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take me part 638...edited, again  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
2/18/2022 11:29 pm
take me part 638...edited, again

I could feel Dreka trying to pull me to him. I said goodbye and told them to leave and let someone else eat at this table. They spoke to the owners and a young couple celebrating a prom, with friends, had a wonderful night as we walked out the kitchen door to the SUV.

"Thank you for tonight, but they aren't gone. They want your land. They want all of the land on the inlet, and the river, as you both know" Aisha said they are gone for now but that we will protect our lands." They looked at her, confused. "This was Viking land. We'll work it out."

They got in and drove to the airport as I went to the end of the alley, and flew toward those idiots, the others were embarrassingly incapacitated, and went to jail for things they never did, as these men were dragged out to sea. I grabbed each of them, as they screamed and took them farther out. There were three of them but there were more sharks, which made them terrified. I plucked them in and out, and then dove into the water to make sure nothing bothered them, except us. Predators recognize greater predators, and I was that, as were Lisbet, and Karin. They both swam up as the men were paddling to stay a float, and yelling.

"Are you my husband, Danael?" I looked at Karin who smiled.

"No, your dating Karin." She nodded. "Can you focus on this?" She got serious and nodded.

"These are bad men and they are trying to hurt people that we love." Lisbet roared and dove in front of them, which terrified them even more because she brushed against them. "We don't want to hurt them, OK" She nodded. "We want to make them wish they never knew where Nova Scotia was." Lisbet nodded, but growled, which made them scream again. "Karin, do you know where Fleur de Lys is on New Foundland?" She nodded and smiled because I knew what she going to do afterward since there was a lot a treasure around there lost deep in the ocean, and sirens like shiny things.

"I do."

"There is a point on the North end, take them there after you have your fun, but this water is cold for humans, try not to kill them before you finish playing tag." I went to buy wool blankets, and some surplus clothes, and food. I built a fire on the point, which was deserted, and warmed everything. I wasn't mean, but I would protect my people. Lisbet and Karin threw them onto the beach, as they coughed, and hacked up sea water.. I lifted them and pointed to the fire as they stumbled there and took their clothes off as I gave them blankets and food, and<b> beer. </font></b>They had a hard enough time. They ate and drank as I took everything they had, even their phones because Javier's hacker friends might be able to do something with them.

"Thank you for helping us," They all nodded as the leader looked at me and gasped. "You." I smiled.

"I told you to eat at dinner, eat now because you are cold." They stared at me but they ate and got warm as I brought warm clothes for them, and extra blankets. "Do you where New Foundland is?" They all nodded. "Good, because that will be helpful for you. You are from Finland, yes?" They stared at me as Karin walked out of the ocean and started to pick one of them up and walk back as he screamed.

"Yes. yes."

"Why are you here, bothering our friends?" The leader stared at me.

"You don't know?" I stared at him. "Your family protects the life blood of Gaia. You have from the beginning.

"You work for Dreka."

"Of course, we all work for Dreka. We are just amazed that you are still alive." I dropped some of their money in front the two underlings, as I felt Sara and Ama watching, and picked up their things, and the leader.

"Go south after you eat, dress, and get warm. There should be enough for you to leave. If you come back to any of these islands, the ones who were playing with you, will eat you alive. Understand?" They nodded and shivered as they ate. I opened the mist and was getting ready to take whoever this was to Iceland and Haagerstadt. I pushed to Lisbet and Karin but they were staying put for a while because this was their home too, and they wanted to look for treasure since they were here. I nodded, and smiled as I pushed to Aisha and asked how she liked the fancy jet, she smiled. I pushed to Sara and asked if I did OK? She nodded as I walked through the mist to my family in Iceland, but I was worried.

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
2/19/2022 3:40 pm

Another fine episode this just keeps going and now Dreka's true purpose is being revealed and Daniels family are the protectors of Gaia and have been through history.

You have a wonderful gift of story telling.

_jd_guy 57M  
63 posts
2/19/2022 7:34 pm

that was a great story

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