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To whom it may concern: this is where anyone, member or not, can write a message that only I will see. Hope to hear from you. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained. [would someone drop me a line just so I know this works. thx]
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You ONLY get one great love in your life?
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I read recently in a profile status the comment that you only get one great woman in your life (time). I have pondered that reality. Unfortunately it smacks of truth, at least in my experience. It was my first year of college. My brother was away serving in the Navy and he sort of assigned his fiancees keeping into my hands. She was still in high school. Very mature girl who had moved here to the states from Europe with her parents. It was with her, one summer night, that we stopped over at one of her girl friends houses, Fran. Fran was a tall, buxom Norwegian descent young lady who parents were super cool. It was while we were there sharing lemonade on their greenhouse front porch when the in walked another schoolmate, Maria. Maria was about my height, beautiful satiny brunette hair, quite HWP and from the onset, a vibrant and boisterous fire cracker. But she wasn't the one who stole my heart that night. It was her older sister who stole in behind her, quiet and unassuming.

Sylvia was not even five foot tall. Skinny legs, small breasted**, quiet demur. For me it was love at first sight. We dated for two years before I dropped out of college so that we could afford to get married. That was in '69 when the war was raging in the rice paddies halfway around the world. It was also the time when the draft was still in full effect and you guessed it, I got my GREETINGS letter from Uncle Sam. As mentioned, my brother had been in the Navy and hearing his stories, I decidedly didn't want to join it. Also, with the war, I didn't want to join the Army so I tested for and got assigned to the Air Force. I love planes to begin with so it was a win/win, or so I thought. My recruiter sold me a bill of goods saying that once I completed basic training I could apply to become a pilot. Another BS recruiter story. Also, instead of two years with the Army, my time served would be four years instead. And for the first three years, Syl and I maintained our relationship until finally making rank, I called her on the phone to say we could now get married as on base housing would be offered. Yep, you guessed it. That was when I was told she wanted her freedom. I guess I am to blame for that. I was paying for her to continue her college. And it was there she had met the man she would later marry before I even got out of the service.

All this to say, yes, perhaps we do only get one true love of our lives. I remember in a Star Trek episode Gianan counseling young Wesley after he had had his heart broken, conceding, I will never love anyone like her again. Gianan the told him that it was true, he would never love someone like that again because each experience/person is unique. That synopsis sort of settled on me. Have there been women since then to equal my love for Syl. No. She and I had kindrid spirits that will never be found again. But that doesn't mean that I haven't had true feelings for another. I have and still do. However, sadly, not the woman I married on rebound.

I am in my seventh decade now so any hope of finding another special someone is a dangerous hope, as Red rightly warned Andy in Shawshank Redemption. Hope CAN drive a man insane. Hope in a Hollywood outplay where Syl and I meet up again after all the years and rekindle what we once had and live happily ever after. The hope of finding just that one woman who, together, we were able to steal moments together with to huddle in the shelter as the bombs of life continued to rain down on us. Dangerous, vain hopes. Yet what is life without hope? Vanity of vanities. Dream Dream Dream. Whenever I want you all I have to do is dream.

**One of the nicknames I gave her was TB. Tee Bee. It originally stood for Tiny Boobs but as years passed it also stood for Two Bellies. All in good fun. Another endearing nickname was SS which many of my male companions called her. i.e. Short Sh*t. And if we had married, that would have become her initials as well.
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Phyllis, a short story of an unexpected school reunion.
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She introduced herself as Ms. Parks to the class, but I already knew her as Phyllis.  Phyllis lived with her parents who the summer before had moved into the apartment next door to my estranged father.  That the very same summer in which my beloved mother favored my sister to travel around the country with her, my mother being a school teacher herself.  Phyllis completed her teaching internship my senior year of high school, graduating to full-fledged teacher as I graduated into becoming a full-fledged college student. Within six months of my graduation from high school, my parents buried the proverbial hatchet which allowed my emasculated father to move back in with mom and sis.  But moving away and having my nose buried in books (most of the time!) I lost contact with Phyllis as there were plenty of college girls to eclipse the infatuation that had filled me with lust and love for the long haired, big breasted teacher to be.

That more than thirty years ago.  I had attended my first two high school reunions, ten and twenty year, but had skipped the last, tired of the arrogant cliques that still remained despite the years.  There were two people I had always hoped to see again, Margret Olroyd and one Ms. Phyllis Parks.  At the last reunion, I sadly informed of Peggy’s passing, succumbing to cancer.  I only comforted by the additional news that it had only been two months from discovery to death.  However that alone had pretty much put the final nail in the coffin as for me attending any further high school reunions.  I guess Peggy’s death became the precipitous event that led me to finally accept the truth —there are no such things as a way-back machine.

And so it went until finally, I retired from the working world.  Unlike my parents, my own wife had made our trial separation permanent.  Our daughter and son had since married, each inconveniently moving to opposite ends of the country —daughter living in Boston while my son headed to Phoenix with his mother.  Thus I found myself stuck in the flat lands of the Midwest alone.

Retirement is an interesting phenomena.  Viewed for years as something of an idealistic panacea, its benefits hadn’t taken long to wane.  Oh, for sure I enjoyed not having to get up every morning to shoulder the drudge of another day at the office.  I certainly enjoyed having a house to myself after all the years of raising a family and two years of a divorced, out of work sister who finally found her white knight and rode off with him into the blessed sunset.  But having the house to oneself meant doing all the things that were once shared -meals, dishes, laundry and house cleaning, not to mention the yard which the ex had filled with ubiquitous gardens.  e. weeds to pull, shrubs to trim and train, flowers to divide and care for.  Yes, I stayed busy all the while seemingly accomplishing with my new life of leisure.

There I , languishing in leisure as summer put forth its final heat wave of the season, when an old friend encouraged me to volunteer at one of the local schools to read once or twice a week to children struggling with their words.  Eventually he persuaded me to sign up. So in mid August I found myself doing just that.  The principle, cut just the summer before from his final pro league team, hired me Johnie on the spot.  An interesting man of whom I would later find out that all the teachers had nicknamed Clark Kent because of his chiseled face and heavy black framed glasses.
It a rather large grade school.  Times were tough forcing the district to consolidate three schools into one.  I glad that my schedule only called me in twice a week as the noise of youth rapidly fraying the last few nerves left to me.  Women seem to fair better than men in either ignoring it all or just absorbing it all in a motherly fashion.  I suppose that why of all the retirees volunteering at the school, only women chose to drive school buses —those reverberating yellow metal coffins of screaming mayhem. God help us all!

Basically this how the school year passed and largely without incident.  I met many new people.  I even made a few new friends; had a parent or two try to set me up to meet either their single mother or grandmother.  God, I getting that old?  ‘Thanks, but no’ I kindly declined though I wished for a companion to add a noise to house every now and then.  And I suppose that would have been the end of it if not for the long haired woman who stopped in at the school office to pick up an ailing grandchild as I myself signing out to leave for home.

Sometimes you know them for who they were almost immediately. Other times, even when introduced, you never really quite place the old with the new.  In this case, there something in the way she moved, something in the way she placed her one hand on her hip while the other signed out poor sick boy, Ricky Taylor.  The glossy brunette hair had now turned gray, losing much of its velvety sheen.  But it wasn’t dry or thinning as some of the women’s hair seemed to do after years of bleaching and coloring.  I was taller than her now.  She was still relatively as thin as she had been.  On the other hand, I had put on a few pounds directly below the expanding barrel chest.  She wore glasses while I sported newly laser corrected retinas.  Amazingly, she still seemed as gay and alive with unbounding energy as I remembered her thirty years prior.

“Oh poor boy,” I heard her comfort the ailing child as she turned toward the door of which I continued to hold open to both.

“See you Monday,” I called back to Renee at the office desk, smiling back at me as always, waving as I stepped out into a beautiful cloudless day.  Oh if only Renee were single!

I followed the woman and child out to their car parked inappropriately in the reserved ‘Staff ONLY’ parking lot.  It was one of those new German SUV’s with automated this and automated that.  Someone had to burn!  

“You take care Ricky,” I called out as the woman closed his door before walking to the back of the vehicle as its rear hatch closed all on its own.

“Forgive me,” I asked as I tilted my head to one side, summoning the gray haired woman’s attention, “but have we met?  I don’t mean to be rude but there just something in the way you were standing at the desk, signing Ricky out that brought back a long forgotten memory.”  Careful, boy, I warned myself.  Mustn’t be too free with age related recognitions.

Standing upright in perfect feminine posture, the woman turned and looked at me full in the face.  Searching every movement, I could not divine her thoughts.

“Well, I don’t know.  Are you from around here?” bright eyes inquired without any sense of resentment of being bothered by the questioning.

“I grew up here, graduated from high school but moved away until just a few years ago when, after my parents had died, I moved back into their house.”

“What year did you graduate?” she asked.

“Sixty-seven,” I answered, almost ashamed at the antiquity of it.

“Really!  That the year I interned at the old high school that burnt down.  What class were you in?”

“Yours. . . . Phyllis?”  I asked leaning toward her, cocking my head slightly seeking affirmation.
Call it what you will, but there is something I find strangely enjoyable when I have someone lost for an answer.  The licking of her glossy red lips, the quick twinge of nose and slight raising of her glasses begged me to reveal myself.

“I’m terribly sorry, but . . .”  People sometimes form sentences which are left unfinished with the express purpose in extruding information lost to them.

“Don’t recognize me?  That’s okay.  It has been a long time and I suppose I’ve put on a few misplaced pounds and then there is this,” I said pointing to my well-groomed white goatee.  “I suppose I could tease you and tell you were I sat and in which class.  Or I remind you about the time when a certain boy got caught flashing a Playboy centerfold while you were up at the board with your back to us as Mrs. Henley just happened to look in through door window checking up on how you were doing.”

I watched as the woman raised a hand to her mouth, drawing a deep breath as she cried in her sing-song way!  “Oh my God!  Yes, I remember that.  Are you Brian? Ummm, give me a second. Brian Biggins?”

I suppose I had it coming.  I had teased her memory instead of just being mature and up front with who I .  Brian Biggins had been a fat turd who, now back on it, had always been strangely popular.  Ever and always, he quick with a joke or some witty sarcasm that often had even the teachers smiling at him.  Unlike myself, he had gone on to become a prominent local land developer who’s wealth had made him even more arrogant and totally suspect of even his best of friends.

Just smiling to her, holding out my hand, I finally confessed laughing, “No, not so fortunate.  Ron.  Ron. . .”

“Ronnie!  Ronnie Kucera!  Oh my God!” she screamed again in apparent delight.  “How are you?  Do you teach here?  What have you been up to?”

“Oh I’m retired” I confessed, shaking my head no.  “No, no.  I just come here a couple of times a week to read to kids who are struggling with their words.  And you?  You still live around here?”  I asked, greatly desiring a miraculous healing of Ricky so I could scoot him off back into the school and have this lively woman all to myself.

With a sad face she answered me, “No, I’m just here visiting my daughter and her husband.  I live down in Florida.  My husband and I retired down there.”

“You’re married?”  I asked trying desperately not to let on my disappointment.

“I .  David died last year when a drunk ran his car up over the curb and into the table where David and I were eating.  I never even got knocked off my chair but David….”
I watched as the brightness in her face eclipsed by the memory of her loss.  

“I’m sorry.  I truly am.  I’m so sorry for your loss.”

“Ron, it good seeing you but I suppose I should be getting Rickie home and in bed.  Is there a way I can get in touch with you? Are you married?”

“Not any more!” I confessed with an inappropriate smile.  “Here, let me give you my cell number.  I don’t have a home phone any more. If you’re free, I’d love to take you to lunch sometime, or better yet, a night out up in the big city?”


I had driven home as giddy as a high school boy knowing his choice of femme fatale had accepted his offer to her to the prom. These sorts of things only ever happened in the movies, or at least to other people, never me. And Phyllis looked great. Why had I stopped my regiment of exercise and diet after the wife left? Genetics had still kept me in the game but athletic now only average. Still, on those rare occasions where I actually bothered to look at myself in the mirror, I turned away from the thought that all the good days were just about over.

Would she call or had she merely been polite? And here it , Friday night. Would I have to struggle through another weekend alone or would the gods favor me and allow me just one more opportunity to enter the dance?


I had finally given up and run out to get something to eat before returning to the house for another brain numbing night in front of the fifty-inch flat screen. After both wife and sister had finally vacated the premises, for a brief expanse of time I allowed wicked women into the house to dance for me on that very same stage. But all were either too or took their clothes off too fast. They also neglected appreciating the art of arousal via breast lust. Rather it one second strolling around the house, the next fucking wildly in anything but a realistic, identifiable way. I so strange to some semblance of normalcy?

And so there I sat till I could take it no longer, turning it all off before rising to stand in front of the window, out on the world as it passed me by. The mini mall across the street a hive of activity between the best BBQ in seven counties, a carry out only pizza hole-in-the-wall and a most convenient discount liquor store. But my driveway dark and empty. ‘How did one go about rekindling the fire?’ I pondered.

As I about to turn out the lights and retire to the back bedroom only to turn on yet another tv so as to numb me into dreamland, Phyllis’s rented SUV, or one just like it pulled deep into the drive. I remained standing in front of the large twelve foot window till the SUV’s lights went out and its driver side door popped opened. Sure enough, it my long haired, big busted, beautifully dimpled face Ms. Phyllis Parks; only her last name had changed over the years. Racing to the side door, I flipped on the outside light and went out to greet my guest.

“What are you doing here? I waited for you to call but then thought that you thought it best just to leave things be.” Sometimes I cringed at the way I think about things and the way I always seem to be of the habit of revealing them.

Half hanging her head, Phyllis spoke as she drew nearer, “Well what I didn’t tell you this afternoon that my flight back to Florida scheduled for tonight. And truthfully, that where I and where I headed. And though you might think ill of me for saying this, frankly, I ready to leave after spending ten days with my daughter. Don’t get me wrong, I love her to death. And her husband is a sweetheart if there ever one. But it just time to leave.”

“Does your daughter know….” I asked, not purposefully leaving my sentence short, and yet, doing just that.

“Does my daughter know that I missed my flight? No.” It a pitiful ‘No’ that tapered off in a quiet sense of lostness.

“Phyllis . . .” This time I caught myself thinking it better to move her and the conversation inside. “Would you like to come inside? Can I offer you something to drink?”

Phyllis had pulled into my drive shortly after ten. Now it nearly one and that long awkward silence we had both been starving off finally raised its ugly head. We had laughed. We had pulled out old pictures and swapped countless stories especially those dealing with spouses and children and now grand children. We had even talked a about politics and religion before the awkward silence loomed up before us and seemingly refused to go away.

I remember King Arthur of Camelot singing the question, “What does a man do when a woman is thinking –for they don’t do it often?” Then he confesses, “Oh my mind is at war!” And so too mine. Phyllis arrived wearing a sharp blue-gray matching suit jacket and skirt complete with a white, button down the front, blouse. If she had stood with brief case in hand, she could have easily been mistaken for some high falutin business executive or perhaps even a higher falutin politician. To use the word grandiose would not have been out of character. But after a second glass of Italian wine, Phyllis had discarded the jacket and loosened one more button of her blouse before relaxing in my father’s favorite easy chair. Behind her an old pole lamp with a dim 60W light bulb that illuminated her being as if being captured in some Dutch Reformation still life.

While Phyllis talked I took the opportunity to observe and record everything about her. That once shiny brunette head of hair now in fact a mixture of brown’s and grays. Somehow it seemed to suit her perfectly. She had arrived with it neatly tucked up tightly behind her, again in that professional woman’s way. I liked the new Phyllis. Her eyebrows were thin but right for her face and the style of glasses she wore complimented them both. The crow’s feet which sprang out from the sides of her eyes made her smiles more real and her tears more painful. The vertical creases at either side of her mouth still accented every pursing of the lips. Only the slightest increase of fullness beneath her chin gave evidence of age, and then probably only to me. The upper vermilion her mouth now wrinkled when she talked. That too I found strangely appealing, pondering -always pondering- whether or not she would allow me to kiss those lips. And if and when she did, would it be as good as I had, oh so many years before, imagined it would be?

There were times during our conversation when Phyllis would absentmindedly scratch the back of her neck as she looked down to one side in some deep contemplative ruse. That when I able to assess as to whether or not the years had been to her breasts. Though her blouse of luminescent white, I could discern no pattern of lace beneath, no seam, not even much of an indentation from a shoulder strap. And having only the two top most buttons unfastened, I, sad to say, could discern cleavage. But there no hiding the fact that it in there. Nor there much pretense to the fact that Phyllis’s breasts had filled out, if not indeed, grown further since our school days. I searched the mental archives but drew a blank as to what had been previously observed and mentally recorded other than being proportionately large and often cloaked behind sweaters and the fashionable blazers of that time.

“So I thought, what the hell, it wasn’t like there wasn’t anything desperately waiting for me back home. I know, I should have called or at least texted you. I guess my impetuous nature hasn’t lost any of it impetuousness over the years. I find it seriously helps me from growing old or being scared to explore another facets of life. And that is very important at this stage of the game, don’t you think, Ron?”

I was glad that Phyllis had dropped the familiar name of youth, ‘Ronny.’ There were other hints subtly dropped along the way that gave me hope that per chance this impetuous -woman might spend the night! And if I played my cards right, maybe, just maybe she’d even spend it under my sheets.

“I couldn’t agree more. However, in admitting that, I will have to confess that I haven’t been very impetuous of late.” I laughed a sad sack laugh before adding, “There hasn’t been any reason to.” I looked up at two bright eyes that were leaning forward in my father’s old chair. this an invitation?

“Maybe you just need to look around a harder to find something new to get excited about!” There it again. Surely this an invitation.

Standing to my feet, Phyllis rocked forward with two arms wrapped about herself as I drew close to her. Smiling a queer mischievous smile, turning her head ever so slightly as she looked up at me, I leaned down and slowly brought my lips close to hers. “I’ve always been attracted to you,” I heard myself confess.

“I know,” she replied, this time with a widening of that mischievous smile. “Why do you think I took the chance and came back?”

My eyes widened as I looked breathlessly within her own. Slowly she closed them and pressed her lips on mine.

There are times when two pair of lips are just made for each other. I’ve kissed countless women over the course of my life but only three of them perfectly matched my own in a way that no others had ever achieved. One a summer fling just out of high school —Denise. The other at the end of a three days stay at an old college friends home after which she kindly drove me to the airport to see me off —Diane. The third now had her hand behind my head, tenderly injecting her passion into me. The kiss lingered forever, long enough to make the position uncomfortable. We parted slowly as eyes opened equally as slow before pursuing their search for answers. Only centimeters apart, our breath mingled as head positions began randomizing, seeking both optimization of placement and permission.

I suppose if I had been younger, I would have pushed her back in her chair or dragged her off on to the floor and had my way with her. Perhaps if she had been younger I still might have done it. But there a maturity about all of this that told us both that there no need to rush. This no affair of youthdom. This required neither of its participants to be home before midnight. Besides, that hour had long come and gone. Nor there any conflicting thought of explaining the lateness to an awaiting spouse. We were both consenting adults. We were both, for-gods-sake, consenting senior citizens. We were both free. For the first time in my life, I knew what it meant to feel free; to be free with a woman who so ardently there for me —just me; a woman who had dared to change the direction of her life, without any selfish manipulation on my part, just to take a chance on me. The mere realization of it made me stumble back away from her. “What?” she begged before the mischievousness of her demeanor exuded a shy smile.

“ I, I, I…” I stuttered. “I guess I’m just having a hard time taking all this in. I stopped for you a life time ago. I just gave up. It too hard to keep . Too many disappointments. So many hurts. Hope became a dangerous thing for me. But it always you. I have been waiting for you all my life.”

At this Phyllis reached out with extended finger tips and took one of my hands as she looked down at the floor as if to make confession.

“David and I met at a parents-teacher conference. He a widower, fatherly, caring, handsome, employed, seemingly having his act together. It wasn’t one of those instant connections. It was gradual for both of us. Well really, it was a desperation on my part. Perhaps you’ve never thought about it but once a woman graduates from college and begins a career in a local community school system, she has pretty much locked herself in to a very room of opportunity. I mean, I never one to shop at some local bar. I never did that even in college. I suppose I never really that lonely. I loved my job. My desperation different than that. I wanted a family of my own. Some find their mates within the system but men who become teachers are, more often than not, nerdy, though often nice. I guess, at least for me, if you work in a bakery all your life the last thing you want on your plate is another donut. So David a convenience. . . and, as it turned out, he felt that way as well. He never fell out of love with his first wife. I don’t fault him for that. Though he never betrayed it, I do think,” Phyllis stopped confessing long enough to admit the reality out loud, “-no, I know there were times when he making love to me that he really closing his eyes in an attempt to make himself believe that I her. I tried. I honestly tried to be her for him. But we’re all unique and in the end we are all who we are. So our marriage became more a brother-sister affair, friendly but not true lovers. We were just two people sharing the same house while struggling to raise our family. I still loved him as a husband. Don’t get me wrong. I guess it’s complicated. And when I lost him, I thought the world had ended for me. Have you ever been on one of those single dating sites for seniors? The female to male ratio is like a thousand to one. You men are either all married or dead. So I guess, like you, I had stopped . I have grown content just to enjoy my life to its natural end. Financially I’ve never been more secure. Freedom? All my kids are married and living their own separate lives though we are close and stay in touch. Elizabeth, my youngest and most dear to me, lives the closest and she lives in Georgia.”

Phyllis continued to finger my hand as I looked down at her, reaching out and caressing the top of her head. How quickly and thoroughly she becoming precious to me all over again. I knew not what the future had in store for us –if it had anything at all. I only knew that she here and for the moment, all other cares and concerns had ceased to exist. Within me raged a mixture of emotions. I felt the protector. Here a delicate flower that had been long neglected. It needed a bit of cultivation, a nurturing to make it strong enough to once again shoot forth a dazzling array of blossoms. I also felt a strange sense of calm with her. No need to rush it. No need to secure, claim, mark her as my own. She here because she wanted to be. But there still a strong desire to just tear her clothes off and fuck her like she had never been fucked before. So utterly fucked that she would curl up next to me after it all over, just like a and beg servanthood. So utterly fucked that every other encounter would be like just so much dross. So utterly fucked that the rising sun would no longer mean a new day for her but a new era in her life.

I pulled Phyllis to her feet, tightly drawing her near to me, squeezing the life out of her elbows, screaming at her without words as her eyes turned into big question marks, searching desperately to discern the answer as to whether or not I had, after all, turned out to be something altogether wrong for her. Me? I suppose I having one of those “It’s a Wonderful Life” episodes where Jimmy Stewart grabs Donna Reed at the bottom of the stair, letting the phone of one life drop to the floor as to grab another life never to let it get away ever again.

“Look here, Phyllis. I’m not a carpetbagger. I’m not a loser who sits every night like a fungus in front of the tv. I’m a man who . . . who cannot be played with. I must know the truth now. Are you playing me? Am I just a convenience to you like David back then? I don’t that. I never that again.”

Phyllis’s answer probably the best. She tore herself away from me with fire in her eyes. I’d never seen that flame before. I’d never been ready to. As if to emphasize her resolve, she threw herself back into my arms. As tender and slow as had been the first kiss, the second heated, each of us desperately searching for that crevasse into which to hide ourselves; that vehicle which allowed two souls to become as one. My search had ended. Letting go of self, I wrapped her in my arms. It felt so right. It felt so amazingly right.

Phyllis now a head shorter than myself. With two hands I pulled it back and looked once again into her eyes. Not allowing me to linger there for long, she stood up on tippy-toe as she brought my mouth down to her own, performing CPR on my soul. Her kisses overflowed with a hunger that caused me to fear my inability to match it. My freedom not use to this sort of attention. Perhaps in part, it due to her being such the aggressor. All of life’s experiences prior to this moment had been ever and only the woman giving in to my own aggression. But here, at life’s last light, came a woman unlooked for, hungry for every bit me as much as I for her.

My house clean. The cat boxes had been changed that morning and all the dishes had been washed and put away that night. Clean sheets had been placed on the bed. I had showered and shaved just a couple of hours before her arrival. Windows were open while the unobservant whole house fan silently sucked in the refreshing late spring air.

Phyllis excused herself to clean up. By then we both knew that her rented SUV was going to spend the night parked in my drive. The two bedroom bungalow had but a single bathroom in it though. Both attic and basement were finished. To the latter I retreated while she ‘tidied up a bit.’ In the laundry room, next the washer and dryer were two oversized concrete sinks, large enough to bathe the dog in. But on this night, it offered a quick chance to freshen up a bit myself before returning to await my guest.

Phyllis had retrieved a garment bag from her vehicle before locking herself into the bathroom. I could hear the running water and the flushing of the toilet. In arranging the house for her re-entrance, I left a single dim light on in the kitchen that washed out across the dining room floor while opposite facing security lights from the mall across the street dimly filtered their way through the front hedge of holly, privet and two sentinels of arborvitae. It was all enough to set the mood. Candle lights couldn’t have done it better though I had lit two of them in bedroom. The door handle sounded; then a clicking off of the bathroom light. Like a cat out of the darkness, silently she stole back into the room.
Had I died and gone to heaven? Had I won the largest lottery in the nations history, garnering me femme fatales at my doorstep desperately wanting into my life? I had not anticipated the woman who stood before me. Where had she acquired that garment? And more puzzling still, why had it been packed only to visit her daughter?

“Do you like it,” Phyllis enquired, performing pirouette for me to see all of it. “As I sat at the airport, trying to decide whether or not to chance finding you here tonight, I spied it in the front window of one of the , overly expensive boutiques —and it just spoke to me!” She said it with the same youthful gaiety that had captured me so absolutely those many years before. “So I took the chance. Is it to your tastes?”

With a mouth hanging open, my answer an unconscious licking of the lips and a nearly inaudible, “Oh my god, yes!”

Phyllis had clothed herself in an antique whale boned bustier. It black as the night with horizontal rows of widely spaced stars. The garment made her breasts appear even larger than first imagined while revealing shapely thighs that were anything but fat. Its hem, gathered in tight, short ruffles, ended just where her black bikini panties began. Phyllis wore nothing else. Myself, only dressed in a pair of well weathered shorts and an emblematic polo shirt, stood up to meet her.

Phyllis definitely one of those, rare-in-my-life, cup-half-full sort of people. She confident about herself and her choices without being arrogant or demanding. Normally, all things being equal, I would have romanced a woman of this caliber. But this woman on this night, dressed in this garment purchased while making this decision begged forgoing any and all such genteel indulgences.
We met and kissed as her body movements directed me toward the back of the house and onto my bed. “Lay down,” her command after removing my shirt and pushing me playfully back onto the bed. “I you to just lay there,” she again commanded me as she drew off my shorts. My cock sprung out at rigid attention as she did so. “Hmmm,” she sighed at the sight of it. Confessing but not inviting him into the room, Phyllis stood over me, “David never let me suck his. He said a wife didn’t do those sort of things.” In the dim candle light, the buxom shadow wraith towered over me.

“You’ll never get that sort of thinking from me!” I surprised myself at the levity in which it stated. My mind all too serious about recording her every word and every movement.

“Turn around and lay up close to the edge of the bed,” my dominatrix ordered me as she bent over to feather my rigid manhood in her cascading fingers.

“Dear god, tell me you are real!” I begged her. Releasing my fingered manhood, I watched attentively as Phyllis stood back up, withdrawing a single breast from the form-quenching bodice. It massive, capped by a large dark aureola just slightly above center with a thick and long nipple at the center of it. “Pinch this to see if it’s real or not!” she teased me.

I fighting every emotion, every notion to rise up and capture this woman, ripping her panties from her and just brutally fucking her until we both melted into one nirvanic existence. Instead, I reached out and began to gently thumb the hardening nipple. She cooed before ordering me to pull it, “Harder. Harder!” If the baton between my legs hadn’t been rigid before, now it granite. “Bite it,” she directed me, leaning over, offering the delectable nodule as I lay there like a slug. “Ooooh, yes. Use your teeth.”

All that I had imagined of Phyllis Parks evaporating with any hope of repair. Pulling herself backup as my teeth remained clenched to that mother’s nipple, I allowed it to spring free as I watched her mildly sagging breast contort by the motion. Smiling back at me, never indicating that my teeth had just about severed the nipple from her breast, Phyllis slowly withdrew the second breast. Even larger than the first with the same umber sand dollar pasted on the end of it with an equally large yet not quite as taut nipple sitting dead center. “Are you a breast man, Ron?” Like she had to as

“Hmmmm, I guess you could say that,” I replied

Phyllis leaned over and placed the head of my cock in her warm wet mouth, satisfied for the moment to just to suck on it. It seemed as if she as satisfied with what had been withheld from her as much as I at her breasts. Slowly Phyllis began tickling it with her tongue before deep throating its entire length a time or two without so much as a quiver. Briefly standing back up for air, she confessed, “Oh, you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do this again! I hope you don’t think ill of me. Laugh out loud, all these years and me now being the respectable grandmama! But there is just that something about having a man inside my mouth that I have truly desired. Please don’t think ill of me.”

I must confess, it shocking to hear not only the confession, but her honest expression in such hungered fashion. As Phyllis remained standing beside the bed, I studied the mesmerizing woman. She caught my gaze and smiled a smile I shall never forget as long as I live. Cupping her right breast, she teethed it. Phyllis seemed briefly content to tease me with her tongue licking and sucking first one nipple, then the other before returning to kneel down and once again to take my dancing Doric column deep within her mouth.

Working first the length of it, then sucking and licking just the head, my aged angel lost herself in the enjoyment of circumcised man flesh. Slurping, mouthing, swallowing, gasping for air, she never resorted to handling it. Turning her head, first this way and then that, she continued to take all of me then only part of me, slithering down one side before skillfully twisting and sliding back the other only to then swallow me whole over and over again. . . and again. Truly here a woman who simply loved having a man’s cock at her disposal. And it felt good! It felt like I had never imagined it could ever feel.

Phyllis stood back up as I watched attentively the freed breasts swaying first one way then the other.
A wrinkled brow told me something wrong.

“You ok?” I asked.

It a slow, half hearted smile the crept across her face before answering, “Yes… and no. It’s just that you’re the first since… since David.” There a long silence which I thought best not to interrupt. Grasping her panties at the corner of her womanly hips, Phyllis removed the lacy article and crawled up on the bed to lay next to me . Suddenly the woman had become a . I held her close.

“You probably think I’m a nut!” she blurted out.

“Why would I think that?” I answered her, combing a bit of her hair out of my face.

“This is all happening too fast. I’m not as desperate as I appear to be.”

“Women rarely are. It always we men who have the fox in the chicken coop mentality. But the sand is running out of the hour glass. I’ve gotten to the point where I take my happiness as it comes. No expectations. No regrets. I’ve been waiting for you nearly all my life, Phyllis. You’re even more desirable to me now that you are older, mature, refined, wonderfully mature, than when we were mere kids back at the apartments.”

Something must have clicked. For Phyllis raised up on one elbow while fingering my lips before slowly lowering herself back down to give me a soft, breathy kiss. It a woman’s kiss. Not rushed. Not juvenile. Just freely given.

“Funny how you never know where the river of life is going to lead you,” she said, laying back down next to me, staring at the candle light shadows dancing on the ceiling. “I’ve come here to visit the daughter many times. Don’t ever remember meeting anyone from those few years of teaching here. No one ever contacted me to grace a class reunion either. And then you seeing and remembering me while picking up Ricky. Do you ever wonder whether or not our lives are all planned out for us? Or is it all just mere chance?”

I let her ramble on. My head spinning between it being way past my bedtime, having her here, laying next to me, all the while revisiting the same questions she mouthing. This is where I suppose to pinch myself. This is where I suppose to wakeup and realize it all but a dream. This where a commercial break would intrude and bring me back to reality. I always hoped for finding a woman who filled all the necessary particulars. These sort of things happened to others; not to me. So many years of empty existence. there a good God? And He finally relenting to allow me to have what I always wanted? To love and desire and so utterly enslave myself to someone who wanted, who themselves even desired to have me in their life? ‘One day at a time.’ ‘One day at a time’ I kept reminding myself.

She had stopped talking. I could hear her breathing. I could smell her hair. I could sense a change in the mattress.

Phyllis then rolled over, grasping my weakened cock in her hand as she closed her eyes and kissed me again. She kissed me slowly on the lips as I remained unmoving. Then she kissed the side of my face before briefly sucking on my earlobe. Strength flowing back into my manhood as she slithered back down to once again place me in her mouth. It different this time. It wasn’t as heated as before and yet it wasn’t tepid either. This time she was making love. This time she was lost in a world of her own making. She was a child enjoying a long promised ice cream cone.

Eventually the engine that could brought me to the mountain top.

“Whoa there woman!” I warned her, gently nudging her shoulder. I wanted to change tracks and plow a while between her legs.

“Uh-uh,” came the refusal. “This is my night. Just lay back and let me have my long awaited fun.” Who I to argue?
Come morning we showered together, laughing, talking, enjoying the wonderment of a suddenly realize companionship that would this time truly last ‘till death do us part.’ It wasn’t a movie and it wasn’t a one-time occurrence. Phyllis’s nature was as imaginative as it was impetuous. Instead of flying, I drove her back down to her home in Florida, sometimes with her seated next to me with nothing on but a smile. No one else in the world mattered to her. She loved me fingering her excitement in public places as much as she love having me in her mouth out in the boat as others flew past us. Phyllis Kucera was once again, the love of my life.
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I have suddenly come to realize at this late stage of the game....
Veröffentlicht:27. November 2021, 19:11 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:3. Dezember 2021, 14:34 Uhr
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It is a sad reality. Someone to steal away with both physically and mentally. That rare connection. When does one give up pursuing that? The quintessential human trait... hope. What are we without it?

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Why lie?
Veröffentlicht:27. November 2021, 6:10 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:3. Dezember 2021, 12:22 Uhr
298 Aufrufe
Ok, I get it. Fake posts will always be part and probably a product of a site like this. But for those real profiles, why the f*ck lie about who you are? Where does it get you? Lying kills the relationship before it even begins. It is one thing to lie in person. We all do that. But why lie online where you can remain anonymous? Here, of all places, you can be who you really are. So why lie?

, I am now 72 yrs old. ALL my pictures are recent and they are of ! WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). And if we arrange a meet, you can be confident I will show. Why lie about such things? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? How would you like it if someone conned you into thinking they were one thing when in truth they were something entirely different.

Users vs givers.
Takers vs givers.
Asswipes vs givers.

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After Christmas Massage
Veröffentlicht:23. November 2021, 20:07 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:6. Dezember 2021, 14:55 Uhr
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Unless you are willing host, this offer is for after Christmas.

For nearly thirty yrs, I was a part time therapist. Primarily I worked out my salon but because of my primary job requiring nearly all my time, I gave up work occasionally out the house or more often than not, travel the client. Probably twenty yrs ago I stopped taking clients except for volunteering at Hines VA hospital. Then all that came to a screeching halt when I ruptured three lumbar discs. I was forced into retirement. That was twelve years ago. Five years later I began seeing one old client. That was nice because we were comfortable with one another and once a month fit into both our schedules. Then she moved out of state.

I am not looking to start up the business again. I know my physical limitations. Few people give much thought as to how physical it is for the therapist. However, I would like to offer my talents to one local woman would appreciate an occasional . This would not be just a quick rub. Ms. Syl, my last client was amazingly athletic for having turned fifty. We began the appointment with a series of stretches either general in nature or specific when, for instance, she was having issues with plantar fasciitis. After about a half hour of stretching, then we began the actual full body which was about forty five minutes, give or take.

Was more? Not always but often enough.

So, if you are interested and within twenty minutes of Louis Joliet Mall, perhaps you will me and discuss the offer. I will make this blog page such that I will see your response. BTW, this is a NC offer. I am not interested in your . Just looking for serious woman can host once a month. Hope hear from you.

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21 Rules Women Should Know About Men
Veröffentlicht:23. November 2021, 12:58 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:24. November 2021, 4:42 Uhr
1172 Aufrufe
#1 Men are NOT mind readers (no matter what we say).

#2 Learn how operate a toilet seat. You're a big girl, you know how to put it down. (However, men, learn how to put the seat down at night!)

3# We are quite conscious of manipulating tears. Crying is blackmail.

4# Ask for what you want. (refer to pt #1). Subtle hints do not work. Strong hints do not work. Obvious hints do not work. Just come out and tell us what it is you actually want. We don't think like you do.

#5 "Yes" or "No" replies are perfectly adequate and acceptable to almost all your questions.

#6 This is a biggie: Only come to us with your problems if you want them solved. We're solvers of problems. That what we do. If you are only looking for sympathy, consider spilling your guts to your girlfriends.

#7 Anything we said to you more than 6 months prior is inadmissible in an argument. In point of fact, all comments should be come null and void at the end of each week. Why do you think men have arguments with other men and then 10 or 20 minutes later it is as if it never happened?

#8 If you ask us if this or that makes you look fat, you already know that it does. Don't ask us. Just lose the weight.

#9 If we say something to you that upsets you and it can be interpreted one of two ways, the one that makes you angry.... we didn't mean that one.

#10 You can only ask us to do something or tell us how to do it. You cannot do both. If you know how to do it, then why not do it yourself?

#11 If we're watching tv/movie/sports event, PLEASE wait until the commercial to say whatever you feel needs to be said. For better or worse, men a simply re not the multitaskers you women are.

# Christopher Columbus did not need directions, neither do we. If we ask, don't wait till we get to the intersection to tell us "TURN HERE!"

# Men only see about colors. Peach, for an example is something you eat. Same goes for pumpkin. We have no idea what mauve is.

# If we ask what is wrong and you reply, "Nothing," we take that answer at face value. Yes, we know you are lying but we have already moved on not wanting get involved. (cf pt #6)

# If you ask a question that you don't want us give you an answer , then don't ask. Or if you feel you must ask, then be fully prepared for the answer we give.

# If we have somewhere go, then whatever you are wearing is almost always fine with us as long as it isn't sweats or pjs Walmart. Have a little dignity.

# Don't ask us what we are thinking about unless you are ready discuss man topics like cars or sports or that woman standing over there.

#18 You have enough clothes.

#19 You have enough shoes.

#20 I'm in shape. Carrying a little weight is normal for men.

#21 Thank you for reading this. Yes, I'm perfectly happy sleeping the couch. Truth be told, many men actually prefer it. To us it is a bit like camping. , BTW, though there is a lot of practical truth in this list, it is mostly tongue in cheek.
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Doing what you hate
Veröffentlicht:3. November 2021, 6:07 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:23. November 2021, 20:11 Uhr
1058 Aufrufe
There are a lot of things that fall under the umbrella of this title. I hate changing diapers but I love my grandkids. I hate the way I perceive our once great country heading toward. However, that is not what this post is about.

I hate going to the gym. I would much rather be walking along a Caribbean beach for gold de blooms. I'd rather be bicycling a palm tree lined trail. But it 23° last night and I am a warm weather man stuck in the soon to be frozen northland. So off to the gym I go. I hate it.

The gym, however, is an interesting phenomenon. People go to workout on machines that are appreciably better than just about anything you find in a home gym. However, it has come to my attention that it is exceedingly rare to see any of them at the end of their workout having perspired! Most are there to tell themselves that they worked out. Then there are those who are there with the obvious intent to socialize. Ugh! If I can divine the predators, surely others can as well.

I do not know why I am in as good physical health as I am. I attend the occasional get together with those of or near my age and wonder what happened. Some are morbidly obese. Many have joint replacements. Sad several have lost spouses, children or had serious health issues themselves. Yet here I am bicycling 40-50miles on trail. Here I am doing sprints on the dreadmill. Here I am on the stair stepper managing fifteen hundred steps in fifteen minutes.

Yes I hate going to the gym but I hate something much worse. I hate being so physically active during the warmer months only to be confined to sitting around the house during the colder ones. So high-ho, high-ho, off to the gym I go. Thank the maker for ear buds and musical distraction! (oh there are a few other distractions there as well! I am a good man but not a saint! LO

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Out with a bang
Veröffentlicht:20. Oktober 2021, 13:23 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:12. November 2021, 9:44 Uhr
1207 Aufrufe
Because of them forecasting colder, nasty weather for a while, I guess my summer bicycling days are over for now until I drive southward. The lion will sleep tonight!
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