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take me part 649...edited  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
2/24/2022 3:31 pm
take me part 649...edited

Aerin held her last card as everyone looked at her while I looked at Henry because he thought Sam cheated every Saturday. She laid the Ace down and all the humans grunted, but clapped as the Elves looked at her, and yelled, as she extended the pennies, and her hand Henry, smiled, begrudgingly. Henry hated losing at games but was his karma. He did well in this match, thankfully, because I didn't more deal with. Sam, early Saturday morning was one thing, an Elven princess was something else.

"You're family brought this here help these people, so stays here as should. was a good game and cards are fickle, Henry. I will gladly meet you for a rematch in your Denver." He, and Sabrina, nodded, as they shook hands. was amazing how a simple game of cards could bring such divergent groups together, and enthrall them, for so long. The smaller animals, and birds, left because, frankly, they weren't dumb, which left the wolves, had an affinity for the Elves and they shared in their joy, but they left as well. Aerin looked at me with sad eyes, and I knew what was coming as they all walked up, and the Elves watched. Everyone watched.

"Sofi handed me our .... would been my because her essence didn't die, just as Sofi's didn't. I kissed her head and handed her back Sofi and Ceba as they hugged each other. I smiled because I knew I lost them when I saw Sofi dead on the ground. Her coming back me was a gift. This was a gift. The gift I had was never see them in that life. I looked at Aerin as she walked up and kissed my cheek.

"I'm sorry, because you all a steep as Irina and Malinka walked up hold their niece for, the time, as they looked at Sofi, and Ceba, and smiled. we were luckier than a lot of people. They both blessed her in Polish as they cried...." one, hold strongly our ancestors, but move forward to your future." They handed Amrita to Sofi, kissed all of them, and looked at me. I opened the mist and they walked back to Denver with the girls. I looked at Aerin.

"I did send them home, to Denver...right?" She smiled and nodded.

"You will always meet them, Danael, because your bound by love, and purpose, but your wheel turns quicker than ours and they will be learning from us." I nodded because I knew it would be a very long time before I saw them again. Aerin opened, whatever it was they opened and Sofi and Ceba turned as Sofi ran up and held my face as she kissed me.

"Thank you for Ceba." I nodded as she turned and they walked into the mist. Aerin smiled as she walked in and the portal closed. I looked around and smiled, because it was sad but was nothing say until I saw elves pocketing handful of pennies. I shook my head, and smiled at Ilsa, because she was watching them as well. I grabbed them by their collar as they gasped.

"What are you two doing?" They said nothing, as they looked at me innocently. "What's in your pockets?" They looked at each other and shrugged as Ilsa stifled a laugh. was pretty cute. I picked them up and shook. "Why do clink?" They shrugged as I looked at the other elves and they all started putting the pennies they had taken back on the table as everyone smiled.

"Seriously!" They bowed their heads. "You two, empty your pockets." They nodded as they took handfuls of pennies out and the other elves gasped because they all took a handful, then they growled and started walking toward them when Ilsa walked up.

"Enough, please. These coins are new to you even though we copper coins, and 's not unusual that people, especially elves, would be enamored with them." She looked at me. "However, from this moment forward, if you want stay here with us then you don't the right take things because you want them. Understood?" They lowered their eyes and nodded.

"Good, now with that said, you all been very helpful. Do you know how count?" They all nodded and looked at me. "Good, each of you gets twenty-five of these, and will be silver coins as well, but Hammish needs heat them. Do you pouches?" They all smiled and nodded. "Count out twenty-five, and twenty-five, and put them in your pouches. Hammish will deal with them tomorrow." They nodded as they scurried to count.

Ilsa walked up, chuckling. "They are very cute, and they help to fill a void in our heart as well." I nodded as I hugged her because this had been a hard year for everyone. "They are very helpful, and endearing." I nodded. "I'm giving them some silver, Danael." I told her that she should. The bags we brought were immense wealth here, but I didn't care about it because they were all my family. "Why do we gold?"

"I'm not sure but Sara said you would need , and I trust Sara." She nodded.

"Are you going be OK with the Elves that are staying? They're a handful." I nodded and said my Aunt and Uncle were coming out and that once it got warmer, we'd all be too tired to get into trouble anyway." She nodded as I hugged her and walked up to the elves.

They smiled at me, innocently, as they did. "I'm glad you won in po-ker." They clapped. "I need to go for a couple of days but Ilsa, Hammish, and Aafjer will be here, and the wolves for you to with." They smiled. "Try and be good for Ilsa." They got serious, and nodded. "I'll be back but you need decide wants stay here and help rebuild, and wants go with Hammish and Ilsa and explore, both are fine. I'll leave that you my friends." They nodded as I hugged them, and then hugged Hammish.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Danael." I nodded and said me too, as I smiled at everyone, and shifted back to Denver and fell into a foot of snow as Bob looked out of his den. Sara and Emily walked out with chicken for Bob and set it down.

Sara yelled... "It came out of nowhere, fast." I looked to the East. "Don't worry, love, everyone has gone back to , and I a into both Frank's for<b> meat </font></b>and fish." I nodded. "Take a break, sweets." She walked up and kissed me. "I'm glad you aren't dead." I nodded as we walked inside, Bob grabbed his chicken, as a blizzard . I was already thinking that I needed the used clothing, and surplus stores, as Sara grabbed my ear. "We're having some wine. you eaten?" I shrugged because I didn't know what day was because I hurt so bad.

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
2/25/2022 2:58 am

Daniel is hurting and needs sorting..
The warrior needs to repair himself, hopefully there is something in that the Elevs and he can do.

cjg045 70M  
92 posts
2/27/2022 12:30 pm

Things are coming apart for Daniel, He needs to recoup & heal himself before the next battle for sure. I hope things can slow down for a bit for him. Thank You for your effort in all of this writing Daniel, Many thanks, JOE

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