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jenfun69 19F
198 posts
2/16/2022 5:51 am

I love to look around and climb in Old barns on Old Farms, this summer day I was walking around in my sweatpants and my bare feet just passing a boring hot<b> sunny </font></b>day when I came across this old barn, I started looking around in the old barn and seeing the old wooden wagon and all the old wooden pulleys with ropes and hooks on them, as I was looking around I saw an old wooden trapdoor in the ceiling above me, so I climbed up on some old straw bales to open the wooden door, as I was looking for throw open trap door I was grabbed and throwing face down onto the straw bales I felt this huge heavy need drop across the center of my back knocking the breath out of me don't move girl with that this huge hand slap my ass hard as I dare not move I just laid there with my hands over my head, wrap some black thing around my eyes and tied it tight, and then tied one wrest and then the other wrists with a piece of rope and before I know it had a handful of my hair pulling me to my feet walk girl and with that he had walked me across the barn floor he stopped only to put something under the Rope on my wrist and pull me up off the flore that better now lets have a look at that ass with that he yanked my sweatpants to my ankles now for then titys with that he cut my crop top off as I hong there naked hey guys come and see what I found in the barn with that I could hear voices of other men now now what do we have here pull her legs wide open and with that my ankles were tied wide open look at that white ass I think it needs to be reden ,wish my ass busted into fire over and over he wiped my little ass with his hug belt as they all laughed at me jumping and screaming each time I was hit just leave her let the farm boys find her as they all walked away laughing I don't know what was redder my face or my butt as I hung there

profcoquin27bis 58M
4323 posts
2/16/2022 6:04 am

come in my old barn, i am dreaming to you

samassetonkik 45M

2/16/2022 6:52 am

You just say the word sexy, i will get your face , ass and asshole so sore that you love me forever.

forgotforgetting 56M
8134 posts
2/16/2022 7:25 am

If done correctly, definitely your ass.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Trapper69 65G  
2657 posts
2/16/2022 8:46 am

Like you, I've always enjoyed exploring old barns. We had horses when I was young, and the hayloft was a great place to take a young, sexy lass to enjoy steamy, hot fun. Often, I'll be driving someplace with Sue, or another woman, and I'll pull over when I see an old barn. We'll go check out the barn then we'll start kissing......and sex usually follows. Maybe Sue and I will have to take you for a ride searching for a barn to play in.....but, we won't leave you tied up and hanging for the farm boys to find you! We'll restrained you then use your body for our pleasure before taking you home to enjoy hours and hours of steamy, hot FMF fun

jenfun69 19F

2/16/2022 10:16 am

I love for you to make my ass every sore

badboy3819652 57M
147 posts
2/16/2022 12:58 pm

love new pic, just needs to be fucked, again and again and filled with hot cum

jenfun69 19F

2/16/2022 2:09 pm

I love for all you guys to find me hangi g there with a red ass and what would you do with me?

Starcaller25 36M

2/16/2022 4:56 pm

I enter the barn after hearing you yell for help. I find you hanging there naked, helpless and humiliated. I begin to remove your blindfold as if I may try to rescue you from the situation. You gaze at me with a look of desperation, your lips pouting and trembling. But you realize very quickly what my true intentions are as I grope your exposed tits and pinch your perky nipples with my fingers. You gasp as my hands travel across your sleek little body, making there way between your legs, my eyes locked with yours the entire time, as I rub your clit with my thumb in small circles, before inserting a finger into you silky wet cunt...

Trapper69 65G  
2657 posts
2/16/2022 10:14 pm

    Quoting jenfun69:
    I love for you to make my ass every sore
It'll be sore when we finish with you.......My long, thick cock will go in first, and I'll fuck you for a long time then Sue will take a turn, and fuck you with her strap-on.....which size would you prefer, the eight x two inch, the ten x two inch or the twelve x two and a half inch?????? Perhaps, you'd like to take all three working your way up to the huge one? Perhaps, you'd like some of our friends to stop by, and take a turn???

jenfun69 19F

2/16/2022 10:49 pm

omg yes as I love to be gangbang as I hang there

kennygooo1 56M
7 posts
2/17/2022 6:13 am

You will be used. While I pleasure my cock with your pussy my girl will pleasure her pussy with your mouth and her sister will get to use your hand to pleasure hers

gunsgrillsgirls 61M
2 posts
2/18/2022 2:04 pm

I have a big red barn you can look around in. I am sure I could catch you and do all sorts of fun things in there!!

jenfun69 replies on 2/18/2022 5:00 pm:
I love to be there in the barn as you and friends do what to me sexy?

RobK2006 55M
5998 posts
2/21/2022 12:29 pm

I'd take .my turn fucking you good, shooting my hot cum into you. I'd be gripping your ass hard while I did it, leaving marks.

jenfun69 19F

2/21/2022 5:43 pm

I love it when men rip my clothes and make me walk around naked for other men to see my bold pink pussy and tits as I am grabbed and pulled down and use long a hard by many men

RobK2006 55M
5998 posts
2/21/2022 7:51 pm

How about you wear some shear yoga pants, skin tight and of super thin, see through material. Wed all get hard looking at you, then we'd rip out the crotch and have you walk around like that, your pussy on display for all the men in the room.

jenfun69 19F

2/22/2022 12:16 am

I love to have them ripped my pants off

pipenI1 46M
12 posts
4/2/2022 12:16 am

you are a naughty girl you like to show yourself
you like to seduce

I wonder if you also like to show your charms to a group of forties while they fuck you?
everyone looks at you while you have sex

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