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take me part 639...edited, again  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
2/19/2022 7:14 pm
take me part 639...edited, again

We stumbled out of the mist in front of Sara and Ama as Haagerstadt walked up. "I need answers, Haag, and I don't care how you get them," he nodded as Ama opened the door and we went inside so I could get warm. The yelled and ran at me as they launched. I smiled as I hugged and kissed them. I hated not spending time with them like I wanted, but they weren't the only ones. Chloe walked up and kissed me.

"You look pretty sharp mister so there is no way you picked this out." Everyone laughed as I said funny and went to get a glass of milk. "How are Tina and Stephanie?" I stared at her and said on the way to Denver.

"Pack a bag because we're going to Denver. You too Klaara. It won't be for long but you both are part of the family now. Sara will bring you back and I'm sure Ama and Haag can make do." Ama smiled and nodded. I looked at Sara and she nodded as she went back to get Irina and Malinka. I wasn't exactly sure why I was doing this but I knew it had to be done. I also wasn't sure why these people were still after us, and why Finland? I hated having more questions than answers. "Just take a backpack because we all have things there." They nodded as I sat at the table and Ama sat next to me.

"Everyone thinks I want to kill people but I just want my family and friends safe, and I haven't been doing such a good job of that, Ama. These people from Finland keep coming at us and I don't understand why. The man Haag has said that they all work for Dreka. How do you stop something that doesn't die?" She hugged me.

"You think too much, Danael, and worry even more. Life ends, period. It's no ones fault, or responsibility unless you are responsible for the action. The people you loved died because it was their time and they had other things to do. You've seen Sofi, and your , and you will see them again, in due time. You have enough weight to carry Dragon, stop adding more. Life is usually harder than not, you best realize that. Enjoy your family in Denver. She kissed my cheek and went to finish in the kitchen as Sara, Irina, and Malinka walked in through the mist. The two of them saw me and ran, hugging me and looking around as Ama walked up and said hi, then hugged them.

"You both are amazing because you take everything in stride even if it's strange and unusual, where you are going will be a big change but you'll be with family, and friends, who love you and will keep you safe." They looked her, and Sara, and then me.

"Are you going with us, Danael?" I nodded and said I was as they smiled, relieved. Everyone came out and ran to Irina and Malinka and hugged them. We all missed each other and I didn't know how to resolve that. 'We have no clothes to bring." Sara said that they would go shopping when we got there, both of them smiled and nodded. We said goodbye to Ama as Sara opened the mist and Chloe, Klaara, and the walked through followed by me, Irina, and Malinka, and then Sara. We walked onto the driveway to my shop as Sam , Javier, and Uncle Billy looked up staring at us, and then each other because they didn't know what to do. I walked up and hugged all of them as they smiled with tears in their eyes.

"It's a long story, but go say hi and meet our new family. I walked inside to the kitchen followed by Sara. We both went to the freezer and got chicken and walked outside as Maggie turned around and screamed, dropping her beer, which made Bet and Ellen turn and then they did the same thing before they ran at us and everyone else started coming outside. "It's a long story." We hugged them and went to see Bob who was looking at us from his den.

"Look at how different his den is, sweets. It's like it's always been there." I nodded as we sat down. Bob walked out because he smell the chicken, but he could also hear the noise behind us as he looked over his shoulder, checking. Irina and Malinka knelt next to Sara as everyone watched. They smiled and both said "lis" which is Polish for fox but Sara said his name is Bob. They said "Bob," smiling and he walked over and crawled into their laps as everyone looked on stunned, except Sara who smiled and took my drumstick and then handed them to the girls. Bob was obviously smitten, and I couldn't blame him as I got up and went back to explain, which was going to be involved. Sara had explained things to Ilsa and Hammish, so I wasn't concerned about them but I was still worried and wasn't sure why, but we were home, at least for a while, although that word didn't mean as much right now but I smiled anyway as I walked up to everyone.

"We need to order pizza and listen to some music." They all yelled and got on their phones.

Skier4uraz 63M
50 posts
2/20/2022 12:42 am

Home is where the heart it on matter where you are.

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
2/20/2022 1:55 pm

So it is back to the place this story started not were Daniels beginning was but this epic tale perhaps we will learn more here. Joseph and the other elders need to enlighten everyone.

Great story writing, keep up the good work..

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