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take me part 600...edited.  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
1/28/2022 12:48 pm
take me part 600...edited.

I walked out of the mist and stared at the door without realizing that I hadn't fallen. I exhaled and walked inside as the grief devastated me all over again but at least I was expecting it. Malinka saw me first, cried and ran to me as Irina followed. They both hugged and bit me, which I didn't feel at all. 'I'm sorry I wasn't here." They just kept biting me and crying as everyone gathered around and touched us. They were all deeply saddened but not like the three of us. The house seemed empty, lifeless, and we had many things to consider and discuss. Malinka and Irina let go and asked if I was hungry and I shook my head no as we all went to sit by the fire. Jake and Emily hugged me, crying, because they loved Sofi, like all of us, but they had never seen me distraught before. I wasn't going to hide my pain and the hole I felt inside of me. Malinka and Irina sat on either side of me as everyone else got as close as possible.

"Sara told us that you were fine, just lost for a time. Where did you go?" Everyone was curious about that.

"I'm not sure. I don't remember much of it I just walked and ran until Ishtah's pack found me. I saw Sofi and our little girl, or who she would have been. They smiled and waved and were gone and that was when Ishtah told me I had been there for two days. I had no idea and I'm sorry. I should have been here." Everyone was silent until Sara spoke.

"Bears are bears for a reason Daniel, there is plenty of love in this home so stop. You carry too much as it is." Irina and Malinka hugged me as everyone else nodded. I looked around. "Hammish took him until you came back and we decided what to do with him because sooner or later Dreka will know his plan failed, and the man who sent those troops will understand the same thing, but we have a bit of time to just be a family." I nodded. We spent the next two days just loving each other and learning a new way of being that only had Sofi's memory. Irina and Malinka gradually moved back into their routine but would clench me during the night. Everyone knew that we had decisions to make and things to do. It was noon on the second day I had been back, four days since Sofi died as we were preparing the noon meal.

"I need to check on Elisabeth and Karin, and spend a couple of hours at the cave on Iceland. I won't be gone long, I promise, but there are decisions to be made and one in particular is very important." There was dead silence until Irina walked up and kissed me, followed by Malinka.

"We'll see you when you return, husband. Please bring us a gift from the sea." They smiled, kissed me and went back to the kitchen with everyone except Sara and Chloe who walked outside with me.

"That was easier than expected."

"We are all learning to accept the loss of Sofi and the baby. It'll take time but life doesn't care about such things and we are alive. We know what you are considering and it's wise think about such things in Iceland, especially for you. We'll be fine because we have a strong family." I kissed both of them and opened the mist as i walked to Hammish and Ilsa's because I needed to figure out what to do with Jukka. I walked out at the barn, and didn't fall, but I wasn't going to jinx it, as Hammish and Alfher walked out, smiling. Hammish hugged me like he was trying to break me in half as Alfher laughed.

"We've missed you, brother." He looked sad, as did Alfher.

"It's OK, Hammish, grief takes time but there are still things that need to be done. How is Jukka?"

"Come see for yourself, he is quite the blacksmith. I think he has lost the taste for conflict, but he misses his family." His language is similar enough that we can communicate. He is worried about his family." I nodded as Ilsa walked up, hugged me, kissed my cheek, and went back inside. "It's hard for all of us, brother." I nodded as we walked into the barn. Jukka smiled when he saw me. He shared condolences knowing that they were pointless but it was all any of them could offer.

"Hi Jukka, Hammish says that you are quite a blacksmith." He nodded. "We need to discuss what to do with you." His smiled faded, which would have been my reaction too but I had enough of death. I knew it wouldn't stay out of my life forever but for now I'd rather find another option. "If I let you go what would you do considering you are the lone survivor of a large contingent of soldiers? It'll be hard to explain." He nodded. "You mentioned going back to Finland," he smiled and nodded. "I'm getting the sense that Hammish wouldn't mind having you stay around here." Hammish nodded. "Staying here is problematic if this Count of yours is intent on taking this land." Jukka looked at me.

"I wasn't sure about you, any of you, but I am now. You are similar to my family, and my wife's. The Count wants this land for himself and will use force to seize it. What I said about ships is accurate, among other things, but the Duke wants them." Hammish looked at me and I had an idea.

"Your were Captain in the Duke's elite guard, yes?" He nodded. "So the Duke knows you, correct." He nodded. "Will this Count come here, again?"

"He has a huge ego, so yes, at some point, but he doesn't have the men to spare, especially for personal gain because he serves at the pleasure of the Duke." I nodded and looked at Hammish.

"Is the house you found livable?" He nodded saying it still needed some work and the spring had to be dug out and filled in with rock but it was ready. " Jukka, I am going take to you back to your family so that you can pack some belongings and then I'll bring you back here but you'll need to trust me. It won't take much longer because they'll figure out that they failed in their attempt. I have other things to do but I'd rather have your family safe here while we figure out the next step. Does that sound like something you are OK with?" He nodded. "I need you to take my hand and think about your home, envision it, he did as I opened the mist and we walked in the front room of a lovely home in a small town in Estonia. His wife came out of the kitchen, screamed, and feinted as Jukka ran to her while I looked outside. It was nice here and would be hard to leave but being free was more important to a lot of people and I suspected Jukka was one of them. It also fit into the idea I was having. Jukka hugged his wife and helped her up as he told a bit of what was happening.

"Danael, this my wife Eluta. This is Danael." I nodded at her and smiled. He told her about leaving for a bit to keep them safe from the Count. She stared at him. "It's only a matter of time until they come here trying to figure out what happened and I don't want you or the here. We can deal with the house later but we need to go in order to be safe. Danael said that he would get us to Finland." She stared at me and asked if that was true. I smiled and nodded but said they needed to pack quickly, anything we could carry or touch. She stared at him, scared. I would be too but she went to pack clothes and personal items, she packed for the , who were at school, and for her and Jukka as he opened the floor and took out coins and papers and put them in his satchel. Eluta walked into the kitchen and filled empty flour bags with jars, butter, honey, dried<b> meat </font></b>and fish, rye flour, her favorite pans, knives, utensils. She took blankets and pillows. Jukka put a rope around the their dog, grabbed their cat and gave it Eluta to hold and put the chickens and rooster in baskets. He tied the milk cow and the two goats and looked me as I smiled. I wasn't about to say no after what happened. Jukka put his tools in a bag so he could earn money and that was when the two walked in, a girl about sevn and a boy fiv. Jukka and Eluta spoke with them. They ran back to their room and grabbed their favorite toys and walked out. There was nothing constant except change.

Jukka put a bag over his daughters shoulder and neck so it was behind her and Eluta gave her the cat telling her not to let go. She nodded. Jukka put out the fire, put a bag around his sons shoulder as he and I picked up the heavier bags, two around our neck. I took two bags in my hand Jukka took one. Eluta did the same with the kitchen things as we walked outside as there was a knock on the door. Jukka tied the bags to the cow as I opened the mist. I told them it would fine and to touch the person in front of them and to keep walking. The knocking turned into banging as we walked into the mist and back to Hammish's. Jukka went last. We all walked out, which surprised the hell out of me, even the animals. Everyone looked around, stunned , as Ilsa and Hammish walked up.

"Alfher, please go to Irina's and tell them that we have guests here and to bring the wagon." He nodded and ran because he wanted to be with the wolves. Drakon and his mate yipped and followed as the other dogs howled because they were closed off. "Jukka, I'll be back and we caan discuss things but your family is welcome here. We'll figure things out later." He nodded. I hugged Hammish and Ilsa and told them I'd be back soon and went to Gotland.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
1/28/2022 1:43 pm

Good flow and/ or transition from one issue to the next, Daniel will still have to deal with the Duke and Count, but he has time. The grief and emotional toll of Sofi's and daughters passing will be with for the rest of his life. However, he is moving forward with bringing Jakka's family to Hannish's / Irina's.

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