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lyrics: Hypnotized by fleetwood mac
Posted:Nov 21, 2020 7:57 am
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2020 7:58 am
lyrics: Hypnotized by fleetwood mac
It's the same kind of story, That seems to come down from long ago, Two friends having coffee together When something flies by their window, It might be out on that lawn, Which is wide, at least half of a playing field. Because there's no explaining what your imagination Can make you see and feel, Seems like a dream, you got me hypnotized. Now it's not a meaningless question, To ask if they've been and gone, I remember a talk about North Carolina, And a strange, strange pond, You see the sides were like glass, In the thick of a forest without a road, And if any man's hand ever made that land, Then I think it would've showed. That's why it seems like a dream, Got me hypnotized. And I know that's right, Seems like a dream, shet me hypnotized. They say there's a place down in old Mexico, Where a man can fly over mountains and hills, And he don't need an airplane or some kind of engine, And he never will. Now you know it's a meaningless question To ask if those stories are right, 'Cause what matters most is the feeling, You get when you're hypnotized, Seems like a dream, you got me hypnotized, Seems like a dream, yout me hypnotized.
rekindle visions of our morning copulation.
Posted:Nov 21, 2020 7:23 am
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2020 9:13 pm
As i rose from my bed where I'd lain recuperating these last few weeks, thanksgiving is around the corner, and yet so is this hideous virus that will keep us at bay. so as i follow the insistent beat calling through the waves of the atlantic, I emerged, as i encounter that old familiar twitch it entered,entered. Trough the movements of the ocean's waves try my best to contain the howls within. Recklessly, with need i futility fight it s ever want, Never giving into the play, for a greater game of High Risk, no moves that are rote, for the stakes and needs of this desire is a binder of its speciality. Burning desires and beguiling looks of a memory that whips with the spray of mists to tempt and haunt, to confuse. I offer counter moves to change tempo and direction as it toys and tries its best to convince me it is nothing but a innocent facade. it tries to play cool now and i have made it recede. as i try to calm it and still it once again but i know its not enough and that the loneliness will draw me in and once again the thoughts of infidelity will crash like the waves with a mind of its own over and over and with rhythm, enticing me with the sweet smell of the ocean spray and the salty air, oh how i succumb to her fragrance of campfires. it's the small waves that are constant not really crashing and making a scene, it's just the natural rhythm of undilation that keeps me hypnotized like the song from long ago. (have you heard fleetwood mac in the early days sing it? its truly hypnotic). as i walk now on the sand what will i find there another hollowed out conical shell that was tossed mercilessly by a tyrant will it be used up and dry or will it i finally awaken to the soft siren moans of the petite aquatic creature that unfolds her oyster folds and holds the pearls, and this finally be the one, the keeper of the gem, the gem of not crystallized earthenware but a life of undilation, writhing, and moisture of an everlasting lotion that peels away the hardened, callus of my soul, my needs of everlasting visions of our morning copulations. Has indeed gentleness conquered all the night sweats of uncertainty? am i really here or once again dreaming of the memory of once having the touch of silken thighs, is indeed the pearl nestled there, and can she awaken me with intent? am i really fondling her nipple, gently flicking with her clit, as she gives me complete consent and surrender to the reign of gliding dexterous digits deep within her territory. Rounding and rubbing, masterfully drawing out moans and mewls is she really wet with only the desire of me and only me in these hours i want to never forget. .or will i just continue on this futile quest?


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