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take me part 601...edited  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
1/28/2022 3:27 pm
take me part 601...edited

The weight of losing Sofi, and our unborn , was a devastation that I would carry for a long time but it didn't stop everything else from happening, and the things we needed to do. I hated that I was gone for two days but I knew that our family would take care of Irina and Malinka. The three of us needed to find a way to deal with the loss while moving forward and doing the things we needed to. I was hoping Jukka's family would help Irina and Malinka with something else to focus on beside their usual routine. I walked onto Gotland and Elisabeth and Karin tackled me as the rest of the Elves climbed on for good measure as they all laughed. I couldn't help but smile but shifted into the dragon, and shook, sending people tumbling in all directions. I shifted back as they all stood and laughed and Elisabeth and Karin walked up. Karin stared at me, hugged me, and said she was sorry for my loss as Elisabeth stared at us. "I'll tell you later Lisbet."

"How are the Elves adapting? Karin smiled and said well.

"Is it true that you released all of us? I nodded and told her I had spoken with Aerin but that Ama and Gaia weren't pleased. Karin stared at me in disbelief. "Do you know who Aerin is?" I shook my head. "She is the of the leader of the Elves." "I told her that she was very nice.

"I need a favor, Karin and you and Elisabeth can help me." They both smiled. I need three beautiful, large shells." She nodded. "I'm curious why the other Elves have stayed and didn't go to their homeland..

"They like this place, and I have Lisbet. They are intrigued by humans and being a Siren is all they have known. There is great freedom being able to swim in the oceans but also walk on the land." I nodded. "They, we, have brought you many gifts for your caves, and we will bring others when we go into the water. Our debt to you is great, Dragon. We will find you the most amazing shells, Danael, won't we? Lisbet nodded and kissed me as they ran and dove into the strait as Ama was walking up. She hugged me as I collapsed into her.

"It never gets easy Dragon, even as strong you are such a loss will try and destroy each time but nothing ever dies dear one, as you saw in your dream. You can take solace that they will move onward together once they leave the center and venture back onto the spiral of life." I nodded. "Let's walk, shall we?" I extended my arm, she smiled and took it as we strolled toward town. "You, my friend, are an oddity." I smiled and nodded. You're father was a protector and your Ma' was of the highest order of the Druids and you seem to have received a fair helping of both. Joseph watches over you, even though it may not appear as such, but there is little for him to do, except watch, and smile, because protecting those you love, and even those you don't, is embedded within you, same with your Ma's gifts. You have an uncanny knack of doing the right thing, dragon." I laughed, which felt good.

"My mom would shake her head and say that I was an unconscious competent." Ama smiled and nodded. How are they, Ama?" "Saddened, like the rest of us but engaged in things they can't leave." I nodded. Gaia and I thought that you made a huge mistake releasing the Elves from the sea, but Haagerstadt spoke with Gaia while you played with his new mate because he was there when they bound, but also knew them before they fell. It made me recall many things, Dragon. We were both surprised that they simply followed Aerin home."

"Why Ama? Why would it surprise either of you that they would want to go back to their home and people?" She was quiet for a bit.

"Because we have become jaded, Danael. We have stayed for too long but there weren't those worthy to take over. You are all beginning to guide us because we realize that you becoming too powerful to stop, even if we wanted to. Each of you, even dear Sofi, has a center that is pure, untainted by the desire of greed, or power. Neither of us can fault anything that you have done which is why this idea you are contemplating, the reason you go to Iceland, is<b> receiving </font></b>great latitude. We expect that you will consider all of the consequences of that choice. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, just consider it." I nodded. "Finally, Aelfraed, the leader of the Elves, would like to meet you and your family when you can. He rarely brings humans to his realm so it is a huge honor, Danael," and that was when Aerin walked up and hugged me. Ama smiled and walked away.

"I am sorry, Danael, we all are but it was her choice, for her own reasons. I am glad you were able to there before she passed, and that you were able to see them as they would have been." I nodded with tears in my eyes and Karin and Elisabeth came back with shells and Karin bowed as Elisabeth looked at her and then Aerin, confused. "Stop being silly Karin and stand like an Elf." Karin smiled and introduced Lisbet to the woman who would become Queen of the Elves. Aerin hugged her. "You are the Dragon that serves, and protects this island?" Elisabeth blushed and nodded. "I hear that you are also quite adept at knocking Danael to the ground and making him roll." I looked at Elisabeth.

"Don't you do it, young lady," and she disappeared. "Great and that's when she hit me and rolled us three times, shifted, and kissed me, laughing as her and Karin helped me up.

"You quite adept at that Lisbet but I have something for you, Karin, and the other Elves to do for me in the seas." Aerin looked at me as I was gauging. "Times have changed dragon." She showed them drawings as the other Elves gathered around. "They would be well hidden, maybe even scattered. Please do your best to find them, loves." They nodded as the ran to the strait and dove in.

"Something I should be concerned about?" She smiled and softly kissed me.

"You released countless Elves into my care against the wishes of Ama, and Gaia so I figure it won't be that big of a deal. It's the sword, shield, and armor of our leader. It's ours and we want it back, Danael." I nodded because I couldn't fault them for that. "My father wants to meet all of when you find time to breath and take a break. It's a huge honor, Danael."

"I know, Aerin, I just have loose ends I need to tie up."

"We understand love. I am very sorry for your loss, for all of you. There are none of us who aren't devastated by the unexpected loss of one such as Sofi, but I have a gift for you from my people. Close your eyes." I did as Aerin touched my heart and space opened and I was in her realm and there they both were, smiling at me. I stared at Aerin and asked how this could be? "They have decided to merge paths. This is who they your be would had she had she lived. Elven magic is as old as yours, Dragon. I could give you this."

"Can they see me?"

"Yes. Danael. They can't speak but they can touch you all though what you see is what they would have been. They are energy now." I stared at them, smiling as they waved, with tears streaming down my face." I looked at Aerin and asked her to show me what how they looked like now." She nodded and Sofi, and our , Aethelind, were like a mirage as they moved toward me and I opened my arms. I could feel them hugging me, and kissing me, and then they merged into me and were gone as I looked at Aerin.

"You are an interesting Dragon, which is saying alot."

"Thank you, Aerin." She nodded.

"I wish I could do the same for Irina, and especially Malinka, but they are too young. It's important that you have closure because they need you...they all need you, and there are forces that are unpleased by what have done, and what you will do." I nodded as Elisabeth and Karin walked onto the shore with a sword and a shield. Aerin looked at it, and smiled as they laid them in front of her. Aerin touched their cheeks and said thank you. Karin knew what it meant but Lisbet didn't, only that it was important to Karin, and that was enough and that was when the two oldest elves brought the armor and laid both pieces on the ground and Aerin didn't hesitate. She bound them and sent them home, finally for them. I wondered if I had made a mistake. I didn't think so but I saw the other elves struggling with a very large chest. I shifted into the dragon as they stepped aside, picked it up and set it down in front of Aerin, Karin and Elisabeth. I shifted and watched from the side because I smelled. The townspeople came out to watch. It wasn't odd for them because these were their legends come to life. Aerin looked at the elves?

"Are there others?" They nodded as she looked me and Ama walked up again. Aerin nodded as she opened it. It was filled with scrolls, papers, manuscripts, all undamaged. Aerin fell to her knees and sobbed as I knelt beside her, and held her hand. She looked at the Elves, and Lisbet. "Please bring me the rest. You will be well compensated with land and gold." They ran and dove as I looked at Ama and then Aerin. She put her hands on the books and scrolls. "We thought they were lost forever. These are the ancient writings of the Elves, from the beginning. I'm not sure how many there are because I always thought it was a legend."

"There are eighteen, Aerin, for the original tribes of Elves. I will return to your people what they don't find but I am curious to see how many they can find. Danael has shown me least that it is time to move forward, as bumpy a road as that might entail. Aerin nodded as I hugged them and said goodbye. I had slowed time down but I missed my family. I went to Iceland, to my cave, and shifted into the bear as I lumbered toward the ocean.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
1/28/2022 7:24 pm

Part 601 - Posted by D. at 5;27pm, now 9;21 pm, 4 hours , still not up on his Blog. Go figure, Messing up again.

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
1/29/2022 2:45 pm

Hi CLaw and D seems to take even longer when on a UK connection.

Got to say though the story is really moving along and a really good read.

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