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Sunday cumday and more...first holiday for the year  

jillandjules6969 54M/51F  
87 posts
6/14/2021 12:19 pm

Last Read:
12/22/2021 3:26 pm

Sunday cumday and more...first holiday for the year

Jules and I finally took our first ‘alone-time’ holiday in close to a year. We looked forward to a week of no , copious champagne, sangria, a few light dinners...and lots of sex.

I couldn’t wait to do blissful ‘couple things’ again like:

-Go to bed nude every night, knowing there were no wandering souls who might knock on our bedroom door and throw the mood.

-Wake early on misty mornings to watch the falling dew, as we cuddle.

-Have sex, loudly.

Our cottage was close to our friend Dick’s house. Dick had taken a few hours off work to see us as we were passing through his town. So, the night before, we promised to stop by before officially starting our one-on-one time. Thus began my horny conundrum.

I expressed to Jules, “I’d like to see Dic But I haven’t had proper intimate time with YOUR dick yet. What if I get really hot and horny while we’re there?”

“I’m sure he won’t mind if we get a little frisky in front of him—we have wait until check-in time for the cottage anyway.”

Jules’s patience kept me calm as usual. But my hormone levels were rising.

Then a welcome thing happened. The cottage landlords messaged say we could check-in as early as we wanted. It would give us time enough set bags down and get Jules into my desperate pussy. We arrived at the cottage and hustled upstairs. After a week of abstinence, I really wanted to feel him inside . I was so excited, I came twice.

We were due at Dick’s in an hour, I quickly rinsed my important bits, tied on my skimpiest bikini and over it, slipped on my new summer dress: a light cotton Moroccan-made paisley pattern with a criss-cross bac I figured it was something nice wear as I sat on Jules’s lap.

We headed Dick’s. He was thrilled see us. He served summer apricots, apples, sweet black grapes and mango fizz. We sat out in the sun on a bench, chatted, nibbled and quenched our thirst with the drin It was a lovely day indeed.

Having sated our desire for each other a few hours earlier, Jules and I could focus on hanging out with our friend, whose company we both enjoyed. We ambled through his garden, fed the koi in the fish pond, chatted and explored.

But within hours, the urge in rose again. One morning quickie could never be enough. As he chatted, Dick saw the way I kept looking at Jules. I’d missed my husband’s tasty dic I kept close, sitting in his lap and kissing him any chance I got.

Dick blurted out, “Do you want fuck?”

“It’s been a week after all,” I answered demurely.

“Can’t believe you’ve had patience wait this long,” he laughed

Then Jules let our little secret slip out, “Actually, we had sex at the cottage right before we arrived. Jill wouldn’t take no for an answer!”

Dick didn’t look surprised, “Let you want more?” He directed the question at .

I nodded, “I missed him a lot this past week, and I’m still raging.”

Dick was sympathetic, “Well, I’m enjoying your company very much, but completely understand if you both...”

Jules piped up, interrupting Dick, “Do you have a few blankets we can lay on the grass?”

Dick went into the house and returned with lovely African throws. We spread them on the<b> sunny </font></b>lawn.

I asked the next obvious question, “Do you mind if we make love right here?”

“For what other reason does one have a lawn?” Dick obliged.

With that, Jules and I stripped off our clothes and began our sex picnic.

Dick picked up his book of Greek Myths and sat on the benches enjoying the sun, and the view of his guests enjoying each other.

When we got back the cottage in the evening, we were sweaty from the day’s lawn . After feeling the sun on our backs and combing the ladybirds from my hair, I was getting slightly sleepy and looked forward a cool shower and falling asleep in Jules’s arms for the night.

But we’d told a few of our horny friends about our stay, Weliketoplay being one of them.

Weliketoplay, a cute couple from the north were enthused to meet up on cam again. He’s close to 7 feet tall with a super long and strong dick and she’s a petite 5’ 3” damsel with a tough constitution for hard liquor and deep throating (the woman never gags. I admire that). How could we say no to mutual cam play?

The wife and I left the bedroom to dress to impress. I put on a shiny PVC black teddy and sheer thigh highs, tied at the neck, tits out. She wore a more conservative lace bustier black top, thigh highs like mine and strawberry red heels.

Weliketoplay's husband had a tshirt on. But Jules was naked, just how I like him when we’re in bed. With drinks in hand, we chatted like we were right in their living room. A few vodkas and beers later, we began to feel the feelings. Before long everyone was displaying their talents.

It became a fun game for Weliketoplay. He was enjoying having drinks with us and wouldn’t allow himself to cum even though she tried all means of expert blowjob and handjob methods.

For part of the session, the wife brought out all the toys. She poked herself with a dildo while wanking her well-endowed husband who was busily strumming her pussy lips. It was skillful harmony to see them in action. The sight of her handling the dildo interested me as well. I’ve always been impressed with women who get pleasure from dildos, especially as I know Jules likes to see it. For me, they often feel too unyielding.

I’ve always preferred using toys like vibrators on the outside on my pussy lips and save inside penetrations for Jules’s dic Weliketoplay laughed with us, talked and played together for an hour. The husband, who was hard for entire time, decided he didn’t want to cum on cam, but would trouble his wife at a wee hour of the morning, only if she wasn’t severely passed out. He would later send us a video of her crawling drunkenly up the stairs to their bedroom which had us in hysterics.

Finally at midnight, Jules made the call for us to go to sleep as well.

“We didn’t get to shower. We’re sweaty and stinky,” I said.

“I like that sometimes,” he said, turning off the light and pulling me close to him. I could feel his smile as my cheek rested on his.

Agreed, the bathroom seemed far away. All the way downstairs. And I was so utterly exhausted, I knew it wouldn’t matter.

Sticky and naked as we were, we fell soundly asleep in each other’s arms, just as I wanted.

The next morning came quickly—we made love early and I came quickly again. Remembering my caffeine addiction, Jules made sure we actually got out of bed by 6:30. He didn't want me to lift a finger to make my own brew as I usually do before waking the . We were on vacation after all.

We dressed and took a drive to the nearest coffee house. The barista manager commented on how loved-up and relaxed we looked. Truth be told I forgot to brush my well-fucked hair from the night before, and my teeth, so we must have looked pretty wild. We were going back to the cottage within an hour anyway. Little did she know my high was even more pronounced by the weeklong escape from adult responsibilities.

On one of the afternoons, we decided to bring in Nurse Jill for a housecall to the cottage. Jules was in need of a lengthy blowjob, some of which we showed on livestream, first with Nurse Jill kneeling as he stood, then onto the bed. Nurse Jill licked and sucked and throated him as deeply as she could. This went on for at least 40 minutes. But Jules was determined to hold back his cum. He'd only cum hours ago after all.

One of Jules’s goals is give blowjob jaw ache, something he hasn’t accomplished yet, as I like working on him for hours on end.

We went off the broadcast and decided IM chat a few of our new watchers SexySophie, who was at work while watching. She loved the kissing and affection we showed on camera mid-blowjob and wanted see more and chat us through Jules’s cum if possible. We decided reverse the usual order. For once it was Jules’s turn interact and type SexySophie while receiving oral pleasure from Nurse Jill. It was a challenge, but we took turns replying to her. Jules said he was enjoying the blowjob attention so much he didn’t want it to end. Our new friend told ask him for his cum “with my eyes.” We both thought that was a sexy thing suggest. In the end Nurse Jill fancied having a cum wank off on her nipples. Her willing patient made sure she got it.

Later that day, we went back on livestream. Jules really wanted give a good pussylicking. One member recognized us from the last livestream and said, "Returning the favour...nice." We appreciated that comment.

It’s always nice find new friends of course, and exciting let them see and chat about our and their fucking habits. And our being exhibitionists we do get a out of showing ourselves on cam.

But first and foremost, there is nothing that compares Jules and my quiet moments. We like being around new people and learning new things. But we absolutely love spending all the quality time in the world we can together, just the of us.

On afternoons, Jules and I took our drinks the cottage garden. For days it was champagne, but on another day, he mixed up a rich concoction of sangria with fresh oranges, mint, strawberries and Cointreau.

I’m not a big-time drinker, but Jules's sangria is a special summer treat. We sipped the juiced wine, and reminisced about times, our youth, (before this second spring, lol), we kissed, I sat on his lap and teased him, we posed for selfies. And usual, we just talked for hours. We sunbathed too. These moments were precious and timeless. We were mythical lovers, Eros and Psyche.

There were days when it took every ounce of willpower not to ask Jules to slip me the dick just as the landlords walked around the perimeter of the property.

Next holiday will be another staycation no doubt, just further afield. Jules thinks we’ll head to Wales or Scotland and take our time driving and appreciating the awe-inspiring coastline of these British Isles. We are making the most of the small freedoms we have, within the limitations we're enduring, not knowing what the pandemic and the government, or the world has in store for us next.

Whereever we roam, we'll keep it sexy.

HARD6914 60M  
7 posts
6/15/2021 7:12 am

I’m sure Dick enjoyed the show created awesome hardness for him too….love your both highly sexed and want each other constantly even I presume after being together years!! It’s very rare to find a couple that highly sexed with the same wonderful eroticism…..keep it up for ever …mmmmm

13129 posts
6/14/2021 12:38 pm

great story !

well written

adjective rich

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