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HALF A LOAD is better than none!
Posted:May 6, 2020 4:46 am
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 3:36 am

WELL WELL!!!!!!!!,
We have been working such long hours this time of year,, and very tired,, BUT , I manage shower early in the am,, and trim myself up, nice and smooth for Kelly, she does a morning inspection,,, she takes a sip of hot coffee then wraps her lips around mycock,, it quickly swells in her warm mouth,, she licks and kisses my balls,, make sure they are smooooooth!
she giggles and tells I did a good job as she looks up at ,,, NEVER is a woman more beautiful than when she has a cock in her mouth!
She likes suck and stroke till she gets a few drops of pre-cum oozing out,, she stops and smears it on her lips like lipstick then cums up and kisses me,, it tastes good,,,
after several minutes now she is getting a bit more than pre-cum,, I manage to hold back as just a small shot of cum coats her tongue,, she purrs,,,, she stops and grips my cock and squeezes it stroking and a bit more creamy cum flows out,, she sticks her tongue out so I can watch as she flows it onto her tongue,,,, what a sight! at 7 am!!!!!!!!
I feel the urge to POP,, but hold back ,,,, she continues and I allow one more ribbon of white cum to flow into her mouth!!! she purrs as she eagerly savors it,, she comes up and kisses me,,, sharing a bit,,,lol,, she knows I don't care for it,,,but i'm so horny I cant resist ,,,,,,
We stop, and carry on ,, and dress and head to work,,,,, both horny all day thinking of her getting the REST of the load that evening,,,,,,,,,,,,, most of the time, a different set of her LIPPS get the Rest of the load,,,,,,,,,,

this Covid,,, thing has everyone so anxious,, its GREAT to relieve a little tension isn't it???????????????????
too old for site?
Posted:Oct 1, 2019 4:04 am
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2020 3:46 am

Welp!, in the past year,, we have been contacted by a lifelong friend of mine's ,and her husband,, actually we should feel flattered, she is like 38,
and recently, my cousin's , and his wife contacted us,, again they are in mid 30's,,so ,, I wonder whats UP,,besides the obvious!!!!!!!

maybe they are looking for tame old timers,,,{HA!},, and in both cases, they do not know who we are,,
Upskirt pervert,,,
Posted:Jun 25, 2019 4:38 am
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2019 3:47 am

So recently, we have noticed a LOT of women on TV news, and talk shows, with short skirts and LONG legs! kinda like lyrics from a song? but different! It must be the new style,,and I like it! We see it in real life, out shopping and even just getting gas,,, picture me at a gas pump watching a women at the next pump filling up,, in a short flitty skirt,,Me PRAYING for a gust of wind,,, Kelly just shakes her head and says I am beCUM-ing a pervert,, I don't think I am,, maybe I will admit to beCUMming a dirty old man??
I blame it on my time as a YUTE,,, guys my age understand,, siting in a class room 12 , maybe 13 years old,, the girl sitting a row over in front of you crossing her legs with a mini skirt on,, HALF her ass out now,, and half a boner in your jeans,,,the teacher see's you not paying attention and calls you to the front of theroom, to solve a math problem on the chalk board,,, I stand awkwardly,, limping up to the chalkboard,, some punk bastard shouts HE HAS WOOD!!!!!!!!!,, every one laughs,, teacher notices it and tells you to take your seat,,,on way back to your seat,, you get a nice glimpse of Susie short skirts panties,,,, MAN that stays with you the rest of your life!!!!
Lets not confuse my desire to see women in short skirts with perversion,,,
some wise ass years ago asked me if I liked girls,,, trying to question my sexual preferences,,I replied NO,,, everyone GASPED!,,,, I continued,, I like WOMEN!
a sigh of relief,,,from most in the room,
Lets not forget that Susan, sat in the FIRST row of the class,,seats were assigned by the teacher,,,so HE was the pervert,,I'm guessing!
So Kelly can continue to throw the pervert word around,,as many women do,,,and yet,,, still more and more short skirts,,,,,I KNOW women are trying to attract attention to their long shapely legs,,hoping some handsome young studdly guy will notice,,,and they do!,,,but so do dirty old men like myself!
OH GUYS!!!!!????? touchy subject
Posted:Dec 1, 2017 4:33 am
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2019 3:57 am

Ok sorry but this might be a touchy subject,, for this site,,, GUYS!!!!!!!! last evenings local news {youngstown warren area}, 8 to 10 guys busted for seeking to meet prostitutes,,,from an ON-LINE site!!?? now i'm guessing it's something like back page,,or a site similar to it,, maybe CL? don't know,, don't really care, But it was a sting operation,, and I'm sure some of those guys frequent sites like this,,to whack off,,or maybe get lucky,,
BUT WHO IS THAT STUPID TODAY????!!! has anyone drove thru the southside of Youngstown, and seen the street walkers out there? YIKES!!!!!!!!!!
so if some sexxy young HOT bodied , woman ,, offers to meet you for X amount of "roses",,, RED FLAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RED FLAGS!!!!!!!!!!

just stick to jacking off,,,

OR maybe work on your physical image,, and your people skills,,and your personality,, and find a partner,,who is WILLING, to be a romantic , intimate friend,,
yea,,, she may not look like the picture, the cops were using to lure guys in,, but a willing sensual lover,,will over CUM that,,

If any of theses guys were married,,using the excuse their wives were no longer interested in sex,, and i'm sure that sometimes that happens,,, keep looking for a WILLING partner,, who can help you out,,, with out having to pay for it,,
or just stick to jacking off,,,,,,,

I'm not AGAINST ,, it's been around A LONG LONG TIME!,, and will continue to be,, i have never indulged,, but with all the crack/heroin addicts out there,,turning tricks for their next fix,, it has to be VERY RISKY business,,
GUYS,,, don't be stupid,, and desperate,, a bad combination,,,

so if you see a post on some site from a chick that looks JUST like Elizabeth Banks,,
who will fuck and suck you for 100 roses,, and she wants to meet on the
southside of Youngstown,,

JUST WHACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!,,, the urge will fade quickly afterwards!!!!!!

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