Nudist resort fantasy!  

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10/20/2016 4:46 am
Nudist resort fantasy!

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kellylizjones 63M/61F  
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11/23/2016 5:11 am

Rascal is cute!, and so is your HOT WIFE!

kellylizjones 63M/61F  
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11/25/2016 8:05 pm

NUDIST resort fantasy ,,part TWO
So Now it's summer 2016,, i have waited 8 months, and have bringing up visiting a nudist resort,,to Kelly,, reminding her of her promise to visit a nudist resort!
She was like "FINE,,,",,,it was,, the weekend of the 4th of july,,it fell on a Monday,, we visited Family over the weekend,, made all the appearances,,at picnics and such,, Monday we had NO where to GO or BE!
It was a very warm day muggy and overcast,, upper 80's,, in the am,, we relaxed,, and sipped coffee on the patio,,I asked my lovely wife,, what she thought about visiting Whitethorn that afternoon? She looked up the number and called,, they were pretty busy, and crowded,, we thought,, maybe not a great day for beginners,
I knew a place that was secluded,, a field with a treeline, a mile from EVERYTHING,,,i told Kelly pack up a cooler with beers, and some lube,,and "freshen up",,,,,she did,, i showered slipped on a pair of shorts, sandals. and grabbed a bunch of blankets,, packed up in our 4 wheel drive pick up and headed out,, about 20 minutes, later i was driving down a tractor path thru a field, and got to the treeline, and backed into it a bit,,we jumped out ,i tossed the blankets into the back of the bed of the truck,,i put the tailgate down, and Kelly says "what now,,?" i backed her against the tailgate and kissed her passionatley,,i grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up so she was now sittingon the tail gate,,i slipped off he sandals,, and then her shorts,,she wasn't wearing panties,,i kissed my way up her thighs,,to her pretty shaved pussy,, her lipps were already glistening in anticipation,,i made sure and get a few licks in before kissing her again,, as she LOVES the taste,,
I climbed up in the bed of the truck , with her, and layed her back ,,i slipped her tank top, {no bra}, off exposing her nipples to the soft sunlight,,,she said the warmth felt GOOD<<<<<<<<<<<
i licked and sucked her nipples, till they were pert and stiff,,kissing her passionately in between, she moaned as i reached down and began softly stroking her stiff clit begging for attention, i stripped down bare, and slipped between her legs,, and began licking her,, i like sucking one pussy lipp into my mouth and sucking it,, then moving to the other,, getting the blood flowing,, her pussy lipps get VERY swollen and puffy,, the longer you take,, the more intense her orgasms are,, ,,,and frequent,,, i enjoy sucking her clit and licking it,, till she is moaning and grinding an orgasm into my face,,,i make sure and lap up all her juices afterwards,,and letting her relax,,and re-coup,,but just a bit,, before i go back to gently licking her pussy lipps again, starting to process over,, this time i add a few fingers gently massaging her G-spot,, i lay back on her clit a bit,,letting her enjoy another type of orgasmmm,, it doesnt take long,, maybe 8 minutes,, and she is bucking hard into my face cumming HARDER!!! grinding and moaning grabbing the back of my head and forcing me into her pussy,,after she comes down and catches her breath,,she is begging for me to come up to her,, i do, stopping to kiss her and let her taste her juices,, as she licks my lips and sucks my tongue,, I kneel next to her face and she moves to take my cock into her mouth,,she can do some serious damage ,, in a short time with her skills,,,i laugh and pull her away,,"whoa,,slow down baby..."
she kisses me again her lips covered in my pre-cum this time,,,
I go back down and lick her making sure she is still WET and she is PLENTY wet,, no need for lube,,i wander "south" and lick her butt,, covered with her juices flowing from her,,she grinds and bucks,, as my tongue darts in and out of her most southern point!she stops me and begs me to fuck her,,,
I do,,,the sun is now out a bit,,i kiss and suck and lick her nipples,,I feel the sun beating down on my back as my cock,,slipps easily into her wetness,she doesn't wait for me to slide in slowly, but bucks up hard till my balls are pressed hard against her tight butt,,,we grind in that position for the longest time as we kiss,,,then i start stroking,,, slow,, then harder and faster,, till my balls are slapping her ass, her legs wrapped around my thighs,, pulling me in harder and deeper,, a slight warm breeze is blowing across my back,,i find a rhythm,, and we go with it,, i can cum hard at any moment,,her pussy is so hot and tight and wet,,,but we're in a groove,,and we just go with it,,
soon she is panting hard,, and grabbing me pulling me down to kiss her, as she pants and moans,, i feel her tense up,, she is cumming HARD!!!!!!!i feel the warmth of her juices flooding her snatch,, drenching my cock!,, i think i can't last ,, but i do,, i go harder,, TOP GEAR, fuck the knee burns,,she is still cumming !!!!!,, and then ,,, RELEASE,,, I actually feel my cum spurts,,shooting into her one after another,,I keep FUCKING,, and keep shooting into her,, and pounding ,, till i feel our combined juices flowing from her,, i lean down and kiss her,,she hugs me,,my cock still twitching in her drenched puss,, i move back up and pull my cock from her,, watching a river of our juices flow down over her butt,, such a 'pretty sight"
I lay down next her,,both of us spent,,,and we lightly doze off,,as the gentle breeze, and sun wash over our bodies,,,,

Trapper69 64G  
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4/27/2017 4:57 am

Sounds like you two had your own "fireworks" on the 4th of July! Sex outside like that is wonderful! Thanks for sharing this hot experience with us..... I'm sure you two enjoyed more fun before you called it a day! I just wish I could read the first part of this blog post........

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