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take me part 635...edited, as if. Again  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
2/16/2022 7:50 pm
take me part 635...edited, as if. Again

I walked inside as everyone looked at me, and started laughing as I looked around and grabbed a flour bag, a chicken that was cut in pieces and stuffed it in the bag as they watched me in silence. I cut a slice of bread, a large piece of ham, and cheese, and wrapped in a cloth and put it in my cape as I walked outside and back to the barn. I took the oldest goat, a very nasty billy, and ended him with no pain as I bled him into a bucket. Hammish stared at me, as the girls walked up unsure what to do, or say. I started to gutted it as I took the liver out and handed it to Ilsa. She nodded and walked back inside to soak it in milk and I took the heart and kidneys and put them in the bag, and started to put the entrails into a bucket as I cut the head off the goat off and Hammish raised it. No one said a word but they starting to help as we put the offal in buckets, and then skinned the goat. The girls took the offal and split it with the pigs, dogs, and wolves as Irina and Malinka looked for Hammish's saws. Sara took Aafje with her and they looked for cloth to wrap the meat in, but no one said a word. Aisha went inside and and grabbed her armor, and bag. Hammish and I split the goat in half as Irina and Malinka started to butcher it. I told them only half, as they nodded.

"I have a lot of places to be tonight, starting with the home we lost. I'll be back soon." They looked at me, bloody, and didn't say word because we were an odd mix of people but we were all warriors, and they nodded. I walked down the drive as Aisha kissed the girls and trotted after me.

"Will you fucking slow down and have you completely lost your mind? Where are we going?" I stopped and looked at her.


"Oh, and I thought you might be dumb enough to be going to face yourself... because you're a moron." I stopped and looked at her.

"That comes later because he hates waiting." She said I was right, that he did.

"Will you slow down, Jesus Christ...I'm a pagan." I stopped. "Thank you, but what are we doing?" I told her as we walked and she stopped.


"Can't we take one of Annie's fancy jets?" I looked around. "Oh yeah, but why are you taking half a goat?" I stopped again and told her because there were no fish in town. She stared at me like I had lost my mind, again.

". I have gaps to fill, and people to see, and friends to thank.....just follow me to the barn, love." She nodded as we walked to our half barn and Drakon and his mates came out. I fed the chickens as Aisha went and got water. The wolves walked up as I put the goat down on hay since it was wrapped in cloth. I took the heart out of the bag and cut off three slices as I put it back in with the kidneys, and I cut pieces of meat from the goat, and broke off bones. I gave Drakon and the girls the heart as they looked at Wolf and Luka; they yipped and all three of them devoured it. Aisha brought over the pieces of the goat to Drakon, and the girls, as they looked at us. "Thank you for watching over this place." They yipped. "Go and hunt with the pack until I get back. There's nothing else to destroy here, but don't kill the chickens." They all laughed as Aisha gave them the meat and, bones, and they lied done to start eating. Aisha and I took out our knives and cut the goat into sixths as we walked outside and the wolves walked up.

"I don't like killing our animals but it needed to be done because they had no fish in town." Aisha handed the heart and the kidneys to Luka who smelled the bag and howled which reverberated back to the dens because this was for the pregnant wolves. She grabbed the bag and ran off with her protectors. "I gave half to my family, because it's growing," he yipped, "and I have pregnant females too, and youngs ones." He butted me as wolves came up and took pieces of carcass out of our hands, and trotted back to the dens. It"'s just goat, but it's different from deer. When I get things settled in the next few weeks then we will be bringing fish here to smoke for the town, and I will make sure they have some to bring you and Ishtah, raw, for your fill. If there are bear's here, or lions, I'd like to make an arrangement with them. I have too many fights coming, brother, I don't need others." He nudged me as Drakon and the girls walked up with the meat and bones in their mouths, and nuzzled us. "Go with your pack, and learn to be a wolf, Drakon, and visit when you can. You have a lot of exploring, and learning, to do." Wolf nuzzled them, and mouthed them as they ran off.

"We will watch over them, and teach them, like we will your elves. Some of our younger males want to go with the big man over the mountains. They wanted to go to this Fin Land, but we told them no because Luka and I need to see this place, and these people, for ourselves". I nodded. " It would be good to curb their wanderlust, for a while though." I nodded. "Our pack thanks you for the goat because it is different and everyone will get a treat. I thank you, and we will look forward to more of that fish." He butted both of us as he yipped and ran, and the land was suddenly empty as we looked and walked down the drive so I could check, to be sure.

"So where are we going, mister?" I smiled and told her she could relax as I opened the mist and we walked into Nova Scotia. Well, I technically stumbled, and set off an alarm went off as we were walking toward the house. We were surrounded by men with guns. We looked at them, and then at then each other. "Thirty percent?" I scrunched my face and said eighty. She rolled her eyes as Tina and Steph walked up smiling. Stephanie actually ran up telling them it was OK as she plowed into Aisha.

"Seriously? You're my cousin. Jesus Christ." I walked past the guards who were unsure what to do. "Put them away, guys, we're friends." I walked up to Tina as she hugged me and walked me inside. She poured us large glasses of Armagnac.

"How are you?" I kissed her as we walked onto the back deck, which I loved. "Annie told us, and Chloe told everyone in Denver. I assume you are going there next?" I nodded. "How are Irina and Malinka?" I looked at, her tearing, as she hugged me.

"Strong. They saw the loss of their home, and barn, and dealt with it. I think they are putting Sofi off to the side, like I am, like the others, but they are amazing. It's not the way I wanted things to be, but it's what we have to deal with." She nodded as she leaned into me. "How are you and my cousin?" She was quiet, but I could feel her smiling.

"Goood." I laughed and said good and asked her where they got the Armagnac, and why the guards, as Stephanie and Aisha walked onto the deck with glasses.

"We are glad you're here, but next time let us know so we don't have to explain a bunch of dead security guards." She kissed me. "I'm sorry to the depths of my heart, love, for all of it." I hugged her, tightly, because Steph had always been my favorite cousin.

"Thank you, sweets, but why do you have guards?" They told us about how things had changed, and people that weren't "normal" were becoming less welcome. People knew she made jewelry, and on and on but things were changing. "Here?" They both nodded.

"People have always known that I made jewelry but now they think I have lots of gold, and also that we're lesbian and unashamed. It goes on from there because.....? We're thinking about selling this place."

"NO! I almost yelled because I had gone too long, even though I hadn't, things were just too quickly" I looked at Tina and told her to get a jet here. She smiled, and nodded. "Pack everything you need, we'll help. Keep the guards here but come with us to Denver. You can stay in my place because I'm going to persuade my aunt and uncle to come back with me to our past to help us, because we need it. No one cares if you're gay in Denver." They looked at me. "We're not selling this, Stephanie, or I'll buy it , because this is our home...our family's home....your home. Who are these people that are making you do this, and why do they want to do this?" They looked at each other and explained that there were only a few a few now, eight, maybe ten, total but they seemed obsessed with them, and violent in their intent, but they were doing this randomly around. "They haven't done anything, yet, except try and intimidate but the<b> police </font></b>won't do anything." I didn't say that eight to ten wasn't a few, but I was glad we were there when we were.

"This is going to seem a bit odd, but I need you to smell me, and check my clothes." Aisha smiled and poured more Armagnac. "Oh, and did you get this here?" They nodded. "Good, because I need a couple of bottles to say thank you for something, but I still need to know if I smell?" They looked at me, and each other, shaking their heads. Aisha said that I didn't smell, and they nodded. "Great, what about my clothes?" Tina took over.

"You look like a worker for the fifteen hundreds." I smiled, said good, and asked if they had an outdoor store. They nodded, but I said they would they would have to but me clothes as Stephanie took Aisha to look through the closets. Tina laughed and hugged and asked what I was up to?

"Where do these people harass you?" They told us as me had Tina get a map of the area so I knew where we were, and where everything else was. Pack as I look over this. Take the valuable stuff because I have a safe, and keep the guards here for now. I'll make sure these people don't want to stay here. But let's have a nice meal at this place because you shouldn't be scared going to places you like, nor should anyone else. I'll deal with it after that." She looked at me and got on the phone and walked out as Aisha


"No. I, because you wanted fly on the fancy jet and I can handle this. Besides, I'd feel better if you were with them." Stephanie and Tina watched us, smiling, because we were like an old married couple. "I've got this, loves. I've already pushed to Karin and Lisbet and they on their way as Aisha stared at. Sara is going crazy, but they won't hurt them, they'll just have some fun with them and then throw them onto an isolated shore where I will take their wallets and tell them that Nova Scotia doesn't want them here. I'll leave them some cash but I'll make it known that if they stay thta the next time they go in the ocean, which they will, they wouldn't come out." Sara exhaled, and shook her head but Stephanie and Tina hugged me, and we went to pack.

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