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9/5/2021 5:01 pm
take part 275

I said goodbye the pilots and gave them, and Tina a tip. Tina walked with me the gate, holding my hand. They were an interesting people. "I need get back and prep the plane but attention Daniel. You must finish the ceremony, love." She kissed me and smiled as she turned and walked off. I was beyond confused, but I was getting use it. I sat down in the terminal and called Annie and was bombarded with voices.

"I can't hear all of you at once."

"How are you mister?"

"I'm fine Sara. It was a long flight and I'm not sure what day it is, but I'm fine. I'm getting ready find the driver that will take me Yoshi.

"Are you sure you're fine, Daniel."

"Chloe, I'm fine. Really. How are the ?"

"They're both doing great. They love it here. We all do. They are out exploring, and doing God knows what. We all figure they'll be pregnant before we leave, but this is place is special and none of us would mind having grandbabies. We're doing our ." I shook my head. "Here's Annie. us when you get Yoshi's. You'll love it there."

"Hi Love. Did you have a good flight? Did Tina take care of you?"

"Not as much as she wanted , but yes both." Annie laughed.

"Sounds like Tina. Our family collective owns that , along with many, many other things. It provides for all of us and gives our people who want them decent jobs. Our family is large and complex." No shit, I thought. "Say hi Yoshi for us and I can't wait see what trees you pick out."

"Just so you know, I told Tina to have the dinners, and the breakfasts. She said they didn't get them, that they got crappy sandwiches. Sorry." She laughed and said it wasn't a problem and she would look into it because crappy sandwiches wouldn't do. "They were all very happy."

" us later, mister. Hold on.... Jesus Sara!"

"Buy us something nice from Japan. I have never been. We love you." I didn't mind but I had chosen quite the life. I walked out front and saw my name on a sign and walked up.

"I'm Daniel." He bowed, as did I."

"Daniel-san, welcome Japan. The car is this way. Yoshi-san want me make sure you had what you needed after the your flight. Are you hungry?" I actually was.

"What is your name?"

"I am Jiro."

"Well, Jiro, I am hungry and I'd like try a variety of street food but I can't eat all of it so I'll need your help." He smiled, and nodded as he put my bags in the trunk. "I'd like try,

Okonomiyaki, It's basically a "throw what you have in and make a pancake.

Takoyaki, fried octopus balls

Taiko manju... it's sort of like a do-nut but with sweet read bean paste inside. I wanted to get some for Yoshi's household.

"but I have US dollars so we'll to stop somewhere." He stared at me, but I was getting use to it. He opened the door and said he knew the perfect place and everything was covered for my stay. We drove into Osaka.

"You speak very good English, Jiro." He smiled and said he had gone to university in California but he missed his home.

"I was born in CA. Where did you go to school?"

"Cal Poly." I looked at him, stunned.

"San Luis Obispo, or Pomona?" He smiled.

"San Luis Obispo. You know it?" I nodded and told him I had thought of going there. He smiled and nodded.

"What did you study?"

"Mechanical engineering." I stared at him, but I was curious and I was gaijin so I had some leeway.

"I mean no disrespect Jiro, because I use to drive and loved it, but why aren't you working for an engineering firm? I apologize for my impertinence." He smiled and shook his head.

"I am an apprentice to Yoshi-san. I worked many years for a large firm but working life in Japan is not easy. I met Yoshi-san and saw what he was doing and wanted the same, so I asked him if I could be his apprentice, and he agreed. It's been eight years and I still love it." He pulled over. "We have to walk from here but it's not far Daniel." We talked and I peppered him questions about everything because I had never been there before. The food was amazing. Jiro and I sat and shared our food becoming friends.

"How many people are in Yoshi's household?" Jiro said . "I need get Taiko manju for all them and extra." He smiled. "They're good?" He nodded and led me a shop not far. We got two dozen and walked back the car and we drove a considerable distance outside of Osaka. It was spectacularly beautiful. We drove up a modern home but the craftsmanship was amazing. If I didn't have other things on my plate, I would consider learning from whoever built this, which turned out, was Yoshi. He had a school of sorts where some of the traditional Japanese arts and crafts were being kept alive. If I was younger I could see myself here. It wasn't dissimilar Nova Scotia. We got out as Yoshi walked up.

"Daniel. I'm Yoshi. It's an honor meet you. We bowed and shook hands as I handed him the box. "What is this?" I told him and he beamed. "I have loved these since I was a and by the weight it should be just enough, to bad for everyone else." We both laughed as we walked in. "Did Jiro treat you well?" I nodded and told him about the food as smiled, and nodded. "Already getting comfortable on our island. Excellent." Jiro put the bags in my room as Yoshi showed me around some of the grounds before he showed me the house as a group of rugrats descended at us and hugged Yoshi before running away.

"Those are my grandchildren, Daniel, even though most are not blood it is of little matter. They bring joy to my life, and we all need joy, do we not?" He stared at me as I nodded, and smiled. "You have had food, and your timing is perfect because we are going to roast a pig over coals tomorrow and I could use your help." I nodded. "You should sleep because it's a long flight to Osaka, but please honor me by sharing sake." We went into his study and sat on cushions as a young woman brought in bottle and two cups.

"This was made by my family about 0 years ago. It is my honor share it with you Daniel-san. I am very glad you are here. I smiled, and bowed, as he handed me a small cup. It was wonderful, and complex, and we shared three cups before he got up, much easier than me, and showed me my suite. He lowered the blinds make the room dark and said that we would speak tomorrow about trees. I nodded and told him thank you. I poured a hot bath and soaked while I called the girls. Chloe answered.

"Hey there mister, how do like Yoshi's place?"

"It's amazing, and Yoshi is cool."

"It's pretty special. Annie took me there when we in college but I haven't been back. I'm jealous. How are you?"

"Tired. It's a long flight and I just had hundred year sake with Yoshi and am now soaking in a hot bath before I go to bed."

"Hold on, Jesus Christ...Sara, you're like a fucking . Bye."

"Hi Love. We all miss you, but I miss you the most. How's Japan? You need to take us there sometime soon, and bring us something nice. Stop Annie, I'm not done..."

"Don't bite me Sara. Go play with Emily. It's beautiful here but we are all missing you, Love. You like Yoshi?" I told her I did, very much, and that if I was younger I would like to stay here for some time. "If I was younger, and didn't have what we do, I'd join you in that. I love it there.What are doing?"

"I just had sake with Yoshi, after amazing street food with Jiro, and I am now in a hot bath and heading to bed because there is a pig roast tomorrow."

"I'm sure I can speak for ALL the girls, except Emily, in saying that we wish we were in that tub with you right now. We ALL miss you, and we're al very horny. Dildo's aren't the same as feeling you in us. Sleep well, love and call us tomorrow. We adore you."

I started to fall asleep so decided to get out and go to bed. I brushed and got in my sweats and tee, took a melatonin and was out a couple of minutes after my head hit the pillow, and that's when the dreams started.

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