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take me part 606... edited, again  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
1/30/2022 5:16 pm
take me part 606... edited, again

I hugged Ilsa as everyone else was finishing loading the wagons to at least give Jukka some comfort in an empty house while we dealt with the Count and the Duke. We finished and Ilsa and Irina went in to make lunch as i spoke with Jukka, and Hammish as everyone listened. "Hammish do still have the coins you made?" He nodded and went inside and came back with a leather bag. I handed him the silver I brought from Norway. "Can we swap? I want Jukka's family to be able to provide for themselves until we get things worked out here. He swapped out blank silver coins for the bars I brought. I handed them to Jukka as he stared at me, and then us. "You can us back when you figure things out and sell your property.

"Why would you do such a thing after we tried to hurt you?" The girls hugged him and Sara told him that this wasn't an easy place to live and all we wanted to was to be left alone and that he seemed to want the same thing. Jukka. He nodded. I told them we'd back soon and I opened the mist as Malinka walked .

"I want to go with you," I nodded as we walked to the place we took Jukka's family. They weren't expecting us, and were alarmed, but they recognized him and yelled in Finnish as Eluta and his ran and hugged him. They introduced us and Jukka told them he wanted to check and see how they were as he quietly handed her the bag of coins. She nodded and smiled at me. I asked if Malinka and I could walk around and they said yes as everyone went about their business and the Juuka and Eluta talked as a family.

" It looks similar to were we live, and also Norway, but closer to the ocean." I nodded as she took my hand. I could feel her thinking about Norway. Their life was a good one, simple, loving, but hard, as it was with most people across time. I wasn't going to push because none of these decisions were easy. Jukka waved at us.

"Where's your family?"

"They went to get their bags. We can stay here, or we can go to my family, but they want to be with me until that happens. Is that OK?" Malinka and I both nodded and said of course. Eluta told her people and said goodbye as I opened the mist and we walked out at Hammish's as the girls were getting ready to go inside. Everyone smiled, especially Ilsa and Irina as they hugged them. They didn't have a lot compared to what we did in the future which was why having family and friends was so important. I hoped they stayed because they would be a welcome addition. Jukka handed the silver to me and we all shook our heads. We have to go into town tomorrow and you there are things you need until we work this out." They nodded as we went inside for soup, bread and honey. We got them unloaded at the house. Irina and Ilsa gave them what they could spare so they could cook, and have something to sleep on, and under. We took firewood. It wasn't ideal but it was their own space.

Hammish, Jukka, Alfher and I dug out the spring and lined it with river rocks so it looked similar to Irina's, but closer to the house. We sealed off the fireplaces as best we could with old blankets, climbed on the roof and cleaned them with fir branches to make sure nothing was living in them that would stop the draw of smoke. They weren't as bad as any of us thought. Nothing was ever clean there but we did the best we could and started fires so they would have a good bed of coals for dinner which was, again, provided by Ilsa and Irina sharing what they had. Everyone having a was better than someone having nothing when community was vital. The house was closer to Ilsa and Hammish than it was to us which meant it was farther from town, which was good. The girls helped them get settled and unpacked and made plans for going to town the next day. The rest of us, including Malinka walked around the land. Malinka was sticking pretty close, and I suspected both her and Irina would be for awhile.

There was a small stone barn that needed repair and the roof patched but it was something and not in terrible shape. There was an old fence along the road all the way to a side road. I needed to go exploring which Malinka might like. She didn't get to ride on the bear very often. Jukka knelt and dug into the Earth.

"It's good soil," as he stood and looked around. We nodded in silent agreement because it was good land. Someone had cared for it. There was a large cleared field which would be good for hay, and smaller ones that still had rocks that needed to be cleared but they could help with the barn. The stream ran in front of the house but was deeper, and faster, which meant there might be fish, but regardless it would be a good source of water for cleaning, and cooking, or even drinking, after it was boiled. There were fruit trees and berries, both of which were over grown, and there was a dense forest at the back. I looked at Hammish.

"You and Ilsa did well, this is a good homestead." Everyone nodded as Hammish smiled. Jukka kept looking around as we watched .

"We could stay here until we get things worked out with our house?" We nodded. "It's nice, and there are things Eluta would want to bring, of course, but it is more crowded there, and not a lot of land at our house. Eluta's family were farmers and fishermen. Malinka walked and hugged him, which I was surprised at, as was Hammish because he glanced at me and smiled.

"Your family is welcome here Jukka. Spring will be here quickly and this is good land. It needs a good family and my husband and Hammish could use help.... we all could use the help. If you choose to go back to this Finland we'll understand because family is a strong pull, but see how this place fits you and your family. Change is never easy but you have friends here." Malinka walked and hugged me as I whispered and her asked how she got so smart. She smiled and pinched me as we walked back to the house. I pointed.

"Good smoke out of both chimneys is a good sign, Jukka. They need a work, as does the roof, but not a lot. The house seems sound at least until you and your family decide what to do." He nodded. We walked in as everyone was laughing and organizing the there was at the moment. They had kettles of water on and buckets from the spring to drink. They were peeling vegetables and browning meat to make a stew. Sara and Ilsa pulled in the wagon with more wood, hay, and their animals along with more staples from Ilsa's pantry. They had their animals and the rest of the things they brought through the mist so they could feel at home. We unloaded everything and I pushed to Wolf and the pack. They all howled which scared them, especially when wolves started walking out of the trees. The were terrified, especially the . I knelt down and told not to be afraid, that they were friends, and our neighbors, and we helped each other. I took their hands and walked to them as Eluta gasped. Malinka and Irina hugged her and said it was fine.

"This is Wolf and his mate, they lead this pack. I introduced them and said they were friends. Wolf looked at me. "He's a friend, now. They like their ears scratched like this." They looked at me and then their parents. "They won't hurt any of you. I wanted them know your<b> scent </font></b>and introduce you. Go on, like this." I walked them and it took about thirty seconds until they were laughing and wolves were coming and going to get scratched. Jukka and Eluta walked and did the same. The clapped because they were so excited. The wolves howled and trotted away as Jukka and Eluta looked at me. "We helped each other this winter and became friends. We watch out for another. I wanted you to meet." They smiled and nodded.

"You are a strange man, Danael." Sara laughed and said he didn't know the half of it. Irina and Ilsa walked inside with Eluta and the to make sure they had what they needed until the morning.

"We'll bring the wagon tomorrow after chores and breakfast and we'll go to Irina's and then go into town while you scruffy lot start fixing things". We nodded as the girls went inside. It was starting to get chilly and we needed to head home because there was a couple of hours of light left but.

"There aren't many people this far from town, and the wolves watch over us, but keep these until we make you new ones." Hammish handed him a hatchet and some knives, and a hickory stick with a large knot on the end. It was meant to be a walking a stick put could be used as a weapon if need be. "You're welcomed here for as long as you want to stay." Jukka nodded and said thank you as we all said our goodbyes and went back to Hammish and Ilsa's before going home. It was a good day and we were all glad their family was together while they figured things out. Sadly, I had the feeling that my family was going to split. I figured we'd be discussing things over dinner, and afterward. Everyone got off the wagon and walked to the house, talking and laughing. Malinka went with me as we backed the wagon into the barn.

"I can do this, love, go spend time with everyone because some of them may be leaving in a day or to check on things." She stared at me and nodded as she ran to the house. I unhitched the mule and brushed her down and gave a handful of sweet grain then put her in the stall as I threw the manure onto the cart. I did the same with rest and was giving them hay when Malinka walked in with the slop bucket and fed the pigs. We made sure the stalls were latched and left the stall for Drakon and his mates open and headed back the house

"Sara's going to read more of that book tonight and hopefully I won't fall asleep. How do we understand each other so easily, Danael?" I told her I thought it was something to do with the Gaia gave me with languages and that we were family, but I wasn't sure. She nodded, took my hand and put her head against my arm as we walked to the house.

cjg045 70M  
92 posts
1/31/2022 9:20 pm

Here we are again Daniel , me reading & rereading [so I don't miss anything]
each chapter , the women seem content with their lives & Daniel , of course.
The Duke is a lingering question, where will he show up next? We shall see, thank you Daniel, JOE

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