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take me part 637...edited  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
2/18/2022 9:55 pm
take me part 637...edited

I glared at Tina as we walked out of the store and to the SUV. "What?"

"I don't like attention and you chased me around the store." They all laughed and said I needed to get use to attention." We went to Stephanie and Tina's favorite restaurant on the inlet. My Ma's family was from here and the house that Stephanie owned was the same house we all use to spend summers in when we were young, although not as nice and way different, but it was the same land and that was why I so adamant about them not not selling it, or selling it to me. I'd fight Ama for what was in the cave in order to keep that land in the family, but I didn't know why. I saw Joseph out of the corner of my eye, smiling, but then he was gone. We need to get three bottles of that Armagnac to take with you on the plane because I need to give a couple to Pytor since we have things we need to put in the caves." Stephanie looked at us. "I can't tell you until you two get married, but I like these," as I touched the Bolo. It was wonderful, and Steph knew stones.

"The owner walked up and whispered in their ears, and both Tina and Stephanie shook their heads and said we were visiting from far away and they wanted a table along the river. She nodded as we waited at the bar and caught up.


"Well, yeah, but they were raised as Sirens."

"Karin?" I smiled as Tina grunted

"We worked it out and the sirens had been banished elves for all this time. How crazy is that?'

"And you just released them?" I said yeah.

"Why?" I stared at her and lowered my head before looking up.

"Would you want to live your life being someone your not because someone told you had too?" Tina cried and leaned into me because being gay was kinda like that, luckily wool is good with moisture. The hostess took us to our table which was at the far end of the deck so we could see the town lights as dusk turned, as well as the inlet. The waiter brought a bottle of Champagne as compliments of the house.

"We use to eat here several nights a week because there are regulars we enjoyed meeting but these took over this place and took over the deck. It wasn't worth it. They are doing it all over town, especially along the waterfront."

'Why didn't the owners call the police?"

"They did but what they were doing were only implied threats, and as progressive as Canada may seem to you, most police, and officials, are still white males." I looked around because this place had changed SO much. If I lived here, I would eat a place like this just for the view. The waitress walked up with menu's but Steph waived them away and ordered a sharing menu for the table. It was going to be an expensive meal but Stephanie could afford it, and so could Tina. People were coming to the table because they hadn't been there in a while and they introduced then as Aisha and I smiled, said hi, and chatted as we watched the men inside waiting at the bar. Tina and Steph were back to the reason they loved this place, their friends and I wasn't going to let them lose that. Aisha excused herself as I chatted, which I hated. I'll be honest, I'd rather fight a wild boar...but I did it, smiling, and everyone commented on the tie. Tina told all of them that Stephanie was making them. The funny thing was they didn't care about the money for themselves, Jesus, they use to come to this place several times a weeks. They liked the money for what it could do, for themselves, and others, and that was when three obnoxious men walked up and scattered Stephanie and Tina's friends. Aisha walked around them and kissed me, as she whispered in my ear, "Five down in very compromising ways but one walked outside," as she smiled and poured more Champagne.

"You're sitting at our table." Everyone was watching and I realized I just needed to get use to it. I motioned for the waitress.

"Can you please bring us three chairs and place settings?" She stared at me and nodded as Aisha got up and placed the chairs around the table and then sat next to Tina as I motioned for them to sit between me and the railing. "Isn't the inlet wonderful at this time. Aisha put a chair at the head of the table and said 'please sit,' and enjoy our hospitality. Stephanie and Tina smiled and nodded as the waitress brought another bottle and glasses. They were completely confused and looked at each other. Stephanie ordered another large dish for the table, and tapas.

"This is OUR table, and you aren't welcome at it." I smiled and poured him some champagne.

"Drink, eat, laugh...enjoy the river... and get here earlier next time. We are visiting, but this is a wonderful location." I glared at him, which he felt. "What is that you do, friend?" He looked around as the food started to arrive, mostly seafood but a wonderful mutton stew with crusty bread and aged cheddar. Tina and Stephanie started to offer food to the other two men sitting there as they raised their plates. I looked at the leader.

"Eat and enjoy the evening."I looked at the water in the inlet and saw it was receding, quickly. We all started eating, even his men, as the leader... a very unpleasant person... stood an told us to leave. We all looked at him, smiling, confused, as he screamed, which jarred his men from the wonderful food. They all stood up but were confused as I threw them over the rail into the inlet as they struggled to stay afloat because the tide was stronger than I thought. The leader reached for something and Aisha stabbed a fork into his hand as he screamed. Everyone on the deck was silent but watching, as she pushed him to me and walked to the bar. He saw her coming but only made it as far as the alley.

"I have friends waiting for you when the tide takes you to the sea, and then we'll have some fun. I took him to the railing and threw him over as Aisha walked back up and everyone clapped and people that had gathered here for years in peace did so again. I hugged Aisha and told them all to get on plane after dinner. No one reported anything because this was their place and they were fine with someone sticking up for it.

"You need to stay with them, Aisha." She growled as I kissed her. "Save that for Dreka." She nodded as I walked away to find these idiots, and keep them alive until Lisbet and Karin showed up.

"Danael. She hugged, and kissed me. Don't kill them, but if you have to then keep them in the ocean." I nodded and smiled as I got up leave.

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