Too Hot For My Own Good...  

kelleebabes 62F
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8/22/2019 11:08 am
Too Hot For My Own Good...

I was reading an article the other day about how sexy women look wearing masculine clothing and it reminded me of the summer I was too for my own good...A few years ago I took a welding class at a local community college ...It was offered during the summer which turned to one of those Oregon summers very sultry... two evenings a week for 8 weeks a wielding certification class...I was interested in incorporating the use of wielding metal in some garden art that I designed and was contemplating making ...long story short, A summer heatwave Portland and the temperatures soared into the triple digits, making the wearing of ANY clothes extremely uncomfortably... the sweltering, unbearable heat lingered and hung long into the evening hours...making my wielding class the last place this big soft girl needed to be,...I had too much body for that kind of heat... what, with all the torches, flames, and flying slag. I certainly found the hard way that while wielding you have to cover as much of your body as possible! ... me, being a greenhorn , lacking experience, I innocently wore clothing not appropriate for the task at hand, I donned the thinnest white tank top I could possibly get away with, and, just because I've been known to be a shameless flirt from time to time, just to make life a bit more... interesting, I wore the sexiest black under wire push up bra I owned beneath that thin white tank top!...tight jeans( that made my ass look real good), and to finish off my slutty attire some ankle high top leather hiking boots (i didn't want to burn my feet, right?)
I had my cool secondhand leather claps , my big leather apron, with lovely matching leather gloves... oh yeah, and this cute little skull cap bandanna to wear under my welding helmet for tucking my long hair in...I must say, I felt fucking sexy in that leather...and, seeing that I was the only token woman in the class of 19 men , all, who were there getting certified or re-certified to work down in Portland's shipyards, here I was, this arty-farty hippy chic, there to learn how to run a bead so she could create" garden art " , with my long hair, huge tits, soft belly, and big round ass ...I was nothing but a " babe in the woods" in Kelleebabe's style ! Now, as you can probably tell I'd never been around wielding of this sort...I've done stained glass art...but, this was a whole new ballgame...
So, me in my skimpy t-shirt and push up bra with the tight jeans sporting my leather chaps and all ...I felt sorta naughty sexy...I enjoyed having the company of all men, they were fun to flirt with and flash a little flesh for...but, right off the bat I was felt like my captive audience was more amused then aroused with the likes of me... It was my first class and I didn't know about certain important safety requirements ...I found out the "hard way" every ones amusement that I should have been wearing totally different and much MORE articles of clothing! ...everywhere my skin was exposed, I was getting flash burns, ultraviolet light, sparks, infrared light, and heat,.... my skin got burnt, like a...sun burn! so, in my sexy skimpy wielding attire ...I ended up with the oddest shaped spots of burned flesh, on my breasts, my belly , arms, everywhere that my clothes didn't fully cover my pale, alabaster white skin ...I had slivers of siren red and crescents of crimson !..oh yeah I felt really sexy and a bit silly with all body art! but, I had to chuckle to myself ,to this day...I still think I rocked the leather champs and a thin white tank top...I thought I looked "" (Pun intended)...with or without the flash burns spots! it's a lesson i'll always have a warm spot in my heart for...

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Notaname99 61M  
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9/3/2019 10:58 am

The layers of clothes really does not matter. I still have a scar from a piece of molten metal that went down the shirt sleeve (beneath two layers). You can believe I ripped off both layers really quickly but it still had burned a quarter inch divot on my arm.

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gopats4 59M
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8/22/2019 12:06 pm

Nothing like some hot splatter to get the blood going baby

1bighammer1000 56M
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8/22/2019 11:47 am

I can only imagine, ha ha I bet it was hard for the guys to think about welding, I have set my clothes on fire welding and running a torch. I never did like wearing the leathers, my nephew did give me a fire Prof welding shirt, I wear it if I am laying under equipment while welding.

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jrinco 64M  
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8/22/2019 11:45 am

That was interesting....and I have to admit......arousing as well.
I hope you finished the course and were able to utilise welding in developing garden art. You are welcome to weld with me anytime!!

Paulxx001 64M
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8/22/2019 11:18 am

Yep... putting a torch in your hands was a hot 🔥 mistake... 😊 👍 😘

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