How long can you last  

jt16051 62M/59F
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1/6/2009 6:17 pm
How long can you last

How long does your actual intercourse last.I am not talking fore play but after he is in you and humping away,how does it last before he cums?
Less than 1 minute
1 to 2 minute
2 to 3 minute
3to 5 minute
5to 8 minute
8 to 12 minute
12 to 16 minute
16 to 21 minute
21 or longer

slickbolt 50M
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2/19/2011 2:30 pm

10.5 lasted 40 to 60 minners before depending how gooood it is and how much shes into it i am just down the road so give me a shout and lets seee how long i go,remember seeing is belving slickbolt at yahoo

34rfun 63M/60F

6/4/2012 6:40 am

It all depends on the build up, the foreplay, the activity and how long it has been. We don't have a standard, but usually 20 minutes or so will do it. Other times it has been an hour. The point is, why check the time? It feels good, it's fun, and it's DAMNED good exercise, so throw the stop watch away and fuck til your heart's content!

playintonite2 47M/47F
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11/10/2013 12:29 pm

Lets chat sometime! Or

kellylizjones 63M/61F  
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3/8/2015 8:30 am

honestly, in my younger days, doing my "exercises" daily, WITH KELLY{my wife}
35-45 minutes GOING HARD! fast and furious,,{I watched the clock, never told her,,,lol}
with another lovely lady, after hours of foreplay, 15-20, with condom,
that was then,, by the time I hit early 50's,, and my prostate,made me STOP doing my exercises,,,,,,,,3-5,,,,
I have been thinking of starting my exercise program again,, but it CUMS down to being able to pee,, or lasting long,,,,Hmmmm,,,

Trapper69 64G  
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4/14/2015 11:56 am

Sometimes I'll cum in 5=10 minutes, sometimes I can go for an hour. It all depends on how long since I last came, the foreplay, how fast I'm fucking, and how the woman responds. I can go slow then speed up, slow again, and keep changing the tempo, and last a long time, or I can slide in and start pounding and cum in 5 minutes. However, that's not going to give a woman very much pleasure.

eg1955 65M
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4/25/2017 4:55 pm

For me, it depends. If I started fucking immediately, I'd probably last just a few minutes. But if I have already cum a time or 2, I can go indefinitely. I may not cum again inside her before I just wear out from the physical exertion. So I like to have cum at least once from being sucked or a nice hand job before we start fucking. Then I can keep going.

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