kent1234871 36M
8 posts
10/29/2019 2:02 pm

Does anyone talk on here anymore. Does anyone actually hook up?

silverfox44004 74M  
4 posts
11/12/2019 11:37 am

Without being a paying member it has gotten extremely difficult to communicate with very many people. Having a blog or going on cam are some of the only options left. Keep your blog up and good luck.

fkmeallnitelong9 50F  
2422 posts
1/25/2020 7:13 pm

great question ….I would like the answer myself...????

ZvilleExploring 56M
1 post
6/9/2020 6:57 am

He's replied to me. Letting each other know what we enjoy sexually!
He's handsome, told him I'd enjoy being naked with him. He messaged
me, letting me know what he enjoys. We're seeing if we click. If we
should actually hook up. We'll see, time will tell.

silverhalf 64M
10 posts
7/8/2020 2:26 pm

Hey man whats up

silverhalf 64M
10 posts
7/8/2020 2:29 pm

Post 4265010 not sure I'm doing this right but nice pic man

silverhalf 64M
10 posts
7/8/2020 2:32 pm

post 4265010 are these getting to you would like to meet sometime

silverhalf 64M
10 posts
7/8/2020 2:36 pm

kent1234871 are any of these comming through

rdy2try4 56F  
3304 posts
8/28/2020 6:14 pm

I am not picking on you, but I will answer your blog post honestly. It isn't impossible to find, but MOST women do not 'hook up'. We have to LIKE YOU not just know you are horny and have a dick. ALL MEN have dicks. Men need a location and women need a reason. If you just want instant sex and don't care who with most women will ignore that type of guy. We don't want to have sex with the other women you had sex with and be just a passing hole you used for whatever amount of time you had sex. MOST women, even here on this site, want more than just a 'hook up.' We want to talk to you, enjoy some time with you, and have a friendship and like who you are. Too many men get here and think this is an online whorehouse warehouse and think all they need to do is say I am here and horny and women will flock to them..... another inside info tip for you. Women are FLOODED with that stuff. Guys that just want a hook up, no strings meaning not have to do anything to get it sex, and are looking to do it instantly - they are all over the place and women just don't function that way. Women that like sex still have preferences.

Think about this... if a woman really wanted sex with anyone with a dick near her for a hook up she will NOT be here!! She is going to be at the corner pub picking up whomever is there and not care. Women on here CAN be picky and choosy because we can get up to 100 or more emails a day. Women don't need sex so bad they take whoever asks as there is a line behind them. If men had that same line and it was 100 women they would take the prettiest one first not the ugliest.

Again, I am not bashing on you. It is just a fact that women have 1000s of men to choose from and so we can weed through them. They don't need a one night stand 50 times in 50 days from guys that only want one night stand hook ups. Some will.. most won't.

Contact me in private and I can send you some helpful tips on how the site works and things.

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