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take me part 604... edite and tweaked.  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
1/29/2022 8:47 pm
take me part 604... edite and tweaked.

Chloe stayed with Jake and Emily and were going to go back to Iceland but everyone else was still here. I can't say that I was surprised by Malinka because and her and Sofi were more than just sisters and she was still here in their view of things. It seemed that once we got rid of one threat then three more sprang up. I went to the barn to feed the animals as Drakon and his mates sat in front of me to be petted. "You dodged a bullet." He barked and they ran off to join the wolves for whatever they were doing. I sure wished life was that simple. I cleaned the stalls and fed the animals and was getting ready to dump the manure when I looked up and Sofi was standing in the doorway of the barn, smiling at me. She turned and walked away as I followed her across the drive and into the field to the west. I trotted to catch up but she was always a few yards out of reach. She walked into the trees as I sat down with tears in my eyes. Wolf walked up and nudged me before lying down.

"You saw your woman?" I nodded as I wiped my eyes. He was silent as we watched the sun set. and I told him about Sassa staying on Iceland. He nodded because injured wolves didn't last in a pack. I scratched his shoulders and walked back to the house wondering if this was going to be my life... seeing Sofi and never being able to speak with her again. Sara and Chloe were standing by the gate waiting for me. I knew they were worried about. They hugged me as I walked up.

"You saw Sofi?" I nodded as I wrapped my arms around them.

"Can you speak to Irina and Malinka when I'm not around, and understand them?" They looked at me like I was crazy but then thought about it because they didn't they know the language. They both nodded "I'd like Irina and Malinka, and everyone else, to see a doc and find midwives. They like the mist and I'd rather they have their babies there. I don't want to lose anyone else." They both kissed me and nodded as we walked inside. Irina and Malinka walked up and hugged me.

"Are you angry with us, Danael? We saw you walking across the field." I kissed them both and hugged them and told them not at all. They smiled as we set the table. We were trying to get back to normal but it was odd for all of us because we expected Sofi to run in at any minute. It's amazing how people play such a pivotal role in our lives that we never realize until they aren't there. We were almost finished when Sara spoke.

"We want you and Malinka to stay with us for several days so that we can all go to the<b> doctor </font></b>to check on our babies, and ourselves. Our medicine is very advanced. None of us expected any issues because we are all young and healthy but as we sadly learned complications can happen. Daniel will stay here and clean up the poop." They all laughed, which nice to hear. "You can come back when we're done but there will need to be regular visits which means you'll both have visit more than once." They both smiled and nodded. Well at least I wasn't wrong about my thought of sending them there. Chloe put a bag down in front Irina and Malinka as they stared at her, confused.

"You asked Daniel to bring you something something from the ocean." They at looked the girls, and then me, and smiled as Irina slid the bag to Malinka who clapped and, reached inside, and took out three large conch shells that were exquisite, both them gasped and teared because there were three. They got up and hugged me as they cried both happy and sad tears.

I started clearing the table and told them to take the shells and enjoy the fire. They nodded and walked to their version of a couch. Doing dishes here was way different. Irina walked up hugged and turned me around as she kissed me. "Thank you." I smiled.

"You saw Sofi, didn't you? That's why you were walking across the field." I looked at Malinka who was finally smiling again with the girls and nodded. "It's a ghost, Danael."

"I don't believe in ghosts, Irina. I believe in person spirit, but not ghosts. She 's not haunting me, she smiled at me in the barn just like she always did. I'll take what I can get for as long as i can but I know I belong here. I need to get some of the silver for Jukka and his family until we can work out selling their house for them, or until they can get someone to handle it. They had a nice house in a lovely town by the sea north of here. I thought they would like to stay because there is good land here but family is important as I hip bumped her and she splashed water on me. "How are the letters and numbers going, and writing?"

"She smiled, sadly," and said fine and we both dropped it. There would be a lot of that until there wasn't. We went to sit down. Malinka got up and Irina and I sat as she curled up in our laps. Sara grabbed a book she brought, Mark Twain...The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and she read to us, but mainly to Irina and Malinka. It took about fifteen minutes for Malinka to doze of, smiling, and maybe twenty for Irina. She stopped and looked at me. I smiled and told them to go to bed because I wasn't about to disturb them. They put a blanket around us, more wood on the fire, and kissed me as Irina and Malinka folded in on me and we fell asleep. We were all exhausted. I woke just before dawn and we hadn't moved. I yawned and went back to sleep until I smelled bacon. I was lying on my side. I sat up and smiled as i stretched and Malinka came over and climbed onto me.

"Breakfast is almost ready, mister. Thank you for not disturbing us last night. It was the best sleep we've had since Sofi " She kissed me. "I'm sorry for wanting to st...." I put my hand on her mouth.

"Never apologize for something you feel in your heart, Malinka." She smiled, kissed me and pulled me up.

"Come on, it's getting cold." I was going to have figure something out.... we were all going to have to figure something out. We went to share breakfast and were all smiling.

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