week 2 update  

kvin14226 34M
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7/17/2021 8:10 pm
week 2 update

so here's week number two update.

so i guess i went a little too far into my previous experiences on this site and people took their own interpretation to it, oh well lets just get back to the nitty gritty here and why i am posting these updates.

so here's the totals for week two of this blog.

i ended last week at 247 and at the end of this week im proudly ending it at 242
I've had ups and downs this past week and im more then happy with this weeks end results.

I'm going camping Monday through Wednesday so im sure ill be paying for it on next weigh in.

this isn't going to be a quick process but i know it will be a worthwhile one.

thanks for the comments good or bad.

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