How to: Improvised spanking bench  

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10/20/2021 12:21 am
How to: Improvised spanking bench

Having a real spanking bench at home is a dream many kinksters have.

My favorite spanking bench, how I imagine it, would be wooden - because wood adds to its sexy appeal, sturdy, and with thick leather pads for my partner to rest their hands and legs. Naturally, it would also have O-rings in all the right places so I can tie her securely - you she doesn't fall off during a bumpy ride. The last detail I always imagine is the cuffs. Cuffs are leathered, black with some red details - comfortable to wear and super hot.

Now, this imagination of mine is amazing, however, I face two problems: first, I don't have $400 to $600 to spend on the bench and plus maybe $200 on cuffs, and the second one, we don't have a space where we could keep it. ( BTW. spanking benches that Stockroom sells are more than $2000)

However, in life, it's always better to focus on what you have rather than on what you don't. And what we do have is a chair like the one in the illustration.

So one day, when it got really heated up during the sex I told her to bend over that chair so I can come in from behind and as she did it - I immediately saw it - the improvised spanking bench!

For the next ''sexy time'' I prepared bondage tape and a spanking paddle. Of course, I warmed up my right palm. After all, that was the weapon of ass destruction I loved the most.

I positioned her like in the picture, used bondage tape to tie her hands together, arms and legs to a chair, and commenced the session.

And during all the caressing, light and hard spanking, pinching, caressing again, fingering, spanking again, and eventually dirty fucking, she was not able to move one single bit (only wiggle and squirm - from pleasure and good-type of pain), which was exactly what I was aiming for.

Mission was successful - one of us had red ass cheek, both of us were happy. We had a version of a spanking bench at home.

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10/20/2021 7:45 am

Good idea.
Like Alton Brown says, multi-tasker equipment is the way to go.

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10/20/2021 9:58 am

Thanks for the comment and advice

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