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How My Hot Wife Satisfies Her Boredom  

gfandi2 58M/60F
6 posts
4/2/2020 4:23 am
How My Hot Wife Satisfies Her Boredom

It was a Saturday afternoon and the wife and I were sitting around flipping through the channels. Nothing on and just one of those blah days.
Barbara asked me “How about getting into some trouble tonight”
Well with living in Vegas there’s always some trouble available. “Sure why not” I replied.
“What kind of trouble?”
She said “How about finding a nice cock for me to play with.”
Well who am I to complain about that. The best thing about having a hot wife is that I get to fuck her sloppy cum filled pussy afterwards. Not to mention having a nice cream pie for dessert.
So off to work I went seeing who was available on I found a nice guy staying at Lake Las Vegas. We chatted a bit then exchanged numbers and set up a time to meet.
Barbara had just bought a new Blue outfit with some black lingerie to go with it. I must say that for being fifty she still looks great. Her natural DD titties are to die for.
Before you knew it, it was time to head out. Mike was the guy’s name that we were going to meet. He wanted to meet at his room as he wanted to be discreet. Most likely a married guy on a business trip that wanted some strange.
Barbara suggested we go to the bar to have a few drinks to loosen up. We were sitting in the bar and the tables were full of mostly men. It appeared that there was a convention in town. We were sitting at the bar enjoying our drinks when I noticed a few of the men checking out my wife. I told Barbara about the men checking her out.
She said, “Should I give them a little show?”
Of course, I said “Yes”.
She spun her stool around, so she could scan the room.
Her eyes caught a few men looking at her.
She raised her skirt up her leg and spread her legs, so they could just see her freshly shaved pussy.
The men smiled with appreciation.
Well we finished our drinks and off to the room we went.
We got into the elevator and kissed each other passionately. I reached down and played with her clit. Her pussy was wet with anticipation of the cock she was about to receive.
She walked ahead of me to the room and knocked on the door.
Mike opened the door in a towel and had a grin on his face.
Barbara didn’t miss a beat and said “Hi I am Barbara”, and planted a deep kiss on his lips.
She loosened the towel from his strained cock and let it fall to the ground.
His rock hard cock was at full attention. While they kissed she stroked his cock back and forth.
I had taken my clothes off and pulled out the camera to take some hot pics and video of the action.
Barbara turned to me and said, “Thank you honey for getting me such a nice hard cock to play with”.
“Do you want to fuck my cum filled pussy after he’s done with me?” she asked.
I moaned in agreeable.
Mike undid her skirt and top and let it fall to the floor. Next he took off her bra leaving her only with her panties, garter and high heels on.
He wasted no time sliding his hard cock between her legs, from behind, letting the head rub her clit.
Barbara moaned with pleasure.
She threw herself over the edge of the bed with mike behind her.
Mike wasted no time putting his cock in her.
Barbara was so wet he slid right in.
Barbara yelled for me to “Come over here and put your cock in my mouth”.
I was quick to oblige.
She grabbed my cock with her hand and shoved my balls in her mouth.
She wasted no time taking my cock in her mouth balls deep.
My heavy balls swung back and forth slapping her chin with each stroke.
I had other plans for this load.
I pulled out of her mouth and went back to filming.
Mike continued to fuck her from behind.
Her arms held her up on the side of the bed.
Mike fucked her hard his balls slamming against her clit with each stroke.
He pulled out and flipped her around, throwing her on the bed on her back.
He dove head first between her legs.
Mike dug his tongue into her pussy tasting her juices.
Barbara screamed out “Oh yes eat my pussy”
He moved out of her hole and licked her clit.
Barbara ground her clit in circles on his tongue.
She directed him in how to eat her pussy.
She would tell him to “go faster:
“Go Slower”
Then told him to “bite her Clit”.
He nibbled her clit between his teeth.
Now my hot wife lay there on her back on the bed with her head laid back over the other side.
I walked over to her and tee bagged her with my balls.
She took my balls in her mouth, then proceeded to suck the head and shaft.
Barbara moaned with pleasure having Mike eat her out and my cock in her mouth, she was in heaven.
I pulled away, and Mike licked his way up her body ending with a hot passionate kiss.
They entwined their tongues as he sunk his manhood slowly into her pussy.
Barbara wrapped her legs around his back, pushing his hard cock balls deep inside her.
Mike pulled out his full length and would drive his cock back in her pussy bottoming out. He sucked her hard nipples while he pounded her.
My wife pushed her hips back and forth meeting each of his thrust.
Mike pulled out and laid back on the bed on his back.
Barbara climbed on top of his rod and continued to fuck Mike.
She leaned forward letting her breast swing back and forth in his face.
Mike latched on to one of her nipples and sucked like his life depended on it.
“Fuck me with your big cock, Fuck me like you own me” she yelled out.
Barbara wanted more, she wanted her pussy filled to the brim stretched to the max.
“Get over her and put your dick in me”, to she yelled at me.
She loves to get double penetrated in her pussy.
I crawled behind her and lined up my hard cock.
She didn’t need any lube, she was so wet you could see mikes shaft wet with her juices and his pre-cum.
Slowly she pushed back.
The head was stretching her pussy.
I could feel the bottom of my cock against mikes.
Slowly she stretched open, allowing my cock head to enter.
“Oh My God”, she yelled out.
She locked her mouth into Mikes, muffling her screams of passion.
We got a rhythm going, with Mikes cock and mine moving in unison back and forth together.
Barbara caught her composure and raised herself up.
She would grind back on our cocks with each of our thrust.
All she could do was grunt with pleasure as we fucked the shit out of her.
Mike yelled out, I am going to cum”
I could feel his cock pulsate against mine shooting out his hot load.
The warm fluid against my cock is all I could handle.
The feeling of Mikes hot cum mixed with her juices is the best feeling in the world.
I blew my load.
I pulled out watching my load and Mikes load run down his cock.
Mike flipped Barbara off of him and laid her back on the bed.
He dove in head first to eat her creampie.
Barbara yelled out “yes, yes, yes”.
He cleaned her pussy well and ate her clit.
Barbara couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed the back of his head.
She ground her hard clit as he sucked on it.
“I’m Cumming, Oh eat my pussy, damn it I’m Cumming”.
Mike ate her sloppy cum filled pussy with all his might.
Barbara slowly came off her climax Cumming and Cumming till she had to pull back, as she couldn’t take it anymore.
We lay there exhausted in cum filled mess.
We gathered our belongings and headed out.
Barbara gave Mike a nice long and thanked him for the good time.
We walked back to the car, and she said “Thank you honey for breaking up the monotony

14861 posts
4/2/2020 9:33 am

Hey, gfandi2.

*Hellava First Post*

Welcome To Blogs!!

~ Stay Safe ~


MX19912 70M  
65 posts
4/9/2020 5:34 pm

I wanna find a Double Vag fuck buddy couple...\8

flzimbrit 68M
15 posts
6/24/2021 2:27 am

I've only meet one couple who liked double cocks in her pussy. Blew my load and mind! Sorry lost contact with them. Good blog that brought back good earlier memories.

JNTFSP 59M/55F  
5 posts
9/2/2021 9:48 am

Loved this story!

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