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Sessions with Soaking
Writing this description is like a bad dating site bio. I really don’t want to sell you on my writing, pictures, stories or wet pussy. Check it out for yourself. I write for me. I write for the fun of it. And I write for the uncensored beauty.
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Ten Life Lessons by Yours Truly
Posted:Jan 10, 2015 10:03 am
Last Updated:Nov 16, 2015 2:23 pm

I find it endearing when people live in a bubble. I also find it frustrating because someone has to pop some bubbles every now and then.

So, here are a few of my life lessons that may or may not shake your world.

1. No one cares. Hey fatty - you wanna wear a bikini to the beach, do it. No one is going to walk up to you and tell you to leave. They're going to look up and then go back to what they were doing. So stop caring about what other people will think.

2. Everyone judges. It's human nature. I will judge you for what you have and don't have. I will judge you for what you say or don't say. I will judge you for what you do for a living and I will judge you based on your treatment of other human beings. I will judge you based on how smart you are or how funny you are. Why do we do this? We measure our lives against others to gauge where we are at and who we are. No one is right and no one is wrong. It all comes back to your own self worth and confidence. So judge and be judged. Just remember the above - they may judge, but they don't really care.

3. There will always be someone better than you. In all aspects. They will always be a better volunteer. Someone who makes more money. Someone who is prettier or more handsome. Someone who is hung like a or has the most beautiful body you've ever seen. Someone who made the CEO role and shouldn't have. Someone who works harder or more than you. Accept it. Accept who you are and either strive to do change or be content with where you sit.

4. You are lucky if you've got 5 great friends. I'm talking about people who know the real you. People who wouldn't ask questions if you told them you needed them now. People who would do anything for you and you'd do anything for them. People who have seen you at your best and worst and are still around.

5. Birds of a feather flock together. People spend time with those they have something in common with. Usually this is based upon your financial status. There are extenuating circumstances that can play a part it this too. For the most part a multi-billionaire will spend her time with other billionaires. Get rich together, keep your enemies close or just because they understand the issues and responsibilities of having that much on your plate. Whatever the reason, that's who they will associate with. You won't find a high net worth individual associating with one that isn't. They may chat and be polite or pretend to be friends, but it's not real. The only time that high net worth individual will be friends with someone who isn't, is because there's an underlying, unknown relationship. Maybe they're both into S and M. Maybe they both won big at an illegal gambling venue. Maybe one likes taking it in the ass and they want it kept discrete. money creates class separation. End of story.

6. We're all freaks. There was a story recently Where a high school principal was charged with forcible confinement. Turns out the upstanding member of society, who was married for twenty some years, has multiple mistresses and had a dungeon room. He was big into S&M. This shocked the little community and people were horrified. Look - the sooner we all accept that every single person has a secret (good or bad), the better off you will be.

7. You create your life. No one can create your story for you. It's all up to you, so accept that you are accountable for it. So many people look back on their life at the end and regret it. There's so many things they could have done differently but chose not to. Their prerogative. You want a better life? In the words of Brittney: "You better work, bitch."

8. Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone.

9. There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. Being alone is a feeling or a physical thing. Lonely is a state of mind. You can be surrounded by thousands of people and still be lonely. Understand the two and that the difference is vast.

10. There is no such thing as a balanced life. We all say we are striving to find the balance between work/home/family/friends. You will never achieve a perfect balance. Why? As humans we want more. We want more money to feed our family or take our wife on a holiday. How do you fix it? You work more and cut time out of your home/family/friends time. Oh, you wanna spend more time with friends? Cool, you call in sick on Friday so you can fly to Vegas. Now your work load suffers and you've got more to do Monday. With every action, there is a reaction. So instead of attempting to achieve a balance, realize that sacrifices need to be made to get to where you want to go. Hopefully, those sacrifices equal out to a greater benefit.
First Experience with Viagra
Posted:Dec 27, 2014 7:12 pm
Last Updated:Sep 30, 2020 2:57 pm

Theres this guy that I fuck on occasion. I've mentioned him before and that his Vasectomy had gone wrong, so he doesn't quite have the um.... best appendage any more. But I was horny as fuck and needed to get off.

To my surprise, he decided to test run a Viagra to see if it worked at all. Now, everything started out the way it normally does, I got off and then he drove his throbbing hard cock into me.

I know that a lot of women enjoy the effects of Viagra and with this being my first experience, I gotta say... im not a fan. It felt fake. It felt like one of those glass dildos that you get from the sex store. There was no bend or pliability to it. I would rather have a limp dick, a solid dildo and a great tongue than having a fake hard on.

How was your first experience with it?
Hells Yes!! Bring on the Boner!
Meh.... Use your other assets
Sometimes, but I could take it or leave it
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