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take part 525...edited, hopefully....again  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
12/19/2021 7:37 pm
take part 525...edited, hopefully....again

I walked to the house and looked north...fuck. I went inside and took my jacket off. "Good, you're back We need to deliver hay. The men are cutting down more trees, and stacking them. Jakob is taking more wood into the shelter. How's Gotland?" I smiled. "I take it your Siren liked her gifts." I nodded.

"She gave two of them away to her dearest friends." Annie stared at me in disbelief. "Seriously?," I nodded.

"Wait, what?" You know a Siren?"

"Not only does he know one, Emma..." I shook my head and poured some coffee as Aya walked in. Great.... "she is madly in love with him. " Aya walked in and hugged Annie, as she smiled.

"Are you finished? I was surprised too because what Steph sent were beautiful but we didn't have time to talk because Elisabeth tackled me, and took us into the water." Annie started laughing.

'I'm glad you find it amusing."

"It's not our fault that women, and other beings, fall in love with you." I poured more coffee.

"Are we going?" She laughed again.

"Can you help Jakob, Aya? I want to make sure the shelter has extra wood. There are a lot of elderly folks that need the shelter for help, especially with something like this. She nodded and kissed Annie, and then me.

"Thanks Emma." I walked outside as Annie hugged me. "Have fun?" She nodded as I bumped her with my hip and almost made her fall into the snow.. I undid the block heater and started the truck so it could warm and went to check the animals. We had blankets for all the animals, and quilted sweaters for the dogs. They didn't like it but were getting use them. They'd like it in about sixhours. Annie gave the dogs biscuits and petted them.

"You spoil them." She stared at me.

"PLEASE! We're going to have a lot more mister if you keep adopting strays." She kissed me. "I don't mind...I'm just saying." We got in the truck and delivered hay to our neighbors because they couldn't find any reasonable price. "Let's take the last bit to the shelter and we can have lunch. I nodded. I backed the truck and trailer into the yard as Aya and Jakob walked out of the store smiling. They smiled and waved as I slammed the truck into<b> park </font></b>and Annie and I ran at them as they froze. We shifted and leapt over them. I blocked Aya and Jakob and the knives went into me, as Annie killed the men trying to kill our friends. I looked at her as she shifted and looked around. She walked up and pulled three knives out of my side. The town wasn't huge, and Annie's family was generous and knew the police, all five of them. They came and looked at what happened, saw the knives. They took the ID's as Annie asked to get copies. They nodded. Aya and Jakob were staring at us shocked and scared.

The chief looked at us, "we've been having a problem with feral dogs. We nodded and someone was getting a nice Christmas gift.. We went to our vet.

"What did you do this time Danael?" Annie told him as she hugged Aya and Jakob."Take your shirt off, mister. "It's not too bad. She did what I would have done if i could reach the wounds, because I don't hospitals....clean the wound, put ointment on them, and close them with butterfly bandages and put some gauze over it. She gave me antibiotics. "I'm a vet and while you are part animal, I'd rather treat the pups and livestock" I smiled and nodded. Annie took Aya and Jakob to the cafe as I watched and pushed. Nothing. I didn't understand as I walked to the cafe.

They smiled as I walked in. "I need to sit there Jakob. Seriously." Annie put her hand on his arm as he got up. I grabbed Aya's hand and pushed into her to try and calm her nerves..Hanne, the owner, walked up smiling.

"Some storm coming they say." We nodded. We all ordered and they all looked at me. I drank my latte as I asked what? "They weren't coming after me. They would have had guns." Aya looked at me and Annie. "I think we need to have a talk when we get home. Are you OK, Jakob?" He nodded as our lunch arrived. "What the fuck just happened?"

"We don't know yet Jakob, but it's OK...we'll figure it out."

"It's not OK Annie. You ran at us, shifted, and jumped over us....that's not the, it'll be OK kinda stuff. It was in town." Hanne walked up with another round of coffee drinks.

"We don't serve alcohol but did you hear about the dogs attacking those men in the street? This storm is making things crazy." "It's the same where my people come from only it's sand and not snow and ice. It can drive the weak insane before it passes."

"We are a strong lot here, and use to cold and snow, and we protect our own from feral dogs. Annie reached out and took her hand. "Kindness isn't forgotten quickly with our people, Anyrd. Lunch is on us." We finished eating and I pushed. Nothing. I walked to the counter and put five twenties down. It was all I had and I walked outside and looked around as Annie walked up.

"I'll go with Aya. They were coming after her, not Jakob. I'm stronger. She nodded as we went the long way home. I wanted to fly but none of us knew what the threat was, or where, and we had two vehicles that we needed to get home. We were almost home when two cars stopped in front of us and four men got out, and waited. I pushed to Fenrir and got out also after telling Aya to get on the floor. She didn't want to, but she did. I pointed at Annie and put my hand down as they went down. I pushed behind us and there was nothing except wolves. I was confused because they weren't professionals. I walked up to them.

"What?" They stared at . "What? One of you is going to have to speak or I'm going to kill all of out of sheer annoyance." They looked at each other as I pulled on Gaia just in case.

"We want Aya." I was getting annoyed and there were wolves everywhere. I asked why." It's not your business."

"It kinda is because we are going to be bound, and the men in town were trying to kill her." They stared at me and pulled out knives as I pushed at them and sent them flying off their cars. The wolves dragged them off the road as Fenrir walked up.

"Those were bad men...evil intent. We'll drag them into the forest and eat and then leave them for the smaller animals. I nodded but walked to them and took everything in their pockets. I walked back to the truck and said it was ok as I grabbed gloves> I parked the cars on the side of the road, took everything out of them, which wasn't much, left the keys on the seat, and looked the doors. I said thanks to the wolves again and we drove home. What was wrong with these people. We parked the trucks and plugged them back in and checked on the barn. Annie was pissed. We were walking to Ama's house....

"What the fuck Aya?" Jakob walked man. Aya looked at her and me as I stepped in between them, and Annie glared at . Figures.

"Let's take two steps back, take showers and change, have a drink, and talk about it." Annie was SO pissed, and I couldn't blame her, but we needed to hear from Aya before we got angry. She walked into to the bedroom and slammed the door, which was a problem because my clothes were in there.

"I'll go back to my room in the main house and shower." I kissed her and nodded as I walked into the wrath of Annie. She was mad and scared, and mad but she didn't know why and we had too much other shit to deal with. She stood and stared me at me as I walked and hugged her. She fell into me and started to cry. I just held until she was done.

"I thought we were past this." I nodded. "Where's Aya?'

She's in the main house. She's fine. The wolves are watching. We'll send the info to Bob and Deat's. We took a shower, changed, and went to the main house to find out what going . Taiiko and Aya were in the kitchen waiting for us.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
12/19/2021 8:24 pm

Knives, thrown at Aya, Must be some conflict in her home country / clan. More battles to be fought..

cjg045 70M  
92 posts
12/20/2021 4:09 am

More women brought into the fold & with each a new set of issues. Damn Daniel you are going to be one busy SOB. I've read & reread the last 5 chapters so I'm getting caught up with all of this. As usual Daniel great writing, thank you. Merry Christmas Sir. JOE

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
12/20/2021 12:00 pm

History is repeating, as way back in history Daniel went back in time and used up a life protecting a Mongol Princess, now he is going to join with one and her people or some of them don't want that as without a child she would be the end of her line and someone else will try for her power.

Daniel is more powerful now and gaining in strength as will Aya.

He must stop getting injured though even if he does heal quickly.

A great read and an interesting turn of events.

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