It was amazing in such a small community, that had so in resources, that they would expend so much for a feast like this. I would in a heartbeat but I had options they didn't have. I guessed it was the strength of, and faith in, Gaia. Really, when you think about it we aren't that dissimilar. We ultimately depend upon our community, for better or for worse. Their's seemed to have at least some strength. We sat and ate, enjoying Alfher and that is when I felt it. I looked at Aisha and she nodded as we quietly got up and went outside.

Aisha left the bag hidden on the porch as she moved the wood and prepared. Hammish walked out, and into the yard, laid first in the snow, bellowed and got up laughing. He walked to Aisha who was stunned. "Give a sword and knives woman, and something for empty my hand." She handed him a hickory stick with a knob on the end that my grandfather gave me when I was a so I had something when I wandered in case I needed it for a dog. "That is excellent but what are we fighting?" We stared at him. I know you Danael, better than you think."

"We don't know Hammish but everyone is ill at ease, and I feel something I can't explain." Wolf walked up and butted Hammish before speaking.

"There are many men, on all sides, but the most are coming from the front. There are too many for us and that was when the girls came with Jake followed by Ilsa and Irina. Sara walked up.

"You need to stay inside unless the house is ablaze. We need witches inside as well as . It will be harder for you but keep them calm." They nodded and went in as Annika and Klaara walked . "Where do you think you're going lady?"

"We're helping and you can't stop ." She slide Sara twenty feet in the snow just by looking her.

"We can't fight all of them, Dragon." I looked the girls. Can you give us some for the front?" He nodded. "Give us what you can...." The four wolves walked up, and four from behind the house. Annie scratched Wolf. and walked toward the streets

"Follow wolves," as she shifted and ran to the road." They followed, howling.

"We'll watch the other three sides but it's still a lot.' He howled and ran to the back as we all looked at each other. Chloe said,

"I'll guard the back Sara, you watch the fr...."

"No. You both stay here because you'll be needed. My ma' is a witch, too, and can take care of herself. I need the new to help. He has power I can use if I have too." We looked her, stunned, as Hammish asked Alfher. "Yes, the elf, please, because they are coming and that was when fire reigned from the and set our barn on fire. I ran, shifted, and froze the flames as I searched, and felt, for the dragon. I could feel Aisha push saying I wouldn't see him so I had to feel him, and I dove to the left, spun and banked right as I blew fire whatever flew past . It screeched as it tried to put the fire on it's wings I flew to the barn and froze the roof, wall and all of the trees around it, not solid but enough so flames wouldn't take easily. I did the same to the house as I went to find him and Aisha said drop, so I did, as fire reigned over me. He was pissed but I knew where he was because I could smell him as I chased him and and froze his tail and back legs. He screeched as he fell and I dove toward him from an angle. He was of balance and fell in a wobble as I gained speed. I was aiming for his head but his body shifted and I ripped one the wings off. The roar of agony hurt but I didn't stop. He turned his back to as he fell and I ripped off the other wing as I grabbed him and and flew him .

I turned and dove toward the ground, gaining I could hear Aisha saying i was going to fast but I went faster. "Dragon, you can't pull that speed which I knew, if this didn't work I was dead but I went faster toward the large rock in the side yard by the barn. I could her Aisha, Sara, and Chloe screaming for to stop, and that was when I shifted and the other dragon slammed into the rock breaking his back. Everyone was looking for me but I was at Hammish's. There weren't as many, and they hadn't set anything on fire but I snapped all of them for the wolves, the pigs, or Gaia. I did the same with their house, and barn too. Their wolf-and mate ran up and howled. I landed and pushed and told them what was happening. They yipped as two more wolves ran up. I flew back to Irina's and the fight on the road. I flew over all of them and roared and then turned....

'....Drakon and his mates came running of the woods as men were going inside the to the animals and attacked them. Drakon's mates were killing the four in the barn and Drakon turned at the entrance as men with swords were approaching. He growled and moved foward.'

'....Emily screamed, "Jake, stop." Men were coming from all sides after getting past the wolves. They killed as fast as they could but there too many men, and they had weapons. "Jake." He ran and shifted into the largest wolverine I had ever seen ever. He pushed to Drakon as he plowed into the three on the right. The others froze as they heard screaming and Drakon attacked, protecting his home. Jake ran up.

"Stay here, Drakon. Keep the barn safe and watch the back." Drakon howled as Jake ran back, reveling in the wolverine but he was too late. There were too many, and too close, but Sara was calm. He ran toward them as fast as he could but Sara stopped him.

"Go back to the barn NOW, Jake." She pushed him and he ran to the barn as Emily screamed and everyone she could see, except Sara and the wolves, yelled in agony before falling. They were alive, but blind. The ones in the back didn't far as well. forty men came from the forest on three sides. Chloe could have ended them but didn't, instead she waited.

"Alfher asked what he should do?' Annika took his hand, calmly, and said,

"nothing but wait. I want them all to come because I don't want to hurt the trees. I need your power to help because there are more than I can deal with alone." Chloe watched....

.... I came back around as Annie and the wolves moved into the forest on either side of the road and turned those men into ash, except for the one who fell off his . I roared and flew off as Annie and the wolves came . Annie shifted and disarmed him, grabbed his , and lead him back to the house. Two wolves stayed with her, following in the woods, which the didn't like, while the rest circled around to join the pack. I flew to Aisha, and the dragon, because I new she would be there. He was hurt badly. Dragons can heal quickly, and can't be killed easily, but some injuries are more than can be overcome. It didn't matter. I landed next to him.

"Who sent you, brother?" He looked at me but could barely move. "Who, Dreka?" His eyes widened, and his mind opened and I saw it. "How many of us are there?' He gave up.

"Marnne isn't one of us. You and I are the last from the monastery in Tibet, which you destroyed, that's why Dreka sent me. not sure if there are others"

"I didn't destroy the Monastery, brother. I ended the monks because they had turned to the dark but new monks were brought in. It's still there." He stared ....

'What do I do?"

"Hold. Annika pulled from Alfher, and who knows where else, and she pushed outward, and they ceased to be, but two hundred feet and there were still men coming of the trees. Hammish and Ilsa walked around the corner and Chloe stopped them. "I can't do anything else, Alfher." He nodded and walked toward them as Ilsa gasped. Chloe touched her and said to watch, that she'd be sure it was OK.

Alfher walked toward the men, who laughed. He stopped and waited so all of them came of the trees, which was smart, They all walked and were coming him from three sides. He knelt, grabbed the ground, Gaia, and raised his hand to as the moon started to turned to blood. The men yelled but it was too late as a ball of lightning obliterate them, leaving nothing but char marks. Alfher looked around and then collapsed as Ilsa screamed and both her and Hammish ran to him. Annika looked at Chloe.

"Is he OK?"

"He'll be fine love. I wanted you to realize that power isn't everything. You needed him to stop them at two hundred yard, and it wasn't the bulk of them. What if you didn't have Alfher?" Anna stared at her. "You both have abilities but neither of you know what you have, or how to harness it. You're arrogant because you are ." Annika growled and pushed Chloe, which was a huge mistake because she took what Anna had left, and sent her tumbling toward Alfher, who growled and ran toward Chloe, Ilsa and Hammish screamed for him to stop. He was stronger than Anna and was pulling energy from the ground as he ran, getting madder, which is what Chloe was looking for, what we were all looking for. You can't help someone you don't understand.

He yelled and threw a ball of energy at her and Chloe caught like she was playing catch and threw it back to him, which he wasn't expecting. It knocked him twenty feet back and into the snow. He lay there as Ilsa screamed. He got up like a mad hornet, which is what Wolf was talking about, and he ran at Chloe as she smiled. Sara walked around the corner because everything was pretty much over. He yelled as Chloe put out her hand and pushed. Her energy his momentum and it pushed him to his parent who were fifty behind him, and then she lifted him in the air.

"Which way do you want fly Elf?" Ilsa and Hammish looked her, like they didn't know her because they didn't. "I understand part of your anger. We all do, your Ma more than any of us, but now your anger is stronger than their love and I won't have it Elf, none of us will because we are all stronger than you, even Annika but she can't control it yet. You have a choice, Elf, either embrace the family who already loves you, or I will break Ilsa and Hammish's heart and send you back to your kind. It's a different world elf. Have a nice walk and think about it." Chloe flung him to the spring as Ilsa howled. Hammish grabbed as Chloe walked up.

"Alfher is fine, his ego is bruised, which it needs. He has great power and great anger, and you chose the right name because his line is Elven, but there two lines and the Elves decide to which they belong. It was a long time ago but obviously things are changing." Ilsa stared at her.

"What are you saying?" Sara walked up.

"Chloe is saying that you and Hammish chose an interesting to adopt, or he chose interesting parents. You picked the name for a reason, and we are all together for a reason. He is not a bad , he is an an angry , for many justifiable reasons, who has great power that he doesn't understand. The same is true of Annika and we have to temper it while praising their ability...." and that is when Alfher walked of the darkness growling. The wolves stood by unsure what to do because we were all family. He went toward Chloe as Ilsa stepped in front of him and slapped him so hard he turned to the side.

"Enough Alfher! ENOUGH!." He looked at her like a lost and she opened her arms as he hugged her and sobbed because he had just killed more people than he had ever known in his life. Hammish walked up and hugged both of them as Chloe hugged Annika and they and Sara walked back to the front to check on Emily and Jake....

....... Dreka said you destroyed the monastery's and all the monks.

"I destroyed the monks that Dreka was using to harm my family, and betray everything we were taught, nothing more. You can ask Gaia. She'll tell you. He looked at and closed his eyes. Several minutes later he opened them and looked at .

" sorry, brother." I shook my head.

'You believed a lie and thought it was real, but now we have two of which may not work given your condition. I can you and send you to either fire, or water, or I can try and take you to the energy falls in Gaia so you can heal, and be safe from Dreka. We don't have much time because he sent you here and you failed. He will know soon enough.

'Take me to Gaia, brother so I can help you when i am healed." Aisha looked at me, smiled, and nodded as she walked away.

"Don't read anything into this," as I climbed on top of him to try and shift us both and that was when Ama walked of the darkness and looked us.

"You are a very strange dragon, now get off of him unless there is something your wives should know about. We both laughed. "You can't take him there, but I can and you need to stay here. "Don't do anything dumb, Danael, and they were gone." I shifted and fell to my knees as Aisha came up next to me.

"Are you OK?" I nodded and asked how everything else was. "Fine, we have a strong family. Do you remember the man on the road that you spared...with the ?" I nodded. "We have them both and he was in charge, the man not the ." I smiled as she kissed me on the lips. "You did well dragon, but you scared me." I grabbed her hand.

" remembering more of when I was a a dragon, but I had help. Thank you, love." She nodded. "Is Hammish and Ilsa's house and barn OK?"

"Fine, his dog, and mate, came back and protected it after you left. It was smart to partially freeze the buildings from the dragon but you couldn't do that inside. I guess that's why it's called a TEAM, mister." She punched me and stormed off as I stared at her,, confused. Holy crap. I walked to the barn to check on it and both Em and Jake ran at me as they hugged me.

"Da&#39?. Emily started crying as I picked her up, knelt, and sat with her in my lap. She sobbed because of what she had done. It was different for Jake and I because we need to protect them. They were both unexpected, but not surprising. When we're shifted there is no morality, no right or wrong, there is protect all and when it's done, it's done. Emily didn't have the benefit of that, and she was . Shit, they were all , and most of them were pregnant too boot. Emily sobbed into my chest as all the girls huddled around her, holding and touching her until Chloe said,

'"Come on love, let's go show you why you did what did. They all got up and walked away without a word. Jake helped me up and we checked on the animals. They had settled and were sleeping. Hammish and Alfher walked in.

"I told him about your gift, given all that happened." Alfher hugged me.

"Don't just stand there, grab a piece of too Jake. I'll fill you in later. We walked out of the barn as the town people were leaving. They new something had happened but there were no bodies, maybe it'd been better if we let them watch. The sad part was that none of us wanted any of this. We all missed Denver. Jake and I followed Hammish and Alfher so we could end this night. Alfher looked at me as his family and closest friends gathered around.

"What do I do, uncle?"

"You the wolves, ."


"Push and ask Wolf and his pack to join us. I can't tell you how you do that, but you can." Alfher looked to the woods and the wolves came from all around and there were howls from the distance. Wolf howled and other wolves showed up, and then others. There weren't many and the packs seemed to know each other. Hammish and I walked back to the barn and cut two of the last three halves into quarters and carried them back, neither of us knowing what to say. I pushed to wolf.

"Are these friends?" He said yes, that they branched off from the old pack like they had. They're friends. Is that for them?' We nodded and he nodded.

"Wolf, I am not like Danael, and it will take me time to learn your language, and your ways, but I want to offer your pack this in thanks for helping my family." Wolf walked up and smelled it as I told Alfer there were two other packs here now, that he called. Alfher stared and at me as Wolf howled and wolves came to take the<b> meat </font></b>away as Wolf, and his mate, walked up to Alfher. The she wolf walked up and sat as she at looked him.

"She wants you to scratch her neck and shoulders, and behind her ears. We all do that because we have fingers, and it feels good." He did and she butted him and ran off.

"You have two other packs that you called here unintentionally. Your dad and I brought<b> meat </font></b>for them as a gift, just play it cool.

"There are two other packs here." They howled. Will the first members please come forward, you are safe." sorry, but I am just learning to speak your language but you are welcome here. My uncle speaks for me as I learn." This was going to be interesting. The wolf, and his mate, walked up to us. They looked at him of respect, and then looked .

"You can speak with us?'

"Yes, welcome."

"How is it that he can us from such a distance but can't speak for himself?"

"He's and is learning his abilities. He surprised all of us by calling you, and the other pack. He was trying to call Wolf's pack." The she wolf walked up, as did Sara. They were both dressed in white and looked each other.

" Ishtah. We are from the mountains beyond your mountains and have been scouting since the winter was so hard."

" Sara and this is my husband, Danael and our nephew, Alfher. Welcome to you and your pack."

"There is much death here, Sara."

"Yes Ishtah, we have people angry with us but we protect our family...our pack." She nodded. "How can he us from such a distance?"

"I have the same answer as my husband, we don't know but he is learning quickly. It may because this gift to the pack that helps us was a surprise to him and didn't know the extent of the message he sent. It was offered to him on behalf of Danael so Alfher would feel more comfortable with the wolves and realize the strength of friendships, but after this night there should be no doubt about the benefit of strength and alliances." Ishtar looked at Sara and walked up to me.

"You are the Dragon?" I nodded "We would like to make an alliance with you even though we are too far to help with sudden things like this," as she looked around. I nodded. "We know Wolf because we are all family, even though we are different packs and that complicates things. Packs split apart like clans. Yes, dragon?"

"Yes, what is it you, and your pack want, Ishtah?"

"Your help during winter if they are as bad this one. Yours was worse, but ours was bad. If ours was like yours then most of the pack would have died.

"And in return, Ishtah?"

"We will stand by you and help where we are, or where we are called and offer your family passage and protection through our land." Hammish said that is where his family is

"We have family on your side of the mountain as well." She nodded. "Do you have a ?"

"Yes, why?"

"Have her to , through you." Sara stared . I shifted and was gone and came back with Ishtah's and set her down as I shifted back. " sorry. I didn't mean to scare her but I wanted to know where your pack is from, the region. I can take her back. I didn't hurt her. Ishtah's walked up to .

"You smell dragon, but that was fun. Please take me back." I nodded, shifted and took her back before I shifted in front of them

"You can on when you need , but then, and I will not deplete the deer to save your pack. Agreed?' She nodded as Alfher and Hammish brought up the<b> meat </font></b>and Sara followed.

"Since Alfher called you unexpectedly we will take back so you don't have to journey so far and you can enjoy the<b> meat </font></b>with with your pack. Will you trust me?" Ishtah nodded as Sara opened the mist and told them to follow her to their home. She came back and we did the same with the other pack Alfher called to us, from even farther away but they were exploring like Ishtah's pack. We were uncertain what to make of Alfher, but he was family and we had done our work. Alfher would be learning from the wolves with Malinka and Sofi, and now we just needed to figure how to deal with everything else and get , Klaara, and Annika back in time to work with a witch. I shook my head as we walked inside. I hoped there was still something left to eat. I looked at the man leading the troops that came for us and growled...

" Danael, and you and I are going to have .

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
1/25/2022 2:03 pm

Great writing and fast moving , all I can say is this is epic and still there is more for them to work through Dreka is playing games but Daniel has saved the dragon will he be able to help Daniel.

Alfher is something else needs training and should be good once he learns and gains wisdom.

I think I need to read the ;last few episodes again so as not to miss anything .

cjg045 70M  
92 posts
1/26/2022 12:20 am

Again Daniel all of this excitement going on . This threat was eliminated & more powers were discovered by all. Way too much going on , I have to reread this chapter to make sure i didn't miss anything. Thank You Daniel, JOE

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