HALF A LOAD is better than none!  

kellylizjones 64M/62F  
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5/6/2020 4:46 am
HALF A LOAD is better than none!

WELL WELL!!!!!!!!,
We have been working such long hours this time of year,, and very tired,, BUT , I manage shower early in the am,, and trim myself up, nice and smooth for Kelly, she does a morning inspection,,, she takes a sip of hot coffee then wraps her lips around mycock,, it quickly swells in her warm mouth,, she licks and kisses my balls,, make sure they are smooooooth!
she giggles and tells I did a good job as she looks up at ,,, NEVER is a woman more beautiful than when she has a cock in her mouth!
She likes suck and stroke till she gets a few drops of pre-cum oozing out,, she stops and smears it on her lips like lipstick then cums up and kisses me,, it tastes good,,,
after several minutes now she is getting a bit more than pre-cum,, I manage to hold back as just a small shot of cum coats her tongue,, she purrs,,,, she stops and grips my cock and squeezes it stroking and a bit more creamy cum flows out,, she sticks her tongue out so I can watch as she flows it onto her tongue,,,, what a sight! at 7 am!!!!!!!!
I feel the urge to POP,, but hold back ,,,, she continues and I allow one more ribbon of white cum to flow into her mouth!!! she purrs as she eagerly savors it,, she comes up and kisses me,,, sharing a bit,,,lol,, she knows I don't care for it,,,but i'm so horny I cant resist ,,,,,,
We stop, and carry on ,, and dress and head to work,,,,, both horny all day thinking of her getting the REST of the load that evening,,,,,,,,,,,,, most of the time, a different set of her LIPPS get the Rest of the load,,,,,,,,,,

this Covid,,, thing has everyone so anxious,, its GREAT to relieve a little tension isn't it???????????????????

reallyready46 62M
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5/6/2020 6:55 pm

Good thing you have some one to help you

kellylizjones 64M/62F  
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5/7/2020 4:18 am

OH trust me,, I Know what a GREAT partner I Have!,, we have been very sexually explorative {explorative?} since we were dating!!!! Even now years later while riding the bike out in the country , we will say,, "oh remember when we played on that dead end road?",,, also we ride by a group of homes, and Kelly will recall a couple that lives in one of the homes that we played with years ago,,, best part is,,, or "exploration" isn't over!!!!!!!!!!!

dressmeup2004 45T  
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5/7/2020 5:47 am

Very Hot! You two are a joy to chat with and read about.

kellylizjones 64M/62F  
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5/14/2020 4:05 am

maybe take a ride and cum visit one day!,, we took a ride to WV three years ago, to meet a couple at their house,, we had played at a club, where we met,, we ride all the way down,, enjoy some foreplay ,, he takes Kelly to the bedroom, his wife and I started some action on the couch,, I was balls deep in her, and I heard some arguing from the bedroom, I lifted my head from kissing the sexy woman,,, and Kelly comes running from the bedroom,,, it seems the guy was trying to take hard ass,,,, she said he kept pulling his cock from her wet snatch and trying to fuck her ass,,, she politely said NO,, she does not do anal,, and slipped him back in her puss,, I guess he kept insisiting,, he was going to fuck her butt,, and she got pissed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so here's me,, my cock throbbing in this guys wife's snatch,,,,, I have to pull out,, and the guy says FUCK IT, YOU HAVE TO LEAVE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so we got dressed,,, and started out the door, the guy bitching the whole time,, he said "don't let the screendoor hit you in the ass,,",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we rode up Rt2,, awhile got to some little town, found a bar still open, stopped in for a drink,, poor Kelly was rattled,,, it was over two hour ride home,, where Kelly and I finished the evening,, with a nice leisurely fuck,,,,,,,,,,,

NJGUY08090 55M
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11/13/2020 6:53 pm

Sounds like you both enjoy each other and all the things you do. Keep smiling and playing

franco3299 62M
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4/11/2021 9:04 pm

You sound like a fun Couple. Its all about respect and enjoying each others company. Frankly Kelly is an enticing woman. James

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